Quest for the Overworld

Book 1

Jeb was an individual alone on a wheat farm with Rufus, a dog, and Snuggles, a cat. His wheat farm was located in a small village called the Legancine Village, in Minecraft. Jeb had built an iron golem guardian to guard the village, as no one in the village liked attacks by zombies. One day, Jeb wandered into a portal in the forest, built with iron and gold around it. Jeb was very suspicious, as he knew Minecraft: His friend Notch had created Minecraft, and he knew he hadn’t added a portal like this. This was unusual. Suddenly, Jeb felt a tug on his arm, like the force was saying, come with me! The force had pushed him into the portal! Jeb closed his eyes, fearful and curious about what would happen next.

-A few minutes later-

Jeb suddenly woke up in a whole new world. He saw nothing, only black landscapes all around him.

This is strange Jeb thought. I know Notch wouldn’t create something so dangerous like this. He had lost six whole hearts on his fall down to this strange, creepy world. He only had two hearts left, and if something attacked him, he knew he would respawn, which would not be good. He also knew he had to regen, so he waited and ate three pieces of steak out of eight total, which he always kept in his inventory, for an emergency. He also considered EATING his diamond sword, but he decided that diamond would not taste so good. So, instead, he put his diamond sword away in his inventory. Suddenly, two people dressed in leather armour appeared right in front of Jeb. This was very surprising to Jeb, and he fell backward in surprise.

“We need your help,” one said. “I’m Steve, and she’s Lucy.” He pointed to his co-conspirator rudely, and said, “The silver dragons of the Overworld have taken over the overworld! We need your help!” He looked like he was desperate. Looking at the man’s eyes, Jeb couldn’t feel anything but sorry for him.

Finally, he decided. “OK, I’ll help you.” So, Steve, Lucy, and Jeb started off to the QUEST OF THE OVERWORLD. Steve and Lucy led Jeb to their shelter, a small home in the middle of a small forest. It was pretty simple, with a small porch made of wood overlooking a small garden, and the walls of the home, stone. Once everyone was inside, Steve closed the door. Jeb admired it. He adored it. It was a small, cozy house, with two beds in the middle of the home, with a small couch in the corner. Suddenly, a big blast knocked the room violently, back and forth. It felt like an earthquake, except a thousand times bigger. At last, when Jeb and the others could stand up, they found the couch turned upside-down, and the beds knocked to the corner of the room. A small lamp was shattered, on the floor. Jeb was shocked. What just happened? Lucy immediately ran to the computer, which now, lay a small, broken screen, even though she could still use it. She turned on the news.

“OH MY GOSH!” Lucy yelled. She turned the volume up to high.

“Breaking news: The Overworld has crashed into the Underworld! The most dreaded place, the Underworld has intercepted through!” The headline of the news said. Meanwhile, Steve was grabbing binoculars, potions, armour, TNT, and TNT, and TNT, and TNT, and TNT, and TNT, and TNT, and TNT, and TNT, and TNT, and other stuff. This was bad. This never happened, and it was probably the worst thing to happen.

“What’s going on?” Jeb asked, and Lucy turned her head to say, “Griefers have taken over the Overworld!” she says.

“What are griefers?” Jeb questioned again.

“Oh, griefers are evil people sent from the evil world of the Underworld. They are people with scary outfits, and they like kidnapping people because they’re evil. The Overworld would turn evil with them!” said Lucy.

Just then, Steve called out, “Time to go!” The three friends set off for a quest of the Overworld.

-2 Days Later-

“Shh,” Steve urged Lucy and Jeb, “They’re coming to the Overworld.”

Suddenly, Steve yelled, “The griefers are here!” Steve, Lucy, and Jeb started throwing TNT blocks everywhere, far away, aiming at the marching griefers.

“Probably all of the griefers in the Underworld are here to launch the attack,” Lucy said. Some of the griefers exploded, but, most of the griefers managed to escape because of Steve’s call. The griefers had escaped their first attempt.

“NO!” Steve yelled. The plan was that Steve, Lucy, and Jeb would hide behind a big boulder, and while the griefers were coming, they would throw TNT at them and explode them. But, the problem was Steve had called too early, and that warned the griefers to escape. “We have to try another way. We need to think outside-the-box,” Jeb said thoughtfully. The group journeyed to Steve and Lucy’s house, careful not to let the griefers see them. Thankfully, they were headed in the opposite direction.

