Professor Sunglass and the Bank Robber


Hi, I am going to tell you a story about my professor. His name is Professor Sunglass. And just so you know, he does not wear sunglasses. He was the best detective in South America. One day a person who worked at the bank came up to him and told him that his bank got robbed. Professor Sunglass got right onto the case.

Professor Sunglass checked the bank for every kind of DNA but the robber must have made sure he didn’t leave any traces of DNA. He called the police to come help him find the robber. The police couldn’t do any better than Professor Sunglass. Professor Sunglass called the President. The President could not figure it out, so he called the Vice President. The Vice President could not figure it out, so he called the ruler of Russia. No one could figure it out and more and more banks kept getting robbed.

Professor Sunglass got an idea. He told the President of the United States to see if anybody in the country was bad. Professor Sunglass told that to every country in the world by going on TV at 10:00 a.m. every day for one week. One country, which was called the Untitled Country, didn’t answer. Professor Sunglass thought that it was suspicious that they didn’t answer, so he took a plane to it. When it was time for the plane to land in the Untitled Country, the guys in their army started shooting missiles at Professor Sunglasses’ plane. Professor Sunglass got out his laser gun and started frying the missiles in the plane’s way. Professor Sunglass’ plane landed safely and everybody started cheering for the pilots.

When everybody got off the plane, Professor Sunglass went to go find the robber. On the way to a neighborhood called Criminalville, a guy from Murdererville showed up with a gun, but did not see Professor Sunglass because he made invisible technology to make sure no one saw him. The person from Murdererville walked straight passed him. Professor Sunglass thought that no one would realize he was there. Suddenly, a person came up to him with a heat sensor. The person with the heat sensor was from Technologyville. When that person saw Professor Sunglasses’ heat, he said something into his walkie talkie and lots of people that didn’t look very nice popped out of nowhere. Professor Sunglass jumped into his teleporter not knowing where he was going, just hoping he would get away. He landed in this random person’s house. He saw a person at a table. The person was very rich because he had 1,000 bags of money on the table. He realized those were the bags of money that they had in banks in South America. He figured out that that was the robber who robbed all the banks. He arrested him immediately and Professor Sunglass lived happily ever after, until his next adventure.


The End

One thought on “Professor Sunglass and the Bank Robber”

  1. The young man behind the coneutr will most probably be fired. It is something that I could not understand, really. Our assistant manager at Tractor Supply had to fight to keep his job, when, as a young man, he was robbed, at gunpoint. He handed over the money, and then, when the robber fled with it, Jeremy gave chase, and tackled him in the parking lot, disarming him, and holding him there until police arrived on the scene. He thought HE was a hero too, but the corporation saw it very differently. We have to sign papers saying that if we are robbed, we will not argue, we will hand over the money. The only time we are allowed to resist is if we are being herded into a back room. I’d imagine that your young man behind the coneutr got the self same lecture and signed the self same papers.

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