The Attack of the Slender Men

One hot summer day in the year 3000, a 12-year-old boy named Justin was watching the news on his big-screen TV. He heard that a few days ago an alien spaceship had crashed into planet Earth. They said that the people in the spaceship were not aliens but they were slender men.

Slender men are basically people who are in a black suit with no face! Justin always thought that slender men weren’t real, but now even though they said it on the news, he still didn’t really believe them. Then he thought that this news happened coincidentally after his dad went on his business trip (and had not come home since). He wanted to see if maybe those two things were connected? He thought that the people were lying so he decided to go and prove that slender men aren’t real.

“Hey mom, can I go on a 10-day-trip by myself on a train to see if slender men are real?” asked Justin.

“Sure, but you need to be safe and show me how you can be safe and be back in two weeks,” replied his mom.

“So I can build a robot to go along with me.”

“Yes, but where do you get the robot or the pieces?” questioned his mom.

“ I could make one myself.”

“And where are you going to get all this material?”

“At the shop next to our house.”

“And where do you get your money.”

“From my allowance, Duh.”

“ Okay, okay you can build it.”

“Yes, finally.”

So then he took his hoverboard and he rode it all the way to the shop of spare parts. He went inside and asked the man at the counter, “Hey do you have any spare parts that I can use?”

“Sure, got tons of parts, what do you need?”

“I would need a motherboard and some screws, wires, lasers, titanium, metal, and some LED lights?”

While the man took the materials, Justin thought, Why am I able to build a robot? It seems like it just appeared in my mind how to do it.

“Okay that would be $100 please.”


After that he went back home, took the things into his room, and started working on his amazing robot. After like 5 hours of working he wanted to take a break. So then he took a 10-minute break and then he went back to work.

He worked on the robot for 3 days and on the 4th day he finally finished the world’s amazing robot. Then with the permission from his mom again he was allowed to buy the train ticket and got his robot and his laser pen. The next day he got on the train and he started his journey to prove that they were not right. About 59 minutes into the ride on the train the lights blacked out and the train stopped.

Justin was confused. His train was not supposed to stop right here. It was supposed to stop at San Francisco. Justin told his robot to take out his laser guns and the robot did and Justin took out his little laser pen. The two of them walked towards the front of the train looking for clues about why the train stopped and blacked out.

They were almost at the front of the train when they heard some sounds in front of them. Justin told his robot to turn on the LED lights to see what that was. Then they saw a black squid-looking thing. The robots started shooting the lasers’ guns but it didn’t work so they broke the nearest window and jumped out of the train.

When they got out they started to run away as fast as possible. Justin started to get tired so he told his robot to transform into an automatic skateboard. So now Justin wouldn’t get tired. About 1 hour later the sky started to get darker and darker so both of them decided to stop and take a break and travel the next day. His robot turned into a bed with covers and they both fell asleep.

The next day Justin woke up really late, about 10:50. After they ate breakfast which was some cookies and a bottle of milk and for the robot it was basically a refill in the battery system, luckily Justin brought extras. After that Justin turned his robot into a segway so he wouldn’t get tired. He also turned on the GPS so he could know which direction he would go. Then spontaneously his robot stopped working. Justin was puzzled. He refilled the battery just like 20 minutes ago and the battery was supposed to last like 23 hours each so he should stop working 3 days later.

Justin was furious. Now he had to walk plus drag the segway with him! So he picked up the segway and dragged it along with him. Two hours later Justin arrived in front of a disheveled house that maybe his dad had gone to because it looked like the house where his dad went on his business trip. It was the same address. Then a shadow came out. Boom, boom someone came out.

It was a guy with a black suit with no face at all. It took a minute for Justin to process what he was looking at. Then he realized that he was a slender man! For all his life he thought that slender men weren’t real but now at this very moment he thought that slender men were very real.

He was going to run but he was too shocked to do anything. But then he snapped out of it and then started to run but he was too slow. The slender man was really fast. It only took a few steps and it caught up with him. The slender man took ahold of Justin’s neck and then it put a sack on top of his head.

Justin felt like he was being carried back to the house. When he heard the door close behind him he knew there was no way out. Then he was put on a chair and strapped him on a bed-thingy. After that the slender men took off the sack on Justin’s head and he realized he was in a room with other people and one of the people was his dad! He was now more shocked.

When Justin first looked at his dad he thought that he was dreaming because it was too good to be true. A week ago, his dad had gone on a business trip to San Francisco and never came home. But then he realized that it was real because at that same moment his dad noticed him and said, “Son, you finally found me but you can’t free me.”

“Why did you get kidnapped?”

“Because the slender men want people who have special abilities. Son, I have a confession to make about you or should I say part of your life. Do you wonder why you are always so smart like at the school you always got straight A’s?”

“Actually I thought that I had that naturally.”

“I actually made a mind thing Justin that I can set so you can know certain stuff without learning it in real life.”

“Okay let me get this straight, you built that machine because you wanted me to know how to build things like a robot so in situation like this I could build a robot so I can be safe?”

“That’s about right, you built a robot to go along with you. Where is it now I want to see it?”

“Actually it’s outside and broken down for some reason.”

“Okay I’ll see it when you get us out of this situation.”

