Roman Play


Norbert the Nerd/Narrator

Wolf Friend

Baby Romulus

Baby Remus





Norbert: The story starts long ago in a place that would soon become Rome. Oh, look! There’s Romulus and Remus, brothers and founders of Rome. Dar dar dar, I’m a big stinky nerd.

Lupa: Oh look, why are there babies floating down the rivers? How odd. I should go investigate.  (Travel down to the river and pick up babies). My, my! Baby brothers! I must raise them!

Wolf Friend: Hi, Lupa! Are those babies you’ve got there?

Lupa: Sure are! Found them floating down the river! Odd, isn’t it?

Wolf Friend: That IS odd. Are you going to keep them?

Lupa: Yup.

Wolf Friend: ‘Kay. So what are you going to name them?

Lupa: Name them?

Wolf Friend: Yeah, name them.  If you keep them, you’ve got to name them!

Baby Romulus: (Gurgle) Romulus.

Baby Remus: (Gurgle) Remus.

Lupa: That’s it! Romulus and Remus!

Wolf Friend: How will you tell Remus and Romulus apart?

Lupa: Hmmm… I know! I will always dress Remus in green, and Romulus in blue!

Wolf Friend: What will you clothe them in?

Lupa: Good ol’ fashioned togas!

Wolf Friend: Great idea! See you at the wolf party tonight! (Leave)

Lupa: (Leave)

Norbert: The young Remus and Romulus grew up to young men very soon. They decided they would build a great city that would be around for generations to come. Dar dar dar I’m a fluff brain nerd!

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