Space Call Book #1: Battle on Mars

Chapter 1: Crash Landing


Once upon a time, there was a man named Mike. He worked for the Republic of Space Call. His job was to help the Republic of Space Call find new worlds.

“Your new spaceship is ready. It’s time to find new worlds,” the Captain said. Mike went to the spaceship.

“Very cool!” Mike said loudly and excitedly. He got into his new spaceship with the Captain and started up the controls. He flew into space very fast but suddenly, he lost control of the ship.

“Oh no, I just lost control of the ship, Captain!”

“What?!” the Captain said.

Then, Mike saw a red planet ahead. Suddenly, they crashed on Mars. Luckily, the Captain and Mike were alright. The Captain asked, “How are we going to get back?”

“We need a radio to get back,” Mike answered.

Mike and the Captain looked at the broken spaceship and they suddenly felt tired. There was a fire in the front of the spaceship. There was too much fire to even see the front. The wings were bent and the windows had holes in them. And inside the spaceship, there was a lot of sand. Mike said, “Did you bring the radio with you?”

“Yes, I brought the radio with me. Duh,” the Captain said.

“How are we going to find that radio?” Mike said.

“Didn’t I tell you that I have it right here?” the Captain yelled at him angrily, shaking his fist.
Chapter 2: Captured

“Let’s use the radio to get back.”

“Okay,” the captain said in a low voice, his voice sore from yelling.

The Captain tried to use the radio to get back, but it was broken from the crash landing. Then, the Captain and Mike heard voices.

“Who stands there?” the Captain said in a brave voice.

Out of a crater, a dozen aliens jumped out with axes and guns that shot sticky bubblegum. The biggest alien said, “Put your hands up, or we will attack!” The Captain and Mike put their hands up at the same time. The aliens took them to their home in a crater and put them in a prison.

Mike asked the Captain, “How are we going to get out of here?”

“I don’t know,” the Captain said.

One alien said, “Our leader is coming.”

Then, out of a big hole, the leader alien came out. The leader said, “Why are you here?”

“Your dumb aliens took us here,” Mike said.

The next day the Captain and Mike planned their escape. When it was breakfast time, Mike flipped the table over and he and the Captain ran out of a hole and onto the planet’s surface. To their surprise, there was a big ship that bore the symbol of the Republic of Space Call. It had a come from the Republic. They ran inside the ship and the pilot greeted them.

“When we didn’t hear from you, we knew you crash landed on this planet because we set a tracker on your spaceship before you left.”

The ship went back to the Republic of Space Call but Mike stayed behind. Back on Space Call, the Captain was sending information to Mike. The Republic of Space Call troopers, named the B-7 Men and the ATPTs, planned their attack on the aliens. After only one hour of planning and ten minutes of getting ready, they flew their ship to the alien planet of Mars.
Chapter 3: The Battle

When they landed their ships, they took out their weapons and loaded them with bullets. They blew the door to the alien’s home open. The alien guards called in their troops. The battle had begun. The aliens fired their bubble gum. The Captain said, “B-7 Men…attack!” The alien forces started to fall back. Just then, another group of aliens came in and fired back at the B-7 Men. Then, the Captain ordered the ATPTs to help the B-7 Men. An ATPT fired his rocket gun. BOOM! The rocket exploded, sending tons of aliens backwards. The alien leader sent in his alien tanks. They fired their bubble gum, which knocked the man who had the rocket gun backward. Then three huge ATPTs fired at the aliens, sending them backwards.

The alien leader commanded, “Fire the big guns at the legs of that thing!”

“Yes, sir!” said one alien.

Then the APTP with the rocket shot the big guns and said, “Take that!” But the alien leader jumped out of the way.

“You are too slow!” the alien leader said.

Then, the ATPTs started firing laser cannons like mad. The alien leader sent in a big tank to shoot down the ATPTs’ laser cannons. An alien fired his cannon at one of the ATPTs and he fell down. The aliens were winning.
Chapter 4: Losing

The aliens’ cannons were blasting down the ATPTs. The Captain called for reinforcements. The call came through. Then, the Captain said to his men, “Fall back!”

The men did what he said and fell back. They hid in craters so the alien cannons could not hit them. But, their heads were still sticking out. Then, the alien fighters came out of the hangar and dropped bombs on the ATPTs’ heads. The men went even deeper into the craters. The aliens started to move forward. The ATPTs set a few bombs. BOOM! The bombs blew up. The alien fighters were destroyed. The Captain’s men came out of the crater and charged at the aliens and blasted down the aliens’ laser cannons.

“Good job!” the Captain said, pumping his fist high in the air.

“Thank you!” his troops said in a loud voice.

The aliens’ big guns fired at the Captain’s troops. The Captain’s troops started dying out fast. Then all of a sudden, out of the clouds, came five space cruisers. They landed on Mars to help the Captain’s men. And out of the first ship came Admiral Vissa. He had a gray shirt with four blue squares on the top and four red squares on the bottom. He had a gun holster with DC15 pistol.

“Hello, guys,” Admiral Vissa said. “What’s going on? Are we losing or winning?”


Chapter 5: Three Traitors

“We are losing,” Officer Wilson said.

“Well, not for long,” Admiral Vissa replied. He commanded his troops to charge the aliens. The battle was going well for Admiral Vissa’s troops. Then, the Captain had a meeting with the other leaders. He told his troops that Mike was spying on the enemy to give the Captain’s troops information.

Later, Admiral Vissa and the Captain were alone at the base. Suddenly, the Captain pointed a big gun at Admiral Vissa’s face. The Captain was bad all along. Out of nowhere, two snipers came into the room and pointed their guns at the Captain.

“Why did you do this to us?” Admiral Vissa asked.

“Well, I had to,” the Captain said.

“But why?”

“It’s hard to explain,” said the Captain. Several aliens came into the room as he spoke.

“Oh no, this is not good,” Admiral Vissa said and headbutted one alien in the butt. The alien fell over and dropped his gun. Admiral Vissa picked up the gun and shot down the other aliens. The Captain ran out of the room and sent in more aliens. “Get down the air vent because there are too many aliens to fight back!” Admiral Vissa commanded. The snipers and Admiral Vissa went down an air vent but the aliens were too fat to fit in.
Chapter 6: Home, Sweet Home

When the snipers and Admiral Vissa came through the air vent, Mike and Officer Wilson were waiting for them.

“What happened there?” Mike asked.

“The Captain is a traitor,” a tired looking sniper said. The snipers left and went to bed leaving Admiral Vissa alone with Mike and Officer Wilson.

“And so are we,” Mike and Officer Wilson said together and captured Admiral Vissa.

“You’ll never be saved,” Mike said.

“I’m not going to be in your silly trap for long,” Admiral Vissa replied as he was put in jail. The next day, the good snipers got him out of jail with some dynamite. BOOM! The jail bars fell down.

“What was that?” Mike yelled.

Admiral Vissa walked up to him and said, “I told you that I wouldn’t be in this silly trap for long.”

“We’ll get you back!” Mike said.

“I don’t think so,” Admiral Vissa replied.

Before they opened the door, Admiral Vissa and his men set liquid tabana in the alien jail. BOOM! The alien jails were destroyed. When they got outside, one of the pilots said there were alien spaceships near Mars trying to keep them on the planet.

“We’ll have to destroy the alien fighters to get back to Space Call. For now, the aliens have retreated. And we have won.”

The Space Call took off and they went into space and tried their best to win.


To Be Continued…

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