The Emoji Story

Let me introduce myself. I am the narrator, Sierra. I will be showing different types of emojis. In the emoji world, there are shops and buildings. Let’s head over to my friend, Heart emoji. Okay, we are here. Heart emoji is very upset, and I wonder why.

“Heart emoji, why are you so angry?”

Heart emoji said, “I WANT A PET, BUT MY PARENTS WON’T LET ME!”

“Well, I guess you could get one without them knowing.”

Heart emoji said, “Good Idea! But where am I going to get the money?”

“I will give you the money.”


“Okay. So what kind of pet do you want?”

Heart emoji said, “I think I want a blonde dog.”

“Okay. Now what size do you want it to be?”

“I want it to be small,” Heart emoji said.

“Okay. Let’s get it. Okay, we are here. We got it. How do you like it?”

“What do you mean I like it? I LOVE IT!” Heart emoji said.


Next day…

“How is it going?”

“It is going BAD!”

And so, she started crying. Wha! Wha!

“What is going on?”

Heart emoji said, “My mom figured out about the dog, and I told her that it was my fault.”

“I am going to go to your mom, and I am going to tell her that it was my fault because I made you do it.”


After school…

“Miss Emoji, this is a misunderstanding. It was my fault because I made her do it.”

Miss Emoji said, “Okay, I understand, but you have punishments. For you, narrator, your punishment will be that you can’t spend a whole week with Heart emoji. And for you, Heart emoji, you can’t play with narrator for a week.”

And that’s how the story ended.




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