The Army

The army was a very strong force!

The army trained very hard. They climbed ropes, alligator crawled, and shot missiles and pistols. They went on helicopters and boats. They had officers to tell them what to do.

They ate lunch and had dessert, and then they had a mission. They went to France and protected the people. They went to a cafe, and there were terrorists inside. There were hostages inside. There were over 50 hostages. The army set bombs and went to their trucks, and then BOOM! All the army barged in. All the hostages came out, but the terrorists didn’t. They were hiding. The army commanded them to come out, but the terrorists had AK-47s and over 100 magazines (magazines are bullets) and one knife. They had one more hostage. The hostage was actually a French policeman. The French policeman took the knife and cut the rope that was over him around his waist. He took his taser and tased one of the terrorists. The other terrorist got handcuffed by the French policeman. The army took the bag of magazines and the knife. They put the terrorist in the Jeep and sent him to the police station. The armies took the tasered terrorist and brought him to a helicopter. The helicopter was the French Coast Guard. They took him away to the hospital.

The next morning, the terrorist named Robbie got up, got his gun, and ran from the hospital. He hid in the forest. Searching for him became a manhunt. The army got their guns and had to go back to Paris. They spread out. They saw something in the woods. They thought they would find a gun, but they hit the jackpot. They found Robbie. They tackled him and Jack arrested him. Jack is the best army person. He had the AK-47 that Robbie had.  Jack put him in his helicopter and then brought him to the French police.

Jack tased Robbie, and until they got to the police station, Robbie was on the floor. Then, Jack woke Robbie up by picking him up and shaking him. They put him in the same room with Rob, and Robbie had a bunk bed. The next morning, they had breakfast. They had more naptime, then the French police looked at the terrorists. Jack said, “You two are not going to leave the police station!”

To Be Continued….

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