Justin noticed that his dad said “you” so that meant Justin had to get them out of this situation. Justin was now aggravated. This was ridiculous. He didn’t want to do this all by himself. He wanted help especially from his father. If he wanted to get out of this he should help him. Justin tried to reach in his pocket and got out his laser pen but the straps were too tight. Then he tried to take out his remote control for his robot but it was still too far for him to reach it. Justin tried to wiggle out but still no luck so then he tried to sleep and get enough energy for later.

Justin dreamed that he got free and he and his dad got home and the next day the news people came to interview him for his such brave doings and the day when he got to school everybody congratulated him and he would be the most popular kid in the whole grade.

Justin woke up with a startle, it was a sound of a gunshot. Justin looked at where the sound had come from. He looked towards the right of him and he saw one slender man had shot a tranquilizer dart at one of the people.

Justin was very scared because after that they injected the person with some kind of shot! Justin then quickly and quietly asked his dad why they tranquilized the person and then shot them with a shot. Then his dad said, “They tranquilize them because the shot they give them really hurts so they could turn them into slender men too.”

Justin was stunned. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. First he heard that there were slender men and now he was hearing that he had to become a slender man and that meant he couldn’t do things regular people do!
“Attention,” someone was speaking into a high tech megaphone, “Attention fellow people, we are here to take over the world and I’m giving you a heads up that after we finish turning you into slender men we will go attack the rest of the world starting with Los Angeles.”

That got Justin to start thinking. He couldn’t let his beloved mother be attacked by slender men too so he was determined to get his father and the rest of the people out.

Then he realized something. He was wearing a magnetic watch so then he turned it on and slowly the laser pen got out. Then he grasped the laser pen and slowly and carefully cut the ropes and when he was done he quietly got down and slowly made his way to the door. When he reached the door he realized that they replaced it with titanium metal but that didn’t seem right to him. No one could ever cut through titanium. Needless to say that no one could polish it this shiny.

Justin tried to use his laser and tried to cut the titanium but after two minutes of cutting he didn’t even make a dent so then he tried to look around the room for something else he could use to cut the titanium. Then he walked toward the back of the room.

The slender man popped out and put a knife to Justin’s neck. The slender man picked him up and said, “You move, you die.”

He needed to go back to the bed place. The slender man wrapped the strap even more than last time, probably so he couldn’t get out.

Five hours later, there were only 10 people left in the room, including Justin and his dad. “Oh no there’s only 10 more people left to go get the shot and then it’s me.”

Justin was really worried and again scared. Then he thought if I could just touch the magnet button on my watch, I could get my laser pen out again and I could cut the ropes to me and my dad this time so we both can get out and also help my dad.

Yes! I finally cut the ropes in five minutes he thought. Then he jumped down quietly and then tapped his father’s shoulder because again he was sleeping.

“Huh?” Justin’s dad muttered as he finally refocused and looked at Justin. “What are you doing here and how did you get out?”

“I used my laser pen to cut the ropes.”

“Good that’s really good now could you do me a favor and um cut the ropes for me and we could get out of here?”

After Justin cut the rope, Justin’s dad jumped down quietly and both ran to the door while the slender men weren’t looking.

“Justin I think I know where they put a humongous minigun that has bullets that could break through titanium.”

“NO WAY dad, that’s physically impossible.”

“Oh it’s possible all right I’ve seen them putting it away in the closet.”

“Ok fine just go get it while they’re still not looking.”

“Ok but I might need your laser pen to gut the door so I can make no noise.”

“Fine, fine take it but wait I don’t want to leave everybody here and let them suffer. I want to free everyone else too.”

After all that long conversation, they never got noticed just like t-rexes, when you don’t move they can’t see you. They were hiding crouched behind the door.

Then the dad got up and quietly snuck away with a smirk on his face.

Ok it’s been one minute my dad hasn’t come back with a very small gun he is so slow and weak Justin thought.

Finally he came back with the minigun. You should’ve seen the look on Justin’s face, his eyes were wide open, his mouth was big as an oval and he yelled, “OH MY GOSH!”

The slender man turned around so fast you couldn’t even say “I.” “What was that?” the slender man growled deeply.

Then Justin’s dad took the minigun and shot the slender man. Boom! The slender man landed with a big thud. “What did you just do?”

“I killed a slender man with a minigun.”

At this time, all of the slender men were coming out of a room that Justin never realized was there. So now Justin’s dad was shooting the minigun wildly while Justin noticed a little remote control in one of the slender men and Justin thought maybe that’s the remote control that they used to shut down my robot and then he realized, that is a remote control that shuts down any electronics within a few miles. That’s why the train had shut down too.

Then Justin rushed through the crowd trying to avoid the bullets that were shot by his dad. “Yes, finally. I got the remote control.”

Now with the remote control he could activate his robot. Justin ran out of the crowd and tried to find a window, then he spotted one a few feet from the door. Then Justin ran as fast as he could. He slammed into the window and it shattered and Justin tumbled out. He ran to his robot and pressed a button that probably activated the electronics.

“Beep!” the robot activated.

Justin said, “Go through the window and help my dad kill the slender men with your ray and laser gun.”

“Yes sir and I’ll use my laser pen.”

They charged into the room, lined up in a row and started shooting the slender men until they all fell on the ground.

“WE WON!” Justin, his dad, and his robot all defeated the slender men. Then they went home with no fear in their minds and hearts.

When they got home, his mom almost fainted of happiness because she was so happy to see her husband and her son in one piece. Now everybody could live a happy life with the slender men out of the world. Even the robot started to become part of the family. So from this point on everyone lived a happy life.



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