The World of Evil



This is a world of evil called “The Underworld.” There are two friends, a black spider as big as a 9-year-old boy, and a creepy ghost. Black Spider and Creepy Ghost won Champion Games in sixth grade for being creepy and tied in the championship. Their parents became friends, and then they eventually became best friends.

They love playing pranks on animals in The Underworld. When someone opens the door, a bucket of smelly slime goes on their head. Black Spider trips people with his sticky webs, and Creepy Ghost takes over their bodies and they do whatever he wants, like stealing Nintendo video games from their shelf under the TV.

They get promoted by everybody for being creepy. All the people think they should be King. Except for the grumpy guards for the King.

King Rotten Fart Strawberry gets jealous of them getting all the promotions, so he separates them.

Black Spider goes to Underworld’s version of America, to Long Island City. He likes it there because he likes taking the ferry to Brooklyn Bridge Park to get cherry ice cream. There are no people in the Underworld. There are only animals.

He meets a white tiger named Whitey, and then Whitey starts saying something like, “According to my calculations, you are — ”

Spidey stops him and kicks him to Manhattan.

Creepy Ghost goes to Underworld’s version of Japan, to Tokyo. He likes it there because he eats sushi and ramen all day. When he would take over the body of the sushi stand person, he would steal all the sushi, like one with salmon on it. Then, he would go to the ramen shop and take over a rich guy’s body and use his wallet to buy amazing things, like a mansion with a big pool. And then he would make the mansion with the pool his.

But he misses Black Spider, so they just FaceTime each other. But they are still bored, so they text each other a plan.

Creepy Ghost takes over the big mansion and then makes the big mansion move and turns it into a rocket and goes to America. It lands right on the Brooklyn Bridge. Spider gets on, and they fly to the castle in the Underworld to plan an attack on King Rotten Fart Strawberry. But it’s like a two-day ride, so they wait in the pool and eat sushi and ramen.

All of a sudden, Whitey comes out from under one of the five king-sized beds. He was hiding in the mansion!

“I don’t know what’s going on,” he says. He thinks the mansion is cool, but now he is crying for Mommy and Daddy.

Spider hears the crying, and then Spider gets out of the pool and puts his clothes on. He thinks, That’s annoying!

He sees Whitey climbing out of the bed and says, “If you want Mom, then go away!” And he kicks him out the window, and Whitey lands in his mom’s new apple pie out of the window in Massachusetts.

“Oh, what a coincidence. You’re already ready for dinner. Do you like my applepie!” says Whitey’s mom.

Black Spider and Creepy Ghost land right next to the Underworld Castle.

So, Black Spider and Creepy Ghost go inside and go pow pow to the bodyguards and then the King. King Fart Strawberry comes in and says, “What the heck is going on?”

Then, Black Spider says, “What’s going on is that we’re going to kick your butt!” And then Black Spider does exactly what he says.

Then, they become king and change all the bad laws, like that you can’t participate in the scaring games until you’re seven years old or that you can’t get married until you’re 100 years old. Then, people are happy because they didn’t like those laws. Then, they have Underworld Christmas, but it’s really the same as earth’s.



On one nice, sunny day, all the flowers get squished with Strawberry jam from… King Fart Strawberry’s new robot suit.

Strawberry says, “I’m itching for revenge and that bad mosquito bite I got… Wow it’s really itchy.”

Later, at the castle, Black Spider is relaxing in a nice, hot spring and gets out and has some pancakes with syrup, whipped cream, and blueberries.

Suddenly, King Fart Strawberry breaks off the roof of the castle with his robot suit!

Spider says, “Oh, hi there! What’s your name again? Are you that old man in the village who screams for no reason?”

Strawberry says, “Wait you don’t you remember me? Uh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Now I can brainwash you.”

Black Spider says, “See look, you’re still screaming.”

Strawberry says, “Be quiet, and let me brainwash you”

Black Spider says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you look evil, and it sounds bad, and I’m also going get rid of that big jam shooting robot.”

Then, Strawberry says, “Well, then get ready to get jam’d”

Pow splash pow pow pow pow pow pow bang bling bam bam.

Then, all the citizens come and watch the battle.

Creepy Ghost comes and figures out a new attack that they have been training, where he tries to control Black Spider, and they become a big, red ghost with spider arms, with a cherry ice cream making machine inside.

Strawberry says, “It doesn’t matter how big you are. My robot’s stronger.”

And then, the big, red ghost robot shoots a web covered in cherry ice cream with poison that turns the robot into a statue.

A little kid comes and says, “Is this that new TV show? I want that robot!”

The citizens cheer, “Yay!”

But then, they look inside the statue, and Strawberry is not in it. And then, they see Whitey running away, but with something on his head… He is carrying Strawberry!

Creepy Ghost and Black Spider chase after him, and they get Whitey and say, “Why are you trying to save Strawberry?”

Whitey’s eyes are all green. Then, they see a big cage with a bunch of needles sticking out of Whitey’s head. Creepy Ghost carried both of them and take them to the castle. The guards take Strawberry down to the dungeon.

Black Spider uses his eight arms to take the needles out of Whitey’s head with tweezers and put bandages on him.

When they take the thing off, Whitey’s eyes goes back to normal. He says, “What in the world is going on?”

“You tried to save Strawberry!”

“Strawberry’s my worst enemy. Why would I try to do such a thing?”

Five minutes later, Spidey says, “I guess he was brainwashed.” They look at him, and Whitey has a black belt on and starts destroying all the dummies. He was a servant for Strawberry the whole time, but now, he is doing karate moves.

And then, they say, “How did you do all those moves?”

“I took karate lessons to kick you to Iceland.”

Two minutes later, they decide to let Whitey be their sidekick.

“Whitey, you can be our sidekick.”

Then, Whitey says, “Okay, you can be my helpful sidekick.”

Black Spider and Creepy Ghost say, “Sigh.”

A guard comes running and says, “Boss, I have a very important message: Strawberry has broken out of jail and ran towards Sumo Mountain.”

“DUN DUN DUN!” Whitey says.

“What’s Sumo Mountain?” Black Spider asks.

“It’s the most dangerous mountain ever. They say that if you go hiking on that mountain, Sumo Pandas will come and beat you up and throw you to Mars.”

Then, Creepy Ghost asks, “But why would Strawberry go there?”

Black Spider says, “Well, one way to find out!”

One hour later…

Whitey says, “Now we know that they don’t really throw you to Mars. They just throw you back to the bottom of the mountain.

So then they get some iron weapons and force their way up. Finally, when they are at the top, they see the Sumo Pandas making a super duper big strawberry jam shooting robot!!! So, Creepy Ghost takes over the robot and destroys it.

Then, Strawberry comes and asks, “What am I gonna do now?”

Black Spider says, “Well right now you’re gonna let us turn you into strawberry jam.”



Five hours later…


Everybody is eating strawberry jam sandwiches.

Black Spider says, “I kind of feel sorry for Strawberry… Not.




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