New Jersey

Elena & Hercules

Penelope Taylor, age 11

The Magdusa: Part I

Ryan, age 11

Treasure in Washington Monument

by Marielle Keum

A Sticky Situation

by Zia Riaz, age 10

Take Care of Me

by Anushka Dalal, age 11

Bionic Girl

by Diya Patel, age 11

On the Field

by Liam A., age 10

The Mystery of the Hidden Key

by Katie McDermott, age 11


by Nicholas Jumper, age 11


by Abraham Cunningham, age 10

Behind the Screen

Hannah Shen

A Big Fall

Juliet Bu

Undaunted Courage

Aaron Gao

Royal Disaster


Days on Pages

Nick Jumper

Finding the Gray

Sayee Edekar

The Middle

Colton Rooney

Trent Pearson: The Lightning Man

By Adam Tang, age 10

The Turning Point

By Lawrence Han, age 11

A Rough Current

By Hannah, age 11

Pandora the Detective: How It All Began

By Sanya Sidhu, age 10

Caribbean Adventure

By Aaron Gao, age 9

My Life as a Dog

By Juliet Bu, age 10

The Quest to stop the monsters

By Aaron Gao, age 9

Circus Monkeys

By Naomi Laronne, age 11


By Alex, age 7

A Great Basketball Season

By Ryan, age 8

The Machine

By Daniel, age 10

A Dogs Story

By Cana Yao, age 7

Forgotten Words

By Molly Breckman, age 11

Andrew’s Story

By Andrew Gu, age 10

The Attack of the Slender Men

By Lawrence Han, age 10

The Glass Slipper

By Juliet Bu, age 10

Zombie Attack!

By Adam Tang, age 10

The Race

by GR, age 8

Portal to Pluto

by Jeffrey Kunzweiler, age 8


by Colton Rooney, age 8

Old Man

by Jackson L, age 8

Larry, UFO, and Boston

by Abraham Cunningham, age 8

Katherine and Tammy

by Cana Yao, age 7

Finding the Perfect House

by Astrid, age 8


by Charlie Kunzweiler, age 10

Abe Lincoln

by Katie Qin, age 7