The Battle of Hope

Chapter 1

I’m in the war fighting with my army, and my ship sunk. Luckily, I was with my army, so I covered the leak with a cushion, so it didn’t sink. Then, the British fired their cannons and we fired back. I felt like I wanted to sneak away. We surrendered, so the British ships went away. We were fine, but my wife was not. My wife was packing most of her stuff because she was going to a picnic, but while she was packing up at home, the British surrounded her and she ran away, but the British burned down the White House with their guns.


Luckily, everyone got out. My wife smelled fire and all the women that were fighting saw that the White House was burning with yellow fire, so they all ran away. I went back to the White House. I asked my wife what happened.


She said, “I saw the British burn down the White House, but luckily everyone got away in time.”


“I’m so glad you got away,” I said angrily.


I was really mad that I asked my soldiers to rebuild the White House. “Build the White House,” I shouted bossily. To my surprise they didn’t do it, but when my wife asked, they did. Then I asked my wife, “How come they listen to you?”


She said, “You’re not talking nicely because you’re mad.”


I took a deep breath and said, “I think you’re right.”


To our surprise, we saw people from France. We both saw their ships sit in the ocean and didn’t know why they were here. The French said, “We’re here to settle the war.”


I got mad again. My wife figured out that I was mad, and said to the French, “He’s mad because the White House burned down.”


“Well that’s sad for you,” said the French.


Finally they re-built the White House in an hour. I went with the French to Britain and told them that they should stop the war. My wife came with me. The British were forced to stop the war, so they finally did. The French asked the British and the Americans to come over to France. We all went to France and had a great time. Me and my wife also had a great time. We went on rides for grown-ups. Then we went to Britain. We didn’t have as much fun as we did in France because the food was better and we loved the rides there. We learned how to speak British and French.


Chapter 2                                                 

I didn’t know if we should go to America or not because we had been fighting the whole entire war there and we didn’t want them to see the darkness of America. It was all dark, it was not light. New York City was also dark. I did know what was going on and there was some sort of shape in the sky. It looked like a dragon.


Finally the ghost of battles appeared and told them all what was happening. The ghost said, “I want to hurt you.”


“What the heck,” I said.


“That’s not the right way to speak,” said the ghost in the horrible voice. He disappeared and I chased him on the ship. I finally saw what the ghost. It was blue, and it had wings, four feet, and a tail. He was a dragon. I finally realized it was a mythical creature that was named Charizard. I went closer to him, and he shot something that made a hole in the ship. The ship sunk, with me inside. I took off my shirt and got into my swimsuit, which I already had on. I swam to shore. Everyone was alright. I didn’t want to tell my wife about what happened because I knew she wouldn’t like it. I just knew about it, and my army knew too. I asked Charizard why he was doing this to them.


The dragon said, “I don’t have any friends so can we become friends?”


“No,” I shouted.


The dragon did more of his frightful powers. The soldiers said that they wanted to be friends, but I still didn’t want to be friends with a dragon!


“War!” I shouted.


Another war began with the British and the Americans. The dragon asked if he could help the American side. The soldiers said yes and I said no. The dragon fought with the Americans and they won the battle.


“Thank you,” I cried happily.


Just then me and my wife heard someone walking in our house. “Stop!” I cried. But the robber would not get out of my house. “I am the president of the United States,” I said. “You should respect me.”


“I’ll help you,”  said the dragon.


The robber took the goods and went. One of the guards saw the robber and told me that the robber went into my house and told me he stole some of the goods.


“I’ll go check my house and you wait here,” I said.


I went into my house and to my surprise the coins were still there. They were actually fake, but I didn’t know that yet. I went back outside and saw the guard who told me he saw the robber.


“You’re kidding,” I shouted.


The dragon came up again and asked  if we could be friends and the dragon also said, “If we don’t become friends I’ll curse and spell on you, President.”


“Fine,” I said. “I’ll be friends with you.”


“I need to tell you something,” said the dragon.


Chapter 3

“What?” I asked.


“I want you to know that someone snuck in your house and stole all of your precious belongings.”


“Really?” I screamed.


“Really,” said the dragon.


“I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you,” I said to the soldier.


“It’s alright,” said the soldier.


“Mr. Dragon,” my wife said. “I would love to become friends with you.”


I go check again in my house and bring out the money left on the table. I gave it to the dragon and the dragon experimented it. He said that they were fake.


“I knew it!” shouted the guard.


“I wasn’t talking to you,” shouted the dragon so the guard could hear him.


I thought I  saw the robber again near the blue and purple waves.  “Is that the robber?” I said. I got closer and saw two people that looked like my wife.


My wife ran from the waves and said, “Do you know who I am?”


“Yeah,” I said.


“I’m the robber,” she said. The disguise of my fake wife was taken off. I saw that the robber had on a blue coat and black pants with polished shoes. He was very short even shorter than me. “I am part of the British army,” he said. “My name is Jo.”


“Oh no!” my real wife cried. Luckily, I ran away in time. The dragon was right behind the robber, so he used his fiery breath to kill the robber. Some of the soldiers threw the robber into the ocean and he floated away.


I went to bed, and my wife came with me. In the morning, I woke up early and got the dragon to have breakfast with me. We ate cheerios.  My wife came down for breakfast after we were done. I was about to go outside when my wife put on her coat and went outside before me. I asked, “How did you get here so fast?”  


“I finished early,” said my wife. I ran after my wife, and the dragon followed me. The dragon tripped and accidentally froze my wife to ice. “Sorry!” said the Dragon.


“It’s alright,” I said. “If you can, you can unfreeze her.”


“I’ll try,” said the dragon. “Zippity zappity zoo, I pick you,” said the dragon.


BOOM, there was a flash of light and my wife turned to flames. Luckily, my wife didn’t die. I got some water and poured it on her. “Zippity zappity zoo,” I said. “I pick you.” BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.


“I think you did it,” said the dragon.


The smoke cleared away and my wife was back to normal, except for one thing. She turned back to being still. “I thought you said she was unfrozen!” I said.


“I’m not very good at magic,” the dragon said. I left my wife standing there and went to talk to the dragon.


“I think you’re a fake dragon,” I said.


“Why do you think that?” the dragon said back in a bossy voice. “That’s very nice of you to think. I am a fake dragon.” The fake dragon named Bool took off his costume, I saw that his feet were very big and he wore boxing clothes and tried to box me.


I am really James Madison and my wife is Dolly Madison.


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