Sarina’s Story

Gary is taking a walk and looking at the waterfall. Jenny is doing that too. The waterfall is the biggest waterfall in the world, so they both came to see it. With his dog ears, he hears the waterfall, and Jenny with her cat ears hears the waterfall too.

They bump into each other, and they see something dark. They think it’s a cave.
“Hello. Do you want to go in the cave with me?” Gary says.

Jenny says, “Yes.”

They walk into the cave, and they see a shadow.
“Do you think that’s a monster?” Jenny says.

Gary says, “Yes.”

They turn on the flashlights.

Gary says, “Actually, it’s a dragon.”
Jenny says, “Oh. I didn’t know that.”

The dragon comes out roaring and chases them all the way into the lake.

“We’re both soaking wet,” Gary says.

Jenny says, “What should we do?”

He says, “Do you have any towels?”

She says, “No.”

But then, the dragon comes and scares them, so they come out and run away all the way back to the city. They know the dragon followed them back, so they ask the governor if they can use the biggest weapon that can freeze anything big or small, so they can freeze the dragon.

The governor says, “Sure.”

They freeze the dragon.

They say, “Let’s ice skate.”

They go ice skating on the dragon, and they make really good friends.


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