The Ball of Mystery

My name is Bobby Richardson and everything was normal until I died. Well I thought I did. One day I was at my dad’s job at the museum because it was only two blocks away from my house. So at the end of the day my dad gave me a glowing bag and told me to take it back to our house. While I was going home these strange guys were walking up to me and the next thing I knew they were attacking me then grabbed the bag. I didn’t know what was in there but then he took out this strange ball of…actually, I don’t know what it was. But they really wanted it. Then they put the ball in this weird gun then shot me right in the heart. I was out cold. I was dead. At least I thought.

It felt like it was almost immediately when I woke up except I was in a strange area. I got out of the bed I was in then walked out of the hallway. There was a mirror. I looked into it his eye where glowing in my reflection. But I just thought it  was an illusion. When I got to what looked like the center of the building there were these three people. They all jumped when they saw me walk into the room.

“You’re alive,” said the man with long  brown hair.

”What do you mean, I’m alive,” I said.

“You were in a coma for five months,” said the girl with the red hair.

“WHAT!” I said. I can’t believe I was in a coma for five months.

“I know. Crazy right? We found an unknown organism in you,” said  said the boy with the blond hair.

”So we’re going to do some tests on you.”

“My name is Alex,” said the boy with the brown hair.

“Mine is Carly,” said the girl.

“Mine is Roger,” said the boy with the blond hair.

While we were walking down the hall I asked, “What did I miss after five months?”

“Well the ball of mystery was stolen,” said Carly.

Then I said, “So that’s what my dad gave me.”

“What are you talking about?” said Roger.

“Well my dad gave me a bag and told me to take it home.Then these guys ambushed me and took the bag. Then they took a weird ball out of the bag and put it in this strange gun and shot me right in the heart.”

“That  must be that the strange organism,” Carly said.

Then finally I asked, “Where are we?” We all were silent for a minute. Then finally Alex said,
“We are in super labs. We are a lab that deal with mysterious incidences.” When we walked into the room there was a tall man with a with a lab coat and creepy hat that gave me the chills.

“What is your name, boy?” the tall man asked.

“Well,my name is Bobby Richardson,” I said.

“Well I’m Dr. Salami. I will be testing you today,” he responded.

“Sit down here,” said Dr.Salami. He was pointing at a stange chair. I sat down in the chair. Then…woosh! A big flash of light  and a hard blow of wind came at me.

“According to the scan there is a virus that should be eating him from the inside out!” said Dr.Salami.

“WHAT! Is there anyway to stop it?!” I said.

“Well you would have to get rid of it the same way you got it.”

“The giant ball of mystery?” Carly said.

“Well that is long gone,” said Dr. Salami.

“Well he was there,” said Roger.

”I have some pictures.” I said. For some reason my phone stayed in my pockets the whole time I was in a coma. That could wait.

“I just found something that can save your life. In the scan it says you should have superhuman powers.”

“How do we know that’s true?” Carly said. There is only one way to find out.

Before knew it I was in this gigantic empty room.

Then Dr. Salami started to blab out a bunch of super powers. “Super Strength, Super Speed, Mind Reading, Flying.” We spent an hour of Dr. Salami saying Superpowers and me trying to do them.

“Well Bobby, sorry for wasting your time,” said Dr.Salami.

“Well thats not all the powers,” Carly said. “Telekinesis. So Bobby try to move that rock on the table.”

AAARRGGHH!!! I cant do it, its useless.

“Try harder!” Roger said.

UUUGGGHHH!!! A few seconds later the rock was moving. Then before he knew it that rock was on the table! “I have Telekinesis!” I said.

“So what’s next?” said Carly.

“You said you have pictures?” Dr. Salami said. “So put your sd card right in that slot.”

On the computer the picture popped up. Then Dr.Salami. “Is that what I think it is,” Dr.Salami said. ”Zoom in. More, more, more. Yes that symbol. I know who they work for,” Dr. Salami said. The symbol was a golden bird.

“Who are they?” Alex said.

“They’re an evil organization called the golden birds.”

“Now I suggest we call the Avengers,” I said.

Then Dr.Salami said, “NO! NO! They will automatically see them and they will move it.”

“So you all expect me to do this by myself.”


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  1. Awesome story, Langston! I love the ending!

    “So you all expect me to do this by myself.”

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