The Bird and the Worm

Once there was a bird whose name was Sunflower. She had red stripes and purple dots. She had a blue beak with lots of hearts. She had bright green feet. She lived in the jungle with lots of other birds, but all the other birds were just one color. Every day the bird tried to catch something to eat, but all the bugs hid because Sunflower was so easy to spot. I wish I could turn into a bug, Sunflower thought.

The next day, when she was flying around, she spotted a really big worm, but the worm was under the roots so she could not get it. I will try anyway, Sunflower thought. The worm saw the bird and said, “That bird can’t catch me.” The worm wiggled back into the dirt. The bird swooped down and started pulling the roots with her beak.

After five hours of pulling roots, Sunflower could finally get the worm. But when she looked for the worm in the dirt he was not there! Sunflower got so mad she scared all the bugs and worms away! After Sunflower calmed down a little bit and ate dinner, she went to bed.

One family of worms came out to look at the stars.

The next day, when she was looking for something to eat, she saw a blue bird pop out of nowhere. The bird swooped down and grabbed a big bug. Maybe that bird can share the bug he’s eating, thought Sunflower. She flew over to the bird.

“Can you share your bug with me?” she pleaded.

”Maybe… but you have to help me build a nest. Ok?” the bird said.

”Ok,” Sunflower replied.

After they ate, Sunflower helped the bird build a nest.

The next day she was sooooo hungry, so she went outside and ate everything she could. But she didn’t catch any worms or bugs. Sunflower was really disappointed she didn’t get any good food. Sunflower flew back to her home.

”Maybe if I go home and take a little rest I could think of a way to get a bug,” she said.

While Sunflower was flying out of the corner of her eye she spotted a worm. When she got home she made herself a little snack, ate it, and went to sleep. When she woke up she flew down and landed in the mud.

“Ewww!” she screamed.

When she shut her beak, she noticed a little bug crawling around. The bug didn’t notice her. She gobbled the little bug up.Then she walked to a stream and washed herself off. She flew to her home, on the way collected some blueberries. When Sunflower got home, she mashed the berries and put it in a big bowl covered herself in the blue dye. ”Mmmmmmm,” Sunflower said as she ate some of the dye out of the bowl. She flew out the door and saw the sunset.

“Better hurry,” Sunflower said, “before all the bugs disappear.”

The bugs and the worms were getting ready for bed. One family of worms came out to look at the stars with a little light. Sunflower swooped down and grabbed one of the worms and carried it back to her house. When Sunflower got home she ate her worm with strawberries and blueberries. When she was done she went outside to look at the stars. She saw a bunch of stars that looked like a worm. Sunflower dreamed of having a worm that big, but she never had had one. But she never felt so full in her life as this moment! After her daydream, she went to bed. ”Zzzzzzzzzz!”

When Sunflower woke up the next day, she had a new idea. Sunflower flew out to collect some leaves. She flew to the river, collected  some water. When she got home she put the water in some glue and green dye then put it into a big bowl that was taller than her and wider than her. She got a stool and climbed in. Sunflower  covered herself in the goop. She covered her top half in leaves and slid into a paper towel roll. She looked in the mirror.

”Now l look like a tree,” Sunflower said. She hopped out the door. She stood really still. Three big worms climbed up her but Sunflower gobbled them up.

She said, “I will make myself look like something outside so that all the things I eat will think I am a part of the jungle.” And that’s how she caught food.

The End


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