Jack and She-Jack and Shredder



Shredder: So who do you want to mess with?


JACK, who looks like an eagle with white wings because he liked eagles. He had diamond armor on. He is a bad guy. SHREDDER wants to kill him. SHREDDER has claws and he pulls them out and tries to snap him. He punches his claws into JACK, but the diamond armor saves him.


JACK does a backflip and kicks SHREDDER right in his tush. SHREDDER goes flying out and hits himself on the back and then suddenly Jack runs, runs, runs, does a front flip ten times, jumps on a giant MARACA, picks it up.


JACK: Wahhhh!!


He slams it on SHREDDER’S head. But SHREDDER has silver armor, which isn’t as good as diamond armor but still good. So he’s still alive, and cracks his head a little. Then, suddenly, his mask pops off. He looks in the mirror and goes:


Shredder: What did you do to me? You made me have a wide bloody eye and half of my face is messed up.


SHREDDER then jumps off and and takes the mirror and says,


Shredder: Look at my face. What does it look like?


He attacks JACK, JACK backflips and dodges it. He picks up a giant wristband and tries to cut SHREDDER’s head off but it doesn’t work because his head is made of metal!


Pedestrian: Ohhhhhh!




JACK and SHREDDER are in court.


Jack: He tried to kill me!


Shredder is slammed into a cell.


Shredder: Noooo! I Will come back for you in seventy years!!!!!


Seventy Years Later…




The police guards give SHREDDER all of his weapons, clothes, food, and water back to him.

Then SHREDDER gets out of jail. He starts walking down the street. As he walks he sees JACK on the sidewalk on his right. He follows JACK.


JACK senses him with his eagle sense.


Then JACK does a backflip right behind him! He tries to stab him with his golden sword. But then, the SHREDDER suddenly notices him doing a backflip and then moves! Then JACK super speeds all the way in front of him and tries to stab again, because he knew the SHREDDER was going to try to kill JACK!


SHREDDER did not kill JACK. But they walked away and had a fight – in TEXAS!




We are in the desert. They have a big duel to see who see who kills who. At dawn they will take ten paces and then turn around and try to shoot the other person. Whoever is the slowest, may lose and die.


SHREDDER cheats, and counts 1-2-3-BANG! But SHREDDER doesn’t have diamond armor, but JACK does. It takes 3 shots to kill him. It takes two shots to kill SHREDDER.


Shredder: Oh, this should have killed him…


[Voice over of Screenwriter]


Screenwriter: This is a story about…wait-wait-wait wait a second!  We’re almost at the end of this story. Okay, let’s get this over with! This is the illustrator, his name is Adi.


Illustrator: Let’s just end this right now.


Screenwriter: Oh sure, let’s do this.


Illustrator and Screenwriter:  THE END

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