Terry the Donut



Hello from Donut Land! My name is Terry, and I like to say I’m brave. But I’m not because in Donut Land, we have just been attacked by the vicious popsicles. They stole all of our topping armor. Now, my donut army and I are planning a comeback.

“When should we attack?” asked Frank.

“Tomorrow afternoon,” said Pete.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I know they are going out to lunch to celebrate their victory,” said Pete.

“Oh,” I said.

“So, we go to castle first. Then, we find. That’s the plan?” asked Thomas

“First, we sneak into the hall for our topping armor. Then, we raid the castle for anything we like. BUT, we have to leave at 5:00 because that’s when they’re coming back. So that gives us five hours.”                                     


After the plan, we all went to bed.

“Terry,Terry! It’s time to wake up!” said a voice.

I slowly opened one eye, and then slowly opened the other eye. I looked at my clock. “12:30!!!!!!!!!!!!” I shouted.

I sprung out of bed, quickly dressed, and went down to the hall to where the others were. Everyone was there except Frank.

“Where’s Frank?” I asked.

“Oh, Frank went up to wake you up,” answered Pete.

“Oh,” I said, embarrassed. “Oh, and here he comes now.” I looked at my watch. It read 12:48. “We better get going now,” I said. “It’s 12:48.”

“Yeah, but it only takes us five minutes to get there,” said Pete.

“But then we’ll have extra time,” I said.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right,” said Pete.


As we all started walking to the castle, I said, “So we take whatever we like?’’

“Yup,” said Pete. “BUT we first need to find our armour.”

When we got to the castle, we snuck around to the back door where Pete knew there was a secret entrance. He’d been to the castle many times before because he helped make it back when he was friends with the popsicles. But first, we had to say a password. The password was “Pop.” The ground started to shake, and a door formed in the side of the castle. As Pete opened the door, it creaked a little. Inside were a few spiderwebs, and as Pete stepped, the floorboard creaked and groaned. It was dark, and there was loads of air conditioning. The donuts shivered a lot.

We passed an old chest and then turned a corner. Pete stepped on something, and the next thing I knew, he was gone. I heard a voice coming from below. It was Pete. He had fallen down the trapdoor. I knew exactly what to do. I turned the corner and looked in the old chest. There was a rope, and there was a potion for night vision inside. I quickly took both of those things. I hurled the rope down to Pete. I threw down the potion of night vision so that he could see. It landed on him with a smash.

He said, “Who threw that at me?”

I said, “I did. It’s potion of night vision. It said so on the bottle.”

Pete said, “Wow. Thanks. It really works. I can see loads of things now.” He grabbed hold of the rope and climbed up. He said to everyone, “Step over the trapdoor. It’s really deep.”
We came up to another chest. This time, Jacob opened it. He said there were some toppings in there. He gave it to Pete, and Pete’s app said it was my armor.


I put my armor back on. It was warm.

“No fair,” said Frank. “I want my armor back as well.”

Pete said, “We’ll find it soon.”

And then, we carried on walking until we came to another chest. There were two chests this time. Inside, they had loads of night vision potions. We all smashed them on ourselves. In the next chest, we found a sword. It was Frank’s sword. The sword was made of gold with an iron handle and diamond on the end.

“Yay!” said Frank.

And then, everyone else said, “No fair. We don’t get a sword.”  

We carried on walking and walking and walking. But no other chests came. We came to another hallway.

Pete said, “We might need to split up now.” He split us into groups. He said, “Terry, Thomas, Zack, and Frank, go right. Jacob, Luke, and I will carry on straight.”

In Pete’s group, Pete said to Jacob, “I wonder where this place goes. I hope it doesn’t lead to another trap door.”

Meanwhile, in my tunnel, I found a chest. Everybody crowded around and looked inside. There was only one type of thing: some swords.

“Let’s see whose swords these are,” said Terry.

“Well, I know who this one belongs to,” I said. “It belongs to me. And this one might belong to Thomas. And this one might belong to Zack.”

So everybody got their swords except for Pete’s group.

CHAPTER 5     

Meanwhile, Pete found a chest. Pete opened it. Everyone crowded around to see what was inside. There were armor and swords. Pete sorted them.

