Mouse Story

Isabelle likes cheese and she is a white mouse. She wants to be the best gymnast in the world so she can get a cheese trophy. It is real cheese and you don’t have to peel the wrapper off first because it comes off for you. And then you could eat it yum yum yum.

There is a competition one day and you have to jump over the obstacles to get to the trophy. If someone gets stuck in the obstacles they can’t win so whoever gets there first wins. The mouse thinks she will win because she’s already done something like that and she knows how to do a full back handspring with no mistakes.

Some people think she’ll win like her family and her friends.

This is what the obstacle course looks like: there’s a spring board at the beginning and one person stands on one side and one person stands on the other side and when someone jumps on it the other one swings up. After that there are the bars and after that you have to swing on the rings  and after that you have to get on the first ledge and then you have to stand up and climb the rock wall and then you get to the cheese trophy!!! But there is another part where you have to do whatever they tell you and if you don’t you are out.

Isabelle has been practicing for five years.

On the day of the competition Isabelle felt excited. She stretched and warmed up. Her family and friends came to the competition. Isabelle thought she would win, but there were other mice there that were good gymnasts. At first the judges tell them all to do a round-off. Then they told them to do a back handspring. She made no mistakes! Then she started, and swung up on the springboard. she did a good job. The mice clapped! When she got to the two bars on the side that you had to push up on, she got up. But then when she got to the rock wall, she fell! She had gotten to the fourth rock, and her hand slipped. She fell onto her feet.

Isabelle still thought she could win. There were rock walls on the side so she could climb up the rock wall and they’re very short so she got up and she went again. She finally got up the wall! She was so happy! She won, even though she’d fallen! People clapped! Her family stood up and cheered and yelled her name.

Then she smelled cheese. The trophy was as big as a mouse! She was the same height as it! She took it home. That day, she had it for lunch.

She was going to do gymnastics next year, too.



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