The Battle Cats

Once in Old San Juan, there was a doge who wanted an army so that he could lead the army and be their king. But to get to the army, he first needed the iPad in order to suck himself in it and join the game, since doges are magical creatures. In order to get the iPad, he needed to get past a human who didn’t like doges. His name was What’s-his-name, and he was the problem. He hated doges because he almost got killed by one. Ever since then, he has been plotting their final days.

The doge’s name was Sylvia. A doge is the size of a puppy with a human face. A doge has a small nose but a great sense of smell. It also has purple eyes, a big head, and a small body. It has huge ears. They are 20 times the size of a human ear, which would help them hear better.

Sylvia had a problem. He didn’t know What’s-his-name had already spotted him. Then boom!

It hit Sylvia. It was a sleep dart… zzz … Sylvia felt dizzy and sleepy then… boom!!

Sylvia fell on the floor. As he slowly opened his eyes, he woke up feeling lost. Having no idea where he was, or how long he had been lying down, he got up on all four of his legs and began to observe his surroundings.

“Where am I??” said Sylvia.

He was wondering where he was. Using his large ears and nose, he heard a lot of cars nearby and smelled burnt tires and gas, meaning there was a highway close by. Then suddenly, he heard a noise but wasn’t sure what it was, so he turned around to find the king, Mr. Poppins. He was a skinny man with a turban. Mr. Poppins liked doges and found them to be interesting creatures.

Mr. Poppins said, “It’s about time you woke up.”

Sylvia responded, “Who are you? How long was I asleep? Don’t you dare to get close!”

Mr. Poppins lifted an eyebrow and tilted his head. His mouth was turned up towards the right.

Opening his mouth, slightly confused, he responded, “I am not your enemy. In fact, I am helping you. I saw you asleep with a dart in your head. I was surprised that someone could do that to a doge because doges are magical creatures. I saw from a camera of mine what was going on. Keeping my kingdom safe is my biggest responsibility, and thanks to the security camera, I saw who was up to this, and I shall help you find them.”

Sylvia told Mr. Poppins, “I don’t trust you that much… How do I know I can trust you?”

Mr.Poppins responded, “I will help you find an iPad as well.”

Then, suddenly, the door burst open from the back and What’s-his-name was standing there. He was very skinny. His favorite color was blue. He was always wearing a turban. He lived in a very skinny house, and he liked wearing red hats. He was a hunter. Mr. Poppins reacted fast to What’s-his-name’s appearance, and pulled What’s-his-name’s legs, making him fall on his butt screaming, “MOMMYYYYYYY!”

His mom, Julie, came rushing in and saw her son on the floor and demanded someone to explain what was going on.

What’s-his-name stood up and told his mother exactly what had happened and how Mr. Poppins mistreated him.

Julie was slightly frustrated, and she asked, “Did you do this to my son?!”

Mr. Poppins responded, “I don’t care what happens to your son. He is a brute!”

The mom said, “My son is no brute. Who do you think you are?!”

Mr. Poppins responded, “I will not tell you, but I demand you to give me the iPad.”

Then suddenly, What’s-his-name’s dad, Johnny, came in. He was mad as well.

He told Mr. Poppins, “I will fight you!”
Suddenly, a little mouse came flying out of the wall and went into Johnny’s mouth! The wood chipped everywhere, leaving a tiny hole, the size of a mouse, in the wall! This caused him to fall splat onto the floor, stunned, with the mouse hugging Johnny’s tongue.

Everyone exclaimed at the same time, “Well that’s the end of Johnny!”

Then suddenly, they looked around to see that Sylvia had disappeared, and the iPad was right in front of them. They turned the Ipad on and saw the game The Battle Cats on as well and Sylvia was in it. He was in Korea.

Sylvia was running around in the game, breathing heavily and clapping. He commanded that cats to attack in the game.

Mr. Poppins yelled, “Get out of there, doge!”

Sylvia sighed and said, “FINE!”

After Sylvia came out of the Ipad, he stood there. What’s-his-name and his mom asked for Sylvia’s forgiveness.

“We are so sorry, and I guess not all doges are evil trying to kill us. Some could be quite interesting.”

Johnny, still lying on the floor with the rat, mumbled, “Ah-oh-ah” meaning I’m sorry. He wasn’t able to say that since the rat was still on his mouth.


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