“So this armor’s Jacob’s, and this sword is Jacob’s, this sword is mine, and this sword is Luke’s.” Pete checked his watch. It read 3:35. “Oh, great,” said Pete.

“What is it?” said Luke.

“It’s 3:35,” answered Pete. “So the only thing we can hope for now is the end of this tunnel.”

“And meeting the others,” said Luke.

“And that,” said Pete. “So who doesn’t have their armor?”

And Luke said, “I don’t. And you, Frank, and Thomas don’t have your armor either. We still need to find them.”

Meanwhile, in my group… I kept walking and walking, but nothing came. Our group started to get worried because they thought we were going the wrong way. Then, something came into view. There was not a chest. There was daylight.

I said, “Everybody, we should turn back. This is the wrong way.”

So we all ran back because we needed to find the others. We kept running and running in the same direction. Then, we came up to the hallway split. We turned right. I checked my watch. It read 4:00.

“Oh no!” I said. “The popsicles are coming in one hour.”

So the others and I ran as fast as we could down the hall until we came to a chest.

“Don’t look in that chest,” I said, “because Pete’s group has already been here so it will be empty.” We saw more chests but we didn’t open them.

We kept running until we saw something moving.


I thought, Phew, we caught up to them. But then, I thought, That can’t be them because there’s only one thing moving.

When we came up to it, it was a robot programmed to fight anything that was like a donut. As soon as it saw us, it started kicking, but we ran right past it. When we looked back, it was running after us.

I shouted, “Keep running everybody!” Then, I saw three people in the distance, and they were moving. I knew it had to be Pete and his group. I screamed, “Run! Run! There’s a robot chasing us!”

Thomas screamed, “There’s a robot chasing us!”

Pete looked behind us and saw the robot chasing us all. He started running as fast as he could. We came up to the chest. I didn’t stop running, but looked inside it. I saw a blur of something that looked like a slow potion and a gun.

I said to the others, “Pick up what’s in that chest. Quickly! Trust me, I think there is a gun and some slow motion potion.”

Thomas picked up the gun. It was a machine gun. And Luke picked up the potion. He threw it at the robot. The robot started going really slow. We all slowed down and came to a stop. Then, we started shooting at the robot. The robot’s arm came off. Then, its other arm came off. Then, its legs and head. It died.

We started walking. Everybody was panting because we’d been running really fast.

“I need a break,” said Pete.

But I said, “No, we can’t take a break now. It’s 4:30. They are coming home in half an hour, and we still have armor to find. We also have to find swords.”


We kept walking and walking. Then, we saw a door at the other end of the hallway. I opened it. There were two flights of stairs. So we started walking up them. And we saw a chest. Let’s see what’s inside it?

What we saw is that there was only one thing. A sword. It belonged to Thomas. Then, Thomas said, “Yay! I finally have my sword.”

We walked up the other flight of stairs. It had a marble floor and paintings on the side of the walls. It had a very high ceiling.

Pete said, “We’re inside the main castle now. Now, we really need to try and find the rest of our armor and swords.” “

I checked my watch. It was 4:45. They were coming in fifteen minutes. We had to find our armor and swords now.

“We have to start running. We can’t walk anymore,” I said.

Then, something caught my eye. In the far right corner, there was a chest. I started running towards it. Everyone ran after me in a pack. I opened it. There was all of our armor. We took it all.


I checked my watch. 4:58. “Guys! We have to go now, it’s 4:58!”

“Let’s go!” said Pete.

We ran out the door and to our castle.

As we approached our castle, we heard a voice. I looked behind me. It was a popsicle. “Hey, wait up,” he said.

We stopped. Pete said, “What is it?”

The popsicle said, “We’re sorry for stealing all your armor, we just wanted to protect ourselves from melting.”

“Oh,” said Pete. “Well, I think we can help you.”

“You can!?”

“Follow us.”

We walked back to our castle and walked up to to the top floor. We opened the door. Inside was our armor maker. We asked what armor he and his friends would like. He said, “Gold armor please.”

“Coming right up,” said the computer.

“Can I have twelve gold armors, please?” said the popsicle whose name was Mate.

“Okay,” said the computer.

After all the gold armors were made, Mate said, “Thanks so much for helping me!”

And that’s how the donuts and the popsicles became friends again.

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