Sofia’s Quest

Sofia, a 10-year-old girl, was going on a quest to find the rainbow jewel. The reason why she wanted to get the jewel was because she wanted to save her grandfather. Grandpa Joe always took her on adventures. When he was walking through the garden with Sofia on their last adventure, he touched a plant and it made him sick. Grandpa Joe was sick with a deadly sickness that made it hard for him to breath. Sofia had heard that there were lots of evil devils on the way.

When Sofia was passing a rock, she saw a man dressed in a fancy suit.

“Hello,” said the man. “I am going to a party, but can I ask you a favor? Can you take care of my lion?”

“Why?” asked Sofia.

“Because I want them to eat you!”

“I am sorry, but I knew this was a trick,” Sofia said. “I have a feeling that you are a devil,” she shouted.

“Not so fast,” he said. “How do you know I am a devil?”

“I know that because I have read about you in my books! I am off to find my jewel.”

“Do you know why I asked you to do this?” the devil asked.

“Why?” Sofia demanded.

“I asked you this because I wanted to stop you from getting the jewel,” the devil said.

“Well, that’s not going to work!” Sofia said.

Sofia stomped off. Then, she passed an apple tree and she had a snack. And then, Sofia camped outside overnight. She felt a little bit nervous about doing that. She was in a meadow, but she had to be careful because there were dangerous animals there: mosquitos and wolves.

When she wasn’t sleeping, she heard soft footsteps in the night. She went outside to see what was going on. Then, she saw a werewolf. She knew it was a werewolf because it was half-man and half-wolf. The werewolf was big and wore a T-shirt that said, “I Will Eat You!”

When he saw Sofia, he ran toward her. He was fast. Sofia was scared. She went back into the tent. Then, she had an idea. She went outside again and dug out worms. The werewolf was still out there, but he didn’t see because she was leaning against the tent.

She dropped the worms and said, “Here is your dinner. Don’t eat me.” The werewolf ate the worms and he went away.

The werewolf came back and he said, “Thank you. Is there anything that I can do for you?”

Sofia said, “Can you come with me on my journey to find the rainbow jewel?”

The werewolf said, “Yes.”

Then, Sofia rode on the werewolf’s back.

They went to a graveyard. They saw a ghost. He was one of those ghosts who doesn’t have a white cloth, he was transparent. He looked like a mummy and he told them, “Go to Egyptia.”

He tried to convince them by saying, “There are treasures,” but he didn’t tell them that there were a lot of mummies in Egyptia. There were only two mummies that were good, and the rest were bad. The mummies had powers to freeze people forever.

Sofia said, “Sure, we’ll go to Egyptia.”

When they first got to Egyptia, it didn’t look like what they expected. Everything was made out of solid gold. Then, they went into a castle and they met the Mummy King. He was wrapped up in bandages and he had a crown. The Mummy King said, “Why are you here?”

Sofia and the werewolf say, “The mummy sent us here for treasure.”

The Mummy King said, “I won’t give you any. I sent him to trap you. Now, you have a choice: Your choices are, you either get frozen, or you can work as a servant.”

Sofia said, “None!”

“Well, if you choose none of them then I will choose for you. I choose that you will be our servant!” he yelled.

While Sofia was sweeping, she caught sight of something rainbow! The rainbow jewel! Sofia took the jewel. Sofia took the jewel home! She gave it to her grandfather! He was healed!

But slowly, a shadow appeared. It was the Mummy King! Sofia hid the jewel and used a fake plastic jewel to replace the real one! When the mummy came in, he glared at Sofia. She took the fake jewel and threw it at the mummy! The king mummy took the fake jewel and ran away!

The End

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