Super Dog vs. Super Cat!

Super Dog and Super Cat were big rivals. One day, they met on a Japanese mountain.

They fought for a big diamond. Super Cat lost.

“Until next time!” said Super Dog.

Next time, they met on a city street. Super Cat’s tail was trotted on. He gave out a super despair sound wave. Super Dog resisted the wave and fought back. Then, Super Cat used his spiky tail and slashed at Super Dog. Super Dog fought back with his super fang. They battled into the sewer. They were both battered until the cat used super sorrow force field. They got very dirty and battled until it was full moon. When Super Cat tripped, he let out a super sound sorrow bomb. When it was too dark, Super Cat used super sorrow cloak to disappear. Super Dog looked around, but he couldn’t see Super Cat. He activated super claw and slashed into air, knowing that he had used some sort of cloak. They all missed because he had already ran away to his cat base. Super Dog had thrown a tracking device on Super Cat. He followed him to his base.

The next battle was at his underground base bunker. They slashed at the machines, pounded at each other, destroyed machines, bursted pipes, and mixed electricity with water. Super Cat had an advantage. He knew the base and where things were. He lured Super Dog into the super shock chamber and destroyed the machine that made it gas and shock. Then Super Cat lured him into a room where a huge machine that was eating TNT and turning it into sorrow potion. They slashed the walls. Super Cat defeated Super Dog in the dungeon section. They slashed each other, but Super Cat won, and Super Dog was in the cage. Then he broke free by slashing the bars until they fell. But Super Cat was sleeping. He stole all the super gadgets and used the remaining TNT, but he had done something wrong. He had put it under the TNT machine and set the timer for one second instead of 11 seconds. It exploded. Super Dog escaped in time, but the bunker held strong. The super despair machine detected the intruder and sent a super, super sound wave. It affected Super Dog. It knocked him backwards and made him deaf.

Then the super despair machine threw sorrow bombs again and again. It affected Super Dog so much that he was knocked out cold. Super Cat then woke up. They battled on the mountain terrain. They slipped on moss and were blew back by sound. The big, soft grass was easy to fight on, but Super Cat still had the advantage. He knew where he was. He lured Super Dog into his bunker. It was the garage door. He was blown backward onto a super cat tank. Super Dog went into the cat tank. Super Cat knew the controls. He went to the back of the tank and pressed the emergency destroy button. BOOM! Super Dog jumped out and attacked. Up in the Japanese mountains, everyone could hear the big boom. It shook half of the cat base and set the rest on fire. Trees bursted out of their roots as Super Cat’s green house was enveloped in fire. They fought until Super Cat used his super sorrow cloning power. Super Dog was quickly defeated.

Super Cat was using his new super cat tank and transformer when Super Cat saw Super Dog. A big sorrow blaster in Super Cat’s transformer arm shot sorrow bombs, which were very effective against Super Dog. It blasted him backward, made him deaf, and made his ears, eyes, and head hurt. Then Super Cat used an atomic super sorrow bomb, which had the same effects except for sixteen more hours than the normal ninety-eight hours. Super sorrow was Super Cat’s specialty. When he got mad, he got sad, and then it activated his super power.

A super dog dragon affected Super Cat’s veins. His blood got really, really hot. Then, if he had breathed too much hotness from the dragon’s mouth, he would explode. But Super Cat had invented something one step ahead. He had invented the super anti-hotness gas mask.

Super Cat threw the gas mask on his head and battled with him with his super transformer. Now, it was dog dragon versus cat transformer. Super Dog was so mad that he threw fire balls out of his eyes. That was his super power. It was mad versus sad.

The sorrow transformer battled hard. The madness dragon battled hard. Then Super Cat threw a tracking device on Super Dog. Super Cat followed Super Dog into his super snow base in the Himalayan Mountains. When they got inside, he secretly took off the tracking device and then pounced on Super Dog. Then he was battered so much, he surrendered almost immediately but then fought back. Fortunately, Super Cat still had his transformer, and Super Dog had lost his dragon. He had melted in the snow! Super Cat placed super sorrow mines all over Super Dog’s base as he chased Super Dog through the base.

Super Dog yelled, “HA HA! We’re in the labyrinth. I’m sure you’ll get lost and get eaten by my other super dragons.”

But Super Cat had used his special anti-madness/fire rope. He found his way back, defeated all the dragons, and then ran away to find an outpost. He had made it with all his super gadgets that he had recovered from the mess of the last battle. In the middle, he placed a super ruby that could make a hologram. He had put some cameras in front of Super Dog’s base. Super Cat placed some super sorrow cannons, pointed through the trees, at Super Dog’s base. He fired all of them, then activated all his mines, and they exploded. Super Cat saw the damage and laughed.

“Ha-ha!” he said. “It’s all in flames now!”

