The Singularity

CHAPTER ONE: Getting Ready

In year 4077, the King of Avalon told every person in the city to take themselves to the palace for a war. Noah went to the palace. He put his fingerprint on the scanner and the voice replied, “BED WARS.” 

Noah didn’t want to go to the Bed Wars. He wanted to go to the Snowball Fights. The reason why he didn’t want to go to Bed Wars is because he has to go to a really really high place up in the world. He doesn’t want to get killed by a sword or get knocked out with a snowball and fall like a million feet down. Next day, he went to the arena for Bed Wars. He was surprised that he had to build a bridge to other forts with blocks of wool. Even more awkward is that he saw that the forts are made out of wool. He was on the Blue team because he wore a blue armour. He has three other teammates and a blue bed. One of his teammates built a fort made out of blue wool and every one was armed with fire charges to break or set on fire the wool that opponents are building to raid your fort and pickaxes for breaking the beds and wool. There were also swords to kill enemies and bow and arrows for long range distance. When the countdown ended, all the people were building bridges of wool and protecting. Suddenly, the bridge that he was building was trembling. He looked behind him and saw someone throw a fire charge at him and his bridge. But Noah was fast; he ran to the green team’s fort and saw defenders charging at him. 


He started feeling brave and threw a snowball at a person and it knocked him off his fort and fell down to the kraken (under the island’s hole and then you die from it). The other defender charged at Noah, but he missed and fell on the ground. He was on the edge of the island, which was made of ice and then he couldn’t hold it anymore so he fell into the kraken too. He broke the green bed and he heard a giant voice and said, “Green team eliminated.” He raced back to his fort and his teammates were there eating lunch. 

Later they introduced themselves. “I’m Kyle, he is Alex and this is Andy.”

 Suddenly they heard the same voice and heard, “Yellow team eliminated.” Andy told him that the Red team are Cheaters and they have a better upgrade and they have better fighters.


They saw a red armoured person who was trying to shear wool, so Kyle got angry and kicked him off the island. Alex and Andy charged to the Red team fort. The defenders were raging like a bull when they saw the defenders and ran back to their fort out of breath. Noah went to the Red team’s fort and lastly without a defender seeing him, he broke the bed. 

He heard the voice say, “Red and Blue team eliminated.’’ 

Noah thought to himself, “How can two teams lose at the same time?” 

Suddenly, he heard the voice say, “Deathmatch!”

CHAPTER FOUR: Deathmatch

The island became smaller and a pulsed line was getting closer. If the pulse hits you, you are dead. (The pulsed line is a line that is made of dark matter and hydroelectric.) Some guy from the Red team knocked Alex off the island and to the kraken. At the same time, the defender killed Andy and threw him to the pulsed line. 

Kyle fell to the kraken because someone threw a firecharge at him. Noah was the only person left on the Blue team. He was feeling angry and stabbed the person who was charging at him. Some person kicked him on the back, then Noah kicked him to the kraken. Now it was Noah and another person. They fought till sunset. Noah remembered the time he felt scared. So he kicked the guy to the edge made out of ice and threw a snowball, and then he fell to the kraken. Suddenly he heard the voice say, “Blue team wins.’’ 

He felt really happy and proud of himself.