Stay out of the Attic

“Mom, no!” Evan was begging his mom not to make him go into the attic. The attic was very creepy and dark.

Evan’s mom said, “Okay, okay, I’ll do the work! I was really expecting more from you. You’re 12 now! I really thought you wouldn’t make me do all the work. You are in time-out. I want you to go to your room and lay on your bed.”

“I don’t want time-out! So, I’ll go to the attic,” Evan said.

He jumped from where he was standing to the top of the stairs. When he got into the attic, he found an old chest. He wanted to see if his mother knew what it was, so he took it downstairs.

His mom said, “What did you bring down?”

“I brought down this chest!” said the Evan.

“I haven’t seen that chest since I was a kid!” said his mom. “But I don’t think you should kid around. I remember it being dangerous.”

Evan would find out the true terrors of the attic the next night.

He crept up to the attic the next night, and a ghostly light fell over him. Then, he saw a shadow reaching out for him. It grabbed his shirt, lifted him off the ground, opened its mouth, and shot fire at the wall of the attic. Some of the wall crumpled away. Evan was very scared. Before him stood a dragon. His body was red, and his wings were yellow and orange. He had razor sharp black claws on his hands and his feet, and he had the tail of a scorpion. The dragon opened his mouth and let a roar. He snapped his mouth closed quickly, trying to bite Evan. Then, Evan wiggled out of his grasp. He ran down the stairs. The dragon was too big to follow him, so he flew out of the window and started to set the neighborhood on fire.

Evan ran outside and saw the damage that the dragon had done. Evan fought the dragon. Evan had a dagger, and he threw the dagger at the dragon. The dragon dodged it, and he jumped up high and burned it with his fire breath. Then, he opened his eyes real wide and shot lasers at Evan. Evan dodged. It hit a tree, and the tree fell on to a house. The house split in two. Evan knew they would think he was responsible. He jumped at the dragon and grabbed at his claw, but the dragon shook him off. Evan went flying across someone’s lawn. He landed in a flower bed. His vision was gone, but he heard the dragon coming for him.

He got closer, and then Evan bit the dragon’s toe. “Aaaaaaaaaahh!” The dragon screamed at the top of his lungs. It hurt Evan’s ears, so he got knocked out again. The dragon saw him, so he lifted his taiil off the ground and shot water at Evan. It missed Evan and hit the flowers. The dragon was very angry. He threw his head in the air, and his spine spikes shot out. The dragon’s spine spikes stuck into a fence, and one spine hit a man.

The man screamed at the dragon and said, “I hate you, dragon!” Then the man ran away because he saw it was a dragon. Then, the dragon turned its gaze back to Evan and breathed fire out of its nose.

Evan was hurt, but he wasn’t dead. Suddenly, Evan had an idea. He had noticed that the dragon had a soft looking glowing spot on his head. Evan was not a good climber, but he had to try. He climbed on the dragon for a few feet. Then, the dragon noticed him and shook him off. He slammed into a tree and felt sick. He got knocked out badly, but this time he knew the dragon was on top of him. It was stomping on him. He was very hurt. Evan began to slip away, and while he did, the dragon tripped and fell. This gave Evan a chance to run to his home. The dragon got up and flew in front of Evan’s home, keeping him from getting in.

The dragon could speak. He said, “Let me be king of your town, and then I’ll let you live. If you don’t, I’ll burn down your town and keep it to myself. Then there will be nobody there to tell me no.”

Evan had another idea. He jumped super high and punched the dragon in the glowing soft spot. The dragon fell over and died.

He ran into the house and burned the chest. He knew if he ever found another chest like that it could be a dragon, so he never opened another chest again.


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