Princess Mermaid

Once upon a time, there was a princess who got turned into a mermaid. Her name was Jamie. Her legs turned into a blue tail! She was confused, she didn’t understand what happened. She thought it was something magical, and she was right!

When she got turned into a mermaid, she was playing by the water with her puppy. Her puppy’s name was Delilah. She had brown and black fur. Purple dust flew out of the water and touched the princess and her puppy. Delilah also got turned into a mermaid!

Jamie and Delilah were both a little bit scared, but they swam, and then they found a cave in the water. They went inside, but it was a dark cave, and they couldn’t see.

Inside the cave, they found a flashlight. They also found a catfish that was stuck in seaweed.

The catfish said, “I was delivering magical purple dust to someone, but I got stuck, and some of the dust flew out, and I didn’t see it because I lost my flashlight. You can help me deliver my dust to the turtle who needs it! He’s going to trade the dust so I can turn back into a cat. The three of us can go back to land and you can play games with me!”

Jamie said, “That sounds great! You can be my other pet and you can have dinner with me. I’ll give you a different plate to eat on and I’ll tell my father that you’ll be my pet.”

When they got him out of the seaweed, they saw a door in the cave to the turtle’s house. The turtle was rainbow and teensy! The catfish gave the turtle the teensy bag of purple dust.

He turned them back into a human and a puppy and a cat, and they went back to the castle. The dog had his puppy food, the cat had cat food, and the princess had lettuce with rice for dinner. They went to bed and she lived happily ever after.


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