The Banana Man Candy Lizard Mix-up

Once upon a time there lived a banana man. He was stuck in a swamp. It was muddy and slimy and squirmy. It smelled dirty and mushy. He wanted to get out. Then suddenly he saw a big lizard and he was so scared that he wanted to jump out of the swamp right away and behind him was a whole pile of candy. So he wanted to stay in the swamp for a little bit longer. He was nervous to jump over the lizard, because it was so big and had sharp teeth.

Banana Man wanted to eat the candy and the lizard wanted to eat him. He tried to go around the lizard but he couldn’t move that fast. He tried going under the lizard, but he couldn’t see anything and then the lizard got stuck too so he couldn’t eat the banana man and the banana man couldn’t eat the candy. Then the lizard pulled on the ground so he got unstuck and then almost caught the banana man. But the banana man got unstuck too and grabbed the candy and ran out of the swamp. But the lizard was still following him. The lizard caught the bag of candy but not the banana man. The banana man caught his tail but he didn’t catch the candy.

“I don’t think that’s a regular banana afterall,” said the lizard and he heard the banana man scream and then he grabbed the candy from the lizard’s mouth and jumped off the lizard and ran. “Oh man,” said the lizard putting his hands down, touching his feet with his tail curled up.

When the banana man ran, some of the candy fell out and when the lizard ate the candy he realized that it was better than a banana man. And the banana man realized that the lizard thought he was a regular banana but the lizard did not care because he had candy.

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