Once, there was a piece of paper named Pointy who wanted to go to Italy so he could get his favorite Mozzarella Ice Cream. But somebody kept trying to cut him into pieces, because he was jealous of Pointy, because Pointy could drive. He didn’t know where the airport was, because he was only a piece of paper. He decided to go to the subway station, where he could look at the map. When he got there, everybody was surprised to see a walking paper. The security guard came and took him to the dungeon.

“No live paper allowed!” he said.

“Why not?” Pointy asked.

“Because you will scare people.”

Pointy was very scared. When he got to the dungeon, he had to hold his nose because it smelled like rotten eggs. He was in a very small cage, and his head kept flopping over. Then he realized he was very thin, so he wiggled out of the bars. He went back, and made a friend named Mo. Mo was a turtle.

“I have a map,” Mo said.

Pointy was relieved. He took the map, without the security guard seeing him. He studied it carefully, and went to the airport, by driving in his mini car. He had arms and legs, so he could drive. The thing was, he hadn’t passed the driving test, so he was zig-zagging down the bicycle road. Luckily, nobody saw him except a bicyclist.

“Move out of the way!” he said.

“Why?” Pointy asked.

But the bicyclist already had zoomed ahead. Pointy got to the airport. He suddenly felt scared, because he had to go through security. Instead, he decided to hide in a woman’s  purse. The woman went through security. The purse smelled like dirty coins. He thought the woman should hurry up. When the security guard saw a paper with legs and arms, he threw him away. He heard the woman say, “I didn’t put it in there!”

Pointy made his way out of the garbage can, and snuck into a man’s purse, though he wasn’t sure the man was going to Italy. He noticed a sign that said Italy plane to the left coming in 5 minutes. Pointy walked to the left, and counted to sixty, five times. He followed a bunch of people that were walking on a plane. He sat in a comfy seat in the very back. Unfortunately, the man who wanted to cut him up was there.

“Yay!” the man exclaimed. “Pointy is here to cut up!”

Fortunately, the security guard took away his scissors. Pointy was terrified because he didn’t know. He ran, and buried himself in the pilot’s pocket where he would be safe. When the pilot went on the runway, Pointy folded himself up so nobody would see him. He did not know how long the plane to Italy would be, and he thought it would be about two minutes. When Pointy discovered it was not that long, he was so sad, because he really wanted Mozzarella Ice Cream. When they finally got to Italy, Pointy was so happy, because Mo was there!

“Hi! It was a long trip,” said Pointy.

“I had to sneak to Italy. I didn’t know you would be here,” Mo said.

“I came here to get Mozzarella Ice Cream,” Pointy said.

Pointy was so happy because he didn’t spend any money. Mo was so slow that Pointy felt he was running, when actually he was walking.

“Wait!” Mo said.

Pointy looked back.

“Sorry, I’ve got to go. I have to admit, you are the slowest friend I’ve got,” Pointy said.

“Okay,” Mo said,

And he tried to run up, but was so sad, he hid in his shell. Pointy pushed him up the hill. When Mo got out of his shell, Pointy said, “Sorry, Mo.” And went up the hill.

Mo was very sad, but Pointy didn’t care. He had to get Mozzarella Ice Cream. He did not care about Mo at all, though he could hear him crying behind him. Pointy could not find the Ice Cream Shop. His arms were tired from pushing Mo up the hill, but Mo had already plopped himself into the lake. Pointy saw lots of people with binoculars, but he didn’t hear anyone saying that they were going to an Ice Cream Shop. Pointy felt hopeless, when he remembered he had the map in his pocket. He looked at it, eyeing every word, but he realized there was nothing that said Ice Cream Shop. He felt upset that Mo gave him a map that didn’t mean anything to him. He felt that Mo should have it. Even though it was lighter than a feather, he felt it was as heavy as a sunflower seed. He threw the map in the lake, and hurried on. Pointy saw Mo get out of the lake. Mo looked much happier, and it seemed he forgot about what Pointy said to him because he said, “Hi, Pointy, I am so happy to see you!”

Pointy was sure he had a memory problem.

“Where’s the map? I need it,” Mo asked.

“I threw it in the lake,” Pointy said.

“Why?” Mo asked, but Pointy had already run ahead.

“Wait!” Mo wailed, and he cried all over again.

Pointy thought that he could find a shop by himself, because Mo was too slow. Mo was really trying to catch up to him. Pointy thought it was funny, so he ran so that he couldn’t see Mo, because he didn’t want Mo to have the Mozzarella Ice Cream. Pointy didn’t like him anymore. Mo knew that, so he was asking for somebody to pick him up and bring him to Pointy. Pointy was so mad at him that he ran back down and scared him so much, he went in his shell, and so nobody wanted to pick him up. Pointy saw a place with binoculars. He thought they would help him see an Ice Cream Shop.

“Can I have binoculars?” he asked.

“No,” the man said. “But you can go sightseeing.”

Pointy was disappointed, but he agreed to go with the man, whose name was Bob. Bob took him around some Italian restaurants, and showed him around where he lived. Pointy thought it was fun, watching all the different birds. Bob helped Pointy put Mo in the garbage can, because he was following them.

“Then,” Bob said, “The Ice Cream Shop with Mozzarella Ice Cream is around the corner.”

Pointy nearly swore he heard the garbage can rustle, but he didn’t say so. He was too excited about the Mozzarella Ice Cream. Bob said that sightseeing was over. Bob gave Pointy a map of where everything was that he showed him— including the Ice Cream Shop. Pointy was so happy. He had traveled to Italy to get this Ice Cream. He went around the corner, and saw the shop. He went in. It was cold, and there were so many different flavors, but when he got to the Mozzarella section, he was so angry because Mo was there. He quickly darted in line before him. Mo was speechless, and he started to cry, again. Pointy pointed out that Mo cried three times in his adventure to get Ice Cream. When the shopkeeper heard his story, he agreed to let Pointy skip Mo in line. Mo was heartbroken. He didn’t know what to do.

“I want the last scoop of Mozzarella Ice—”

“Noooooo!” Mo wailed. “I wanted that.”

And he started to cry again.

“I see what you mean,” the shopkeeper said.

Everybody in the Ice Cream Shop turned to look at Mo. Mo’s cheeks turned red, and he burst out of the shop.

“I am not happy!” he said, and ran off without looking back.

Pointy repeated himself for the shopkeeper.

“I want the last scoop of Mozzarella Ice Cream,” he said, and he was very pleased to say it.

The shopkeeper got him Mozzarella Ice Cream, and he was delighted.

The End

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