When Super Dog ran out of the base, Super Cat had made an outpost with an igloo. He had made super sandbags for blocking the door. Super sorrow cannons pointed out and left room for a bed, a cupboard, and a stove. The stove was wood, and he had also put some wood in a cabinet. It had a smooth, wood floor, and in the middle, it had opened up to where the fire stove would be. He was well prepared because he added a thick layer of concrete to the sides and then added some extra ice to the sides. On the outside, there were hundreds of fake wood pictures of Super Cat so that Super Dog would be wasting time thinking that he is firing the actual Super Cat. He would think that the super sorrow coming from the igloo nearby is coming from the fake one. But then there was a huge advantage for Super Dog: Super Cat lost all of his ammo.

Then he made extra defenses with a grenade thrower and a mine layer. He built a small tube that went to a far away place near the seaside, and it was covered by a huge icicle to make it blend in. It was his escape. He used half his wood on lining the tube so it wouldn’t cave in. He then laid mines in the tube, so when he escaped, he could blow up the tube. He also wired the igloo so if he escaped, he could blow up the igloo. There was a button on the hatch that led to the outside, and if he pressed it, it exploded the tube and the igloo since it was wired with explosives. He put his plan into action, running away, and he pressed the button just in time because he took his supa scuba cat submarine.

Little did he know. Who was on his tail? Super Dog! Super Dog on his super madness sea monster! They had a big underwater battle. The monster almost shattered the glass of the supa scuba cat submarine. Super Cat was losing. He activated his biggest weapon. It was the sorrow sound torpedo. It knocked a hole in anything that it hit, and then made a sound wave that knocked out anyone and anything, and made them deaf except Super Cat, who was immune to it. It also knocked them out cold. It was one of his biggest submarine sorrow bombs. A propeller powered it very quickly. It could break the sound barrier while it makes sound! Super Dog had built an underwater castle. Super Cat then bombed it with his super torpedos. All of the sound bounced off. It was very, very strong! It was so strong, that Super Cat used so many missiles that he almost ran out.

Then Super Dog shot fire cannons up at Super Cat, but they missed because they were immediately put out by the water. Super Cat then was mad, now he was sad. He shot hundreds of it, almost running out of ammo, but he immediately produced more by yelling into a machine, which made more bombs, torpedos, and what not. Now Super Cat was so sad that he let out a super, super, super, super, super, super atomic sound bomb. It blasted Super Dog’s castle apart, and Super Dog attacked with his super underwater dragon, which had special underwater fire bombs. He fired it again and again, but he couldn’t get a clear aim at Super Cat! Then when Super Cat activated the special invisibility cloak, he pressed the button, and then all of it disappeared, including his submersible. Super Cat seemed to be flying, and Super Dog tried to catch him, but the wind made the special underwater fire bombs cool down and sink down to ashes.

Then they signed a treaty allowing them to get away if they wanted to. But there some treaty violators. Some dragons couldn’t be controlled, would follow anyone, and attack until all is destroyed, and it couldn’t be stopped. But these kinds of dragons were very rare, and Super Dog had only two. A special sorrow and madness tornado was one of their biggest weapons. If you touched the tornado, you either caught on fire or freezed and became deaf. There was a big crack in the population that liked Super Dog and the population that liked Super Cat. They sometimes fought, and Super Cat wanted everyone to like him, and Super Dog wanted everyone to like him, and there was a big war. When Super Cat saw this, he didn’t want everyone to be fighting. He wanted everyone who liked him to not be fighting, but be against the fighting. But there was a dark side too. Everyone who liked Super Dog wanted to be at war, and most of the supporters of Super Cat turned to Super Dog because they still wanted to have a war. Moving away from that crisis, there was an even more bigger crisis because Super Dog had found sixteen more. The whole tribe had joined in that had dragons that would attack and not stop. There were bigger battles that lasted longer because of these big dragons. Half the tribe had been destroyed. That was a huge, bad blow for the supporters of Super Dog.

This was one of the biggest battles in the book: sorrow won this one. Now, there was a dragon crisis. We heard about it in the last page. There was a huge dragon tribe that had joined Super Dog. Super Cat was testing his new invention: the supa-cat tank, half tank, and half cat. When he saw Super Dog, he attacked. They went into an old bunker. They battled each other. The tricky Super Dog tried to destroy the bunker with TNT. He had set the time correctly this time. He escaped the bunker. He had forgotten about how much armor the supa-cat tank had. Super Dog’s TNT had exploded with no damage to the bunker or the supa-cat tank. They chased each other around into and out of the sea.

They came up in a desert. They shrunk themselves. Both of them jumped up to slash each other. They went down really low and then popped back up, and then they found themselves in a huge ice cream sundae banana split. They threw snowballs at each other, banana peels for slipping each other, and Super Cat used a cherry as a spike ball. They went under it. Super Cat made a bunker out of ice cream. He licked the walls to make them flat and then made furnishings. Banana peels for sides. It was the strongest bunker and surprisingly the warmest. Until Super Dog made a super cannon to blast the bunker. (It was unsuccessful) It only blew up on himself. He used his fire eyes to fire it. It just melted down, and he found himself in a puddle of cold water. Then Super Cat used his super emotion power to fire his cannon (sorrow is cold). It was even more successful than Super Dog’s cannon. He had to go behind a flower bag to shield from the snowballs. He then took revenge by throwing flower balls at the (ice) bunker. He did manage to rip some of the banana apart.

