Watermelon Specialty

Chapter: 1


One day, the Guardians of the Galaxy went through time and space in a portal inside Star Lord’s Milano — a blue and orange ship that looked like a huge jetpack. It had a beak-shaped front, a photon energy windshield, and all the newest technology. They were going back in time to eat a watermelon. They went back to Earth and bought a watermelon at a store named Ralph’s. The time was 11:58 PM on December 31, 1999 in New York, NY. The store was at closing time and the Guardians of the Galaxy barely made it out in time to see the ball drop in Times Square. They also didn’t get to eat the watermelon.

When the ball dropped, it emitted a strange light. The ball opened and time cops flew out and arrested the Guardians of the Galaxy.

“You are under arrest for stealing one of the priceless infinity stones. You will now be sentenced to seventy-eight years in prison,” they said.

“Hey, we didn’t steal. We just bought the first watermelon we found,” Star Lord said.

“An infinity stone? Hidden in a watermelon? Ridiculous!” the time cop said.

Star Lord took the watermelon and threw it on the ground. An orb rolled out of the watermelon. The time cops opened the orb and saw a blue infinity stone.

“How can this be?” they asked.

Thor came down to earth and said, “It is true. Only one of the six infinity stones are hidden on a planet. The others are lost somewhere in space or on asteroids.”

The time cops told the Guardians of the Galaxy that they were free to go.

Thor took the orb and the infinity stone up to Asgard and he put it in their most heavily guarded safe. When the effects of the time travel wore off, Groot felt drowsy. Drax felt like he had seen a ghost and almost fainted. Gamora fell down to the floor in shock and Star Lord said, “Well you’re all a bunch of babies, except for Rocket.” Rocket hadn’t fallen down.

Then Rocket fell down and said, “Come on, dude, get me some water.”

Star Lord gave Rocket a glass of water and Rocket said, “Ah, I was just pretending.”

Then Yondu came aboard and said, “Well, where’s the watermelon?”

Groot said, “I am Groot.”

Rocket translated. “Thor took it and put it in a vault. Apparently it had an infinity stone.”

Yondou got off the Millano and said, “Well, at least you didn’t die.”

When he got out, a watermelon fell out of the sky and landed in his arms and it started raining watermelons.

Yondou said, “What the @!??!@? This is crazy!”



Chapter: 2


Two weeks later, he went to a Roman arena somewhere in the 5,700th quadrant where he battled with the quadrant ruler’s court magician. Yondu had many challenges ahead of him. He had to defeat a thousand men without any of them touching him. He completed that task and moved on to the second. The second task was much harder. Watermelons fell from the sky. Without letting them touch the ground he had to destroy every watermelon or make them disappear. He completed the second task by whistling and making his arrow split every watermelon. The third task was a duel. Magic against force. He was fighting an amateur magician and had to not destroy him, but just deflect his magic missiles. This task was very frightening, but he did it. By the end of the ninth task, he was a little worn out.

For his final test, watermelons rained down again. He had to complete every task, including Him. A replica of himself made perfectly from the automaton factory was meant to only destroy the real Yondu. He finished this task, but was scraped and bruised. The automaton then crumbled to dust when all of the other tasks were completed.

The magician took his turn, but when he had to deflect the magic missiles instead of casting a destruction spell, he cast a seeking spell, seeking himself. When he did that he ran around for his life. The magician was almost through, but he cast the right spell and all of the missiles dissipated. In the final challenge, he almost lost the watermelons because he didn’t have time to cast a levitation spell. Yondu had done the tasks faster and quicker so he was the winner. The court magician was banished and his powers taken away. But he learned to do other things like craft swords. And he then became a knight of the realm. He then went back to the king and said, “King, I’ve become a worthy knight, why can I not join your ranks?”

And the King said, “You were banished, you lost a fight, but if you win this time, you will be in my ranks. But if you don’t, you will never ever see the light of day again.”

This time, he fought Star Lord. He was a tough competitor but Star Lord won. He was going to be executed, but Star Lord switched him with a chicken and he was saved. He became a Guardian Of The Galaxy.


Chapter: 3


He fought with the Guardians of the Galaxy for 23 years. He retired at 83. The Guardians of the Galaxy fought without him and became famous throughout every galaxy. He watched them fight. He grew older, they stayed the same age. When He died there wasn’t a funeral. The Guardians fought for the rest of eternity.



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