“Okay, so, we’re going to go to the Underworld by using the Potion of Invisibility, and we’re going to blow up the main headquarters of the griefers to destroy the people behind this,” Steve says. The group was at Lucy and Steve’s house. Jeb thought this was a relatively good idea, as a make-up, since Steve messed up the first attempt. It was good. So, after the plan, Steve, Lucy, and Jeb set off with TNT and Potions of Invisibility. After a long journey to the border of the Overworld, which was now crushed, they drank Potions of Invisibility to get past the griefers that were guarding the border of the Underworld. It was now also crushed and littered with human bones. But the problem was there was no big gap between the griefers, and there was no way they could get past them. The potion was wearing out. Suddenly, Jeb took out his diamond sword, and with three clear strikes aimed carefully and destroyed two griefers.

Then he whispered to Steve and Lucy, “Run!” And they ran. As fast as they could.

-A Few Hours Later-

“Hmm, I think the headquarters are somewhere here, in this thick forest,” Steve says. They were wandering into a thick forest, with a large mountain at the side and a map with the recorded route to the headquarters. Steve had grabbed it from one of the griefers when they were running away.

“Smart thinking,” Lucy said after they were out of the danger zone. They rounded the corner of a small tree and found a large building, smack right in the middle of the forest. It was huge. The group snuck in with their hands gripped onto their swords, ready for any surprise attack. Suddenly, there was a rustling noise from above. Three silver dragons appeared in front of them, startling them. Their scales were so glittery in the light that the group was almost blinded by them. Their claws were huge; one strike from it could give you a huge cut all the way from your neck to your waist. Jeb immediately started swinging his sword, and with seven clear strikes he destroyed one dragon. Meanwhile, Steve and Lucy were each fighting one dragon, but their swords weren’t powerful enough. They had only iron swords, so Jeb ran in to help them. Steve was fighting this tremendously powerful beast, and with four more strikes killed dragon number two. Then, Steve and Jeb ran to help Lucy, who was losing fast. With three strikes from Jeb’s sword and with five strikes from Steve’s sword, they were able to kill beast number three.   

The group stopped for a breather. Jeb suddenly realized that if the dragons were guarding the entrance, the griefers and the dragons must be together. Suddenly, the group heard a muffling noise and someone shouting, “HELP!” Jeb recognized that voice. He could recognize it anywhere. It was Notch, his long lost friend that had created Minecraft! He was captured! That’s when Jeb began to realize something bad. If Notch was captured… then who was controlling Minecraft? Was it the griefers who made the portal? No. This couldn’t be. Jeb tried to think in a different way, but he wouldn’t stop thinking about this situation. At last, he decided to ask Notch about this.

“Come on! My friend Notch is the creator of Minecraft, and he’s trapped! We have to save him!” Jeb said to Steve and Lucy. As the group sprinted in, Jeb was determined to get out of the moist forest. His face was like an overripe strawberry. He wasn’t used to this kind of pressure. The group sprinted to the jail cells. It was a horrifying sight: the fortress was very dark inside, with only damp lights lighting the halls. Spiderwebs covered the damp walls, making the fortress look like a dungeon. Notch was sitting there, tied and gagged. Jeb immediately opened the door of the jail cell. While Lucy and Steve untied the ropes on the legs, Jeb worked on the tape covering Notch’s mouth.

When he finally got it off of him, Notch yelled, “Oh, Jeb, I am so glad to see you! Jeb, the griefers have a secret weapon! They’re about to launch it on the Overworld!”

“SHHHHH!!!” Steve said, trying not to alert the guards outside the fortress. But it was too late. The yell had alerted the guards. Within seconds, alarms went off and guards started storming the halls.

“WHO’S THERE?” one of the guards yelled loudly, as Jeb, Notch, Steve, and Lucy opened the sewer grate and climbed in. Lucy was the last one to climb down, so she pushed the sewer grate back into position.

-A Few Minutes Later-

How long do we have to be here? Forever? Steve wondered.

Suddenly, Lucy yelled, “Hey, look at the grate above! There’s a helicopter up there! It must be a landing pad. I think that’s our way out of this place!” She looked excited.

The group carefully removed the sewer grate, making sure not to trigger any alarms. If they did, the griefers could hunt them down in seconds. The grate finally cracked, and then it moved. They climbed out. Carefully. Lucy pointed to the helicopter quietly, using only motions, not words. The group sprinted quietly up to the helicopter. They looked inside. Steve opened the door, and led them inside. Notch was in the cockpit, on the wheel. He had created Minecraft, so he knew how to operate these things. The others sat in the passenger seats, and Jeb took the guns. Notch started the engines, and the propellers started spinning. Takeoff!