Super Dog built a igloo like the last one. Then they unshrunk and slashed at each other. Accidentally, they flew out of the window and flew away. They had a fight in the air. Their balloons suddenly dropped because both of their balloons had been hit with little pins. They had been dropped in Himalayan mountains. They went to the half destroyed base of Super Cat and went inside. It was very foggy, and some of it was still sparking. The wood was destroyed, and all the crumbling stone was very cool. The remains of the greenhouse was a bunch of shattered glass with half burnt wood, and some of it collapsed. Still smoking, there was a bit of red here and there. They went back inside.

They had a battle on some magical camels. They had red and blue swords. They slashed each other. The cat unleashed his spiky tail and looked inside. Super Cat hid to survey his surroundings. He needed to know where he was because he knew where to go if it wasn’t so burnt. He could see some ashes stuck in a corner with a bunch of metal and some stones sticking out. Half of it was open to air. Some of it was still smoking. If he had gone in the right room, he had some hidden danger. A half exploded flare storage room was still smoking, and it suddenly shot out all the flares at him. He grabbed a box and used it as a shield. Some went out the window, making a huge firework display in the Himalayan mountains. All of the boxes exploded, except for the one that he was holding. He escaped the half burnt room. The flares started to pop again, and one hit the back of his head. The tricky Super Dog made a barrack to stop him from getting out. He broke it with his Super sound wave and threw ashes all over Super Dog. Super Dog escaped on his super fire rocket.

“I’ll get you yet!” said Super Dog.  

Super Cat had a big party for his victory. This was the last battle. Super Cat was testing his new machine. It was a super, super cat transformer. He saw the old, crumbling remains of his base, half burnt with holes on the top, still lightly smoking with his greenhouse. It had many half burnt wood pieces. It had collapsed on itself. Some of the plants remaining were a small tree and some daisies. It also had shattered glass all over it, and some daisies also had shattered glass over them. Then he went inside. He had time to see inside. It had ashes stuck in a corner, a smoldering heap of machines. The ashes of the bunker had metal sticking out of it and some concrete, and in the middle there was a smoldering machine: the catanator. Super Cat jumped in a watch tower. He observed Super Dog with all his dragons! He got down. He observed some old, half-burnt wood in the corner lying around and a destroyed cabinet. He went into a storage room with a burnt metal door with rust and a sign that said: “Catgun Bay.” He went inside.

Some of the catguns in front of the door had been blasted out of the windows when the base exploded. There was a large hole. He covered it up with a few pieces of brick, then he went along the sides of the bay. It was a big semi-circle with two walls coming out of it, but inside and outside, if you looked at the blueprints, the semicircle originated into a full circle. On the sides, there are four guns, and in the semi-circle, there are six. In all, for the sides of the semicircle, he fired them right at all of the dragons. Some of them immediately fell dead, but the already wounded ones charged on. Super Cat unleashed all of his secret machines. They battled for days. Super Cat and all of his machines retreated into the fortress. They kept on firing the guns from the fortress and some grenade throwers from the top of the fortress.

The dragons fired grenades from their cannons, but they cooled down, and they were almost harmless against the fortress except for some ashes on the top, which looked exactly like the fortress in its old state. They battled for more than enough days. All of the new secret machines poured in, destroying most of the dragon tribe. Super Dog was desperate for a final victory so that he could win the war. He was ready for anything, except losing the war. But, he was sure that he would win. But, he was wrong. He was so distracted by telling all of his dragons to fight harder that he didn’t notice that almost all except for three of the dragons were dead.  Super Dog already made a super dragon trench. It was still firing dragon cannons at Super Cat, but they had invented an anti-freeze, anti-dishot cannonball. They were hot, but they wouldn’t cool down! The trenches were never going to hold up! Super Dog put up a white flag. They signed a canine animal treaty.

They became friends because Super Dog overcame his anger issues with canine acupuncture. Then they went swimming. They cleaned up each other’s base and turned Super Cat’s base into their house since Super Dog’s base had been wrecked. All that was left was a pile of bricks and dead dragon bones. They made an indoor pool and a spa, two rooms, and a forcefield bunker in the forest behind the bunker. They played games in the reconstructed greenhouse. It had a seltzer bar. Super Dog liked Coca Cola. Super Cat liked seltzer water. There was a jacuzzi in the greenhouse, where you could look out at jungle plants out of the top of the jacuzzi. There was a desert biome downstairs. Next to it, there was a rock garden and a forest biome. There were three rooms downstairs, surrounded by a desert/forest biome, a pool table with a TV and seats. They had dips in the pool and played pool on the pool table. They installed both mad and sad powers into the cat transformer. Then, they removed the super to their names and lived very happily ever after.


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