The Bad Dreamer

Once upon a time, there was a teenage girl named Lola. Lola was five-foot-five, with long blonde hair. Lola liked to wear shorts and T-shirts because she liked sports.

She was walking to her locker. It was the 100th day of school. When she opened it, she saw 100 books, and they fell on her. Bonk.

Oww! When she got up, she saw 100 backpacks. They also fell on her. Then, Lola got up and looked around. No one was there. Then, she went to her room, 116. She saw a jar of 100 eyeballs.

Then, Lola saw her teacher, Mrs. Smart. Two seconds later, 99 more teachers were going to her, and they were acting like zombies!

Suddenly, she woke up in her bed, and she was late for school! Then, Lola walked to the bus stop. Lola saw the bus drive away without her! She started running after the bus. The two bullies, Abe and Tyler, found soap in the bus, so Tyler squirted the soap all over the sidewalk. Lola slipped! Then Lola got a scrape.

She ran to school. Lola ran straight to the nurse. When she got to her locker, she saw 100 books! Her friends, Alex, Lexi, and Olivia walked up to her.

“Hey guys, my bad dreams are coming true!” said Lola.

“You have to give us proof,” said Lexi, who was the leader of the group.

“I dreamed 100 books fell on me and look!” Lola pointed at all the books on the floor in front of her locker.

“I’m still not sure,” said Olivia.

“Then why did this happen before?” said Lola. “Remember my last birthday party? The night before my birthday, I dreamed that someone stole presents, and then it happened.”

“Well, I believe you,” said Alex, looking scared. “Was your dream last night scary?”

That’s when the bell rang. When they to got their class, they saw the 100 day projects. They saw 100 eyeballs.

“Who owns the eyeballs?” Lola asked Mrs. Smart.

Mrs. Smart said, “It is the new kid, Aron’s project.”

Lola said, “That is disgusting!”  

“Oh my gosh,” said Lexi.

She almost fainted. Alex and Olivia screamed.

Mrs. Smart said, “Be quiet!”  

“Yes ma’am!” they all said at the same time.

Then, the bell rang.

“It’s time for recess,” said Lexi.

Alex said, “Yay!”

“Let’s go to the swings!” said Alex.

“Let’s go on the rockwall,” said Olivia.

“Yay, rockwall!” said Lola.

“Girls, let’s go on the swings,” Olivia said.

“But Lola,” Lexi said. “What if you dream of a volcano in school? We could all die! And I am too cute to die! You can’t go to sleep until we find out who is making your dreams come true.”

“I can’t do that forever,” said Lola.  

Lexi said, “Guys, I know who made Lola’s bad dream come true.”

“Who is it?” said Lola.

“Remember the new kid, Aron? He could have something to do with it,” said Lexi.

“Yes, totally!” said Lola. “Remember that book we read about the Bad Dreamer? The man who makes bad dreams come to life?”

“But Aron can’t be the Bad Dreamer because in the book, it said it was an adult. Wait, in class I saw Aron. Aron was on the phone talking to his dad!” said Alex.

“’It’s Aron’s dad, of course!” said Olivia. “He is the Bad Dreamer.”

They went to the library to get information about the Bad Dreamer. Alex pulled an old, green book off a shelf. They took it to a table and looked up the Bad Dreamer. It said:


The Bad Dreamer can make anyone have a bad dream. The Bad Dreamer lives in a cave in Spooky Oak Forest. The cave is surrounded by wolves and bears. They say that the Spooky Oak Forest is haunted! Only because of the Bad Dreamer. The Bad Dreamer has bad dream beads that are red and yellow. Red beads make them come to life. Yellow beads make the bad dreams.


Aron wants to follow his father’s footsteps, Lola thought. She knew where he lived.

That night, at ten, the girls went to the cave. They brought bows, arrows and a water gun so Lexi could keep Lola awake.

When they got to the cave, they held up the bows, and they ran in. They looked around and saw the Bad Dreamer. The Bad Dreamer was wearing old armor. He had two buckets full of rocks. He held up a rock and got ready to throw. He threw the first rock, and the war began. The Bad Dreamer and Aron hurled rocks. The girls pulled back their bows and shot their arrows at the Bad Dreamer and Aron. The arrows missed.

Lola saw the yellow and red beads in jars on the shelf. She knew she had to break the beads. Lola knew what she had to do. She jumped on a rock and landed in front of the shelf. Lola saw a hammer and smashed the jars. The beads turned into smoke.

“No!!” said the Bad Dreamer as he and Aron faded away.

When they were fully gone, the girls chanted, “Yay! Lola! Lola! Lola!”

Since then, Lola’s bad dreams never came true again.


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  1. Great story, Lily! I love the 100 books. I wish that part would happen to me. Your ending was wonderful too. The “fading away” was a nice touch!

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