The Baby Panda Bear and Me

First, there was a baby panda bear and me. I was at the Bronx Zoo on July 8th  and saw a baby panda bear on the day of its adoption. The panda bear was a black and white yummy shish kabob, but I did not want to eat it. I wanted it as my pet.

My mom said, “No, because we already had a lot of pets.”

I was very mad and hit the book hard. I have six dogs, four cats, two little fish, and one big fish. I also have 5 baby elephants on my parent’s farm. Each and every animal had their own space and bed. Since I lived on a farm, the elephants had their own cages, the dogs had their own dog houses, the cats lived in spaces in the barn, and the fishes lived in a huge tank in my room.

I touched the cage because I wanted the panda so badly. I smelled a juicy hot dog that a man was selling across the street. But I didn’t care because I wanted the baby panda because it was cute, and it looked chubby. I begged my mom.

“Can I get that panda bear? It is my last pet, I promise.”

So, then my mom finally said, “Okay, Lucas,” and even my dad, brother, and sister said ‘okay.’ I named my baby panda Tom.

My brother said, “Lucas, I love the panda bear. It is very cute and chubby.”

Two zoo keepers walked towards me and asked me what I wanted and I said, “I want  another panda bear!”

But it was $100.00, so I punched the sign saying that off the cage.

My mom yelled “No!” and my dad and brother this time said “No.” I told my brother a secret, but my mom and dad knew I told him a secret.

“Why don’t you like the panda bear? It looks cute and chubby,” I whispered.

But someone already bought it so than we left the zoo. I was so mad all the way home at the end of the car trip.

I went to my bed and slept for an hour. Then, my dad and my brother woke me up, and the baby panda bear was sitting on my lap. I named my second panda bear Bob. Now, I was happy and the happiest I had ever been in my life, and so was the panda bear.

The next day, I told all my friends at school. They were jealous because my friend Nicholas only has one panda bear. Now, there are no more pets in the zoo at all because they were all adopted, so the zoo closed. Now, there are no more animals in the whole world, except some in my house and in Nicholas’ house.




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