The Adventures of Fluffy and Fluff Ball

Fluffy is eight years old. He has dark hair, he’s really smart, he likes sports, and he was born in 2015. He is a human, and lives with human parents.

Fluffy and Fluff Ball both got their names from an interesting place. One day, the science teacher at school quit, so there was a new science teacher. Everybody laughed at his name, so he made a machine and he said that if you didn’t change your name to something weird, you would be zapped by this machine and turned into air. Fluffy and Fluff Ball were really scared, so they changed their names from Billy and Joe to Fluffy and Fluff Ball, respectively.

Now, Fluffy the human is taking an afternoon walk when he sees someone fall from the clouds. He is the Marshmallow God, who is made out of marshmallows! Even his magic is marshmallow! Marshmallow magic is when marshmallows hit the center of the Earth, thus making everything into a marshmallow.

Then, the God zaps the entire Earth with marshmallow beams from his marshmallow staff, and almost everything turns into marshmallow.  He floats back into the sky. The world is entirely white, and everything is squishy and bouncy. There is one thing that isn’t exactly marshmallow: it’s every liquid. The liquids are made out of squished marshmallow, or melted marshmallow. The people have carved marshmallow smiley faces, with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, with two fluffy ears. Fluffy doesn’t notice at first, but when he looks at himself in the marshmallow mirror, he sees that he is a marshmallow and that everything else is marshmallow, too.

He is initially surprised, then scared, then happy because there are always marshmallows to eat. He then decides he doesn’t like how it looks. The whole scenery is made out of marshmallows, so no one can taste or smell, because everything smells and tastes like marshmallows, but they are able to feel, see and hear. Fluffy misses the other two senses. Fluffy not only misses his two senses, but he misses beautiful flowers, he misses color, and he also misses having arms and legs, as he wants to walk and grab things. He also fears being eaten by another marshmallow, because since everything looks like a marshmallow, someone might think he’s an object. Also, toys are no longer fun since they’re all just marshmallows, along with TV and video games. Fluffy realizes that since                       there is a Marshmallow God, there must be a Marshmallow Heaven. He decides he wants to go to Marshmallow Heaven to face the Marshmallow God. However, he is distracted by China, which is much closer now since the marshmallows are so squishy, and he decides to eat a small part of it. He takes a bite of the Forbidden City. It tastes so good that everyone begins eating it.

Meanwhile, Fluff Ball, after going to school in the morning, is begging his science teacher to let his name be Joe again.

The science teacher says, “No, you can’t have your old name back, or I will zap you with my invention!”

Fluff Ball walks away, calls Fluffy, and hatches a plan to zap the science teacher with his own invention! But once everything turns into marshmallow, the invention no longer works. The engine is made out of marshmallow and doesn’t work. Fluff Ball decides to eat the machine, and then calls himself Joe again. The teacher, however, still calls him Fluff Ball. He plans to make a new machine if the world turns back to normal.

Fluffy and Fluff Ball decide to buy a jet and find the Marshmallow Heaven that the Marshmallow God lives in in order to defeat him. They leave from the marshmallow runway and fly into the sky. Zoom!

The Heaven is split up into different dimensions with all kinds of Gods and Devils. The Gods have Heavens with golden gates and unlimited luxuries. The Devils have blood everywhere, pitchforks, corpses, and more bloooood. Heaven is pretty much a dream, while the pieces of Hell are pretty much nightmares. The Gods float around, while the Devils sit on thrones which are red and black with torches on either side. The seats are also covered in blood. The thrones have red cloud puffs underneath them, and fire besides. Hell and Heaven rest side by side with no real barrier. The Devils and Gods can come and go as they please, which is why certain Gods and Devils fall from the sky. Holes in the clouds open up and Devils and Gods float down from the holes until they land on the ground. Some Gods are more powerful than others; for example, the Marshmallow God isn’t as powerful as the Chainsaw God, who could easily kill the Marshmallow God.

However, since they live in different dimensions, they leave each other alone. The Devils are monsters, while the Gods are ghosts.

So, after getting to Heaven, the boys see the Marshmallow God. “Who are you, and what are you doing here?” the Marshmallow God says.

“We’ve come here to get our world turned back to normal!” says Fluffy.


“I declare a fight! Charge!” Fluffy yells. “If we win, the world is saved, if you win, the world is stuck as a marshmallow forever.”


Evil marshmallows start attacking. They are marshmallows with tiny little legs and tall, pointy spears.

