Smith Beach

The Smell of the

Salty Breeze passing by,

Makes me feel so


The Taste of the

Bay Water,

Seeping into my mouth is

SALTY and makes me GAG.

I See The

sparkling bay water

and put my

toes in the sand,

and think “Ahhhhhh,”

as I relax.

I Hear the sound of the WAVES,

crashing on the beach that

sounds like a car whooshing by.

The WARM SAND feels

good on my feet,

and the water feels COOL

between my toes.

I listen to the Conch Shells

and hear the waves,

a beautiful, quiet sound.

I love Smith Beach

I never want to leave,

It is not very far to reach.

So go there now, it’s very great.

I’ve been going there

Since I was younger than eight.   

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