The helicopter lifted off the ground, and flew higher and higher. Suddenly, six fighter jets appeared from the building, startling Notch. The helicopter flew out of his control, spinning wildly off the ground. The fighter jets opened fire. Jeb knew he only had one chance to push these fighter jets to the ground. The helicopter was spinning, lower and lower. The propellers were stopping. Suddenly, Jeb found all six of the fighter jets in his target. PTOOM! PTOOM! KABOOM! For a second it looked like all the fighter jets were shot. Then two fighter jets flew out of the black smoke, alarming everyone, especially Jeb. Suddenly, the helicopter started up its engines again. Notch grabbed the wheel and put it back on course for the Overworld. The helicopter was back in control. The helicopter steadied itself, and began to gain speed. Yet the two fighter jets were following close behind, firing at them. Two of the bullets made their way to the tail, and blew it up, which made the helicopter lose control again. There was almost no hope now. Jeb was targeting one of the fighter jets, and four of the bullets reached the jet. The jet spun wildly out of control, hit the ground hard, and exploded. Meanwhile, the other jet followed closely behind, opening fire again. The helicopter was just a few feet off the ground.

“Hang on!” Notch yelled, as the helicopter was knocked onto the ground, engines smoking. The group evacuated out the burning helicopter very quickly. Within seconds of their quick escape, the helicopter burst into flames. Notch checked his compass. They were only about a half a mile away from the Overworld. Jeb pulled out his gun and shot the remaining jet which was speeding toward them, opening fire again. It fell to the ground, bursting into flames. Suddenly, there was an earsplitting sound. PERSHOOM! KABOOM!

“What was that?” Jeb questioned, even though everyone heard it. With that, the group sprinted as fast as they could to the Overworld.

-In The Overworld-

“Stop the shield!” The group heard someone yell. A purple mist started reducing. The group ran in, not knowing what was happening at the moment. The group had finally reached the Overworld after a long journey. Jeb looked at the Overworld, terrified of what was unfolding before him. Trees were on fire, and the skyscraper, that was once the tallest building in the city, was now just a pile of burning metal. The other buildings in the city were on fire, too, with nothing to save them. Jeb saw a group of people that must be the people of the Overworld. They ran in, meeting the Overworld.

One of the people from the Overworld was telling Steve and Lucy, “We suffered another attack from the griefers while you were away!” Jeb heard them say, “That’s why we built this laser shield generator to shield us from their attacks!” Suddenly, in the middle of their quick reunion, another HUGE blast.

“Quick, get in!”

The group heard someone yell, “They’re coming!” The group ran in, and the generator started glowing. A purple mist shot out, immune to the shield and the people of the Overworld. A huge blast came; this one was the biggest of all: PERSHOOM KABOOM!!! A fierce blue laser shot through the griefer’s headquarters, then to the Overworld. It was targeting the city of the Overworld! Unfortunately, the shield was not powerful enough to block the laser beam. After ten seconds, the shield flickered and gave way.

“OH, NO!” Someone yelled. The people of the Overworld ran… and ran… and ran…

-A Few Hours Later-

The people of Minecraft teleported them back because they found out the incident of what happened to the Overworld, being taken over by the griefers. The people of the Lagancine Village decided to fix this, so they made the most ultimate weapon of all: The Ultimate Ender Pearl to teleport them to safety. The landscape was a bright, blue sky with healthy trees. The group was teleported to the entrance of the Legancine Village. The bunch of houses, farms, and other things were there at the Legancine Village. The group discussed where Steve and Lucy were going to live now, while Steve, Lucy and the other people of the Overworld, watched in terror as their world collapsed to pieces in the portal.

They gasped and said together, “It’s a nightmare.” The city bursted into flames. Jeb finally decided that Steve and Lucy could live at his house, with six bedrooms and three guest bedrooms open to them. Jeb felt grateful about this.

“Thanks, Jeb,” Steve said. “As a present for saving us, I could tend the crops for you.” Jeb smiled, but it was a smile with an expression that was sad for them. He wasn’t only sad about their home, he was also sad because after this long, intense journey, the group was covered from head to toe with bruises and cuts.  Even their clothes were worn with soot from the crashed helicopter and fortress escape. It was a long, good friendship. They were heroes of the day. Notch returned to making Minecraft and deleted the portal.   

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