The evil marshmallow men say, “We are going to eat you!”

“Wait,” Fluff Ball says, “can’t we just eat them?”
“Great idea!” Fluffy says. Fluffy and Fluff Ball start eating all of the evil marshmallow men.

The Marshmallow God says, “I will marshmallowify you!”

Fluffy and Fluff Ball decide to eat the Marshmallow God’s arms and legs, along with his staff. The staff is made of a bunch of marshmallows stuck together with curved marshmallows along the sides. Then, after eating the Marshmallow staff, they think they are stuck as marshmallows! But then, the Marshmallow Devil comes. “I will remove all marshmallows from Earth!” He waved his staff and removed all of the marshmallows from the whole world. Fluffy and Fluff Ball turn back into humans.

Fluffy is now sad, because he realizes that he will miss marshmallows! So Fluffy seeks revenge. He challenges the Marshmallow Devil to a battle. The Devil brings Fluffy and Fluff Ball to Marshmallow Hell. The Devil turns things into marshmallows before destroying them. Fluffy wins by using karate! Fluffy chops the horns off of the Devil, and cuts off his wings, too! He knocks the Devil out. The Devil returns the regular marshmallows to Earth.

Fluffy and Fluff Ball fly back to Earth in their jet. They become famous for saving the day!

Then, the Carrot God falls from the sky and turns the world into a carrot!

Fluff Ball gets angry that the world is entirely made out of carrots, so he takes a carrot and throws it at the Carrot God. However, the God only gets stronger!

“Wait, don’t bunnies eat carrots?” Fluffy says. Fluffy, realizing this, takes his pet bunny, Hoppy, and unleashes him onto the Carrot God. The Carrot God runs away screaming with his arms in the air, and is defeated. Then, the Carrot Devils fall from the sky. Fluffy realizes that the Devil must be the opposite of the God, so his weakness must be carrots. Fluffy takes the Devil this time and Fluff Ball takes the God.

A few months later, they see the Fur Ball God. Fluffy and Fluff Ball realize that, like the Carrot God, the Fur Ball God’s strength must be his element. Fluff Ball thinks for a moment. He realizes that the Fur Ball God could be easily sucked up by a vacuum. So, Fluffy takes a vacuum and suckes the Fur Ball God up. Right after, they see the Fur Ball Devil. They throw fur balls at him until he dies. This time Fluffy gets the God and Fluff Ball gets the Devil.

Then Paper God and Paper Devil come down simultaneously. Before they can turn the world into paper, Fluff Ball starts throwing paper at the Paper Devil, who is soon defeated. Then, Fluffy, realizing the Paper God is made of paper, throws the Paper God into a shredder and kills him.

Fluffy and Fluff Ball decided to make a series of days called The Random God Days. Each year they would celebrate Marshmallow God Day, Carrot God Day, Paper God Day, etcetera, by having a parade.

Then, something that isn’t a God falls from the sky: a carrot! Fluffy and Fluff Ball are in their house when they see the carrot.The carrot that falls from the sky hits all but one of the remaining element Gods. Then, a meteor crashes into them and they explode into a million pieces. The Devils also get hit by the meteor and die.

Then, the Army God, the last remaining element God, falls from the sky. The army God is an army of many people with red and gold armor, with red helmets with a gold trim. They have iron swords. Each army member looks exactly the same. They are all men who stand about five feet tall. They also each have a pair of wings.

Fluffy and Fluff Ball feel worried because there are so many army members, and only two of them. They decide to make a few other friends, so there are now ten people fighting. The other eight people are named Jackie, Matilda, Emily, John, Lawrence, Liam, Eric, and William. They cover themselves in cardboard armor and they have nerf guns with them. They go into battle! However, they realize the nerf guns aren’t powerful enough. So, they put on very spiky shoes and kick each army guy in the face. When they get to the last army guy, he puts all of the army’s armor on, but the boys still kick him in the face. Thus, the Army God is defeated. Now, all of the humans rejoice because all of the Gods and Devils are officially defeated.


But the Original God and Devil get angry that all of the element Gods and Devils were defeated. The Devil says, “I want to turn the Earth into a dark, fiery place!”

The God says, “I want to turn all of the Earth into Heaven!”

The God and Devil fight for many years, and they are placed in a museum inside of a glass cage. They even make it a show! Everybody gets to see the God and the Devil fighting.

The end.

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