The Blood Bone

One sunny spring day, I was in my house with my older brother, Kevin, and my mom, Tally. Kevin and I are huge Lego fans. We have a massive Lego room in our basement, and we get Lego sets every week.

I asked Mom, “Can I go in the basement to get a Lego set?”

“Sure,” she replied.

Halfway down, I heard Kevin running down the stairs with me. He grabbed a Lego set and gave me the Legos I wanted. I then saw an old book on a rusty shelf, and the title was Mouse Time, with a painted clock without any hands on the cover. I thought it would be a cool book to read, so I decided to bring that upstairs, too.


The Next Day…

I asked Mom,” Can I read this book?”

Mom then replied, “No, because today, you have to finish this All About Alligators book first.”

I put it on a bookshelf at the left corner. I then put on the TV and played a game called “Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2.”

“Are you playing Minecraft?” asked mom.

“No, I’m playing PvZ Garden Warfare 2,” I responded. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is about this: You can be either a plant or a zombie. If you are a plant, you fight zombies, and if you are a zombie, you fight plants.

Suddenly, in Plants vs Zombies, a robot popped up and asked, “Do you wanna play ‘Mouse Time’?” I then stopped and realized that Mouse Time was the name of that old book that Kevin read! Also, this game is about plants and zombies, not robots! I thought.

The first thing I could think of was to ask Kevin what the book was about.

He then told me, “It was a weird book about a mouse in a strange place made of blue crystals. It was basically a book filled with logic puzzles, and it is over when the mouse solves all fifty of the puzzles.”

I thought, Strange, but not that weird. Also, is that all the book’s about? A mouse surrounded by crystals with a bunch of puzzles?


Two Days Later…

I finished my book and decided to read Mouse Time. I read the first five pages, and it said, ”Introducing: the Mouse!” Not exciting at all, so far, I thought.

“The mouse needs… HELP!!! There are puzzles that he can’t solve by his own! That is why he needs… HELP! The mouse needs some $! Why? Because he needs a home! He needs a friend! Then… BANG!! The mouse bumps into a wall, and realizes it is a … MAZE! He then knows that he can get money when he completes the maze!”

“Very… weird.” I said.

I then went downstairs in the basement and put the Mouse Time book where I found it on the same rusty shelf. I then went upstairs and went to bed.


In The Morning…

I woke up, ate my breakfast and decided to play a new game on the TV, called “Space Case.” The game was released yesterday. When I started to play, I saw a 2-D screen with a sandwich. Five minutes later, the screen said, “FIGHT!!!”

I then saw a weird guy who looked like a caveman, and he suddenly ran out of the screen and hit me! He somehow grew bigger!

“AHHH! Help! There is a guy in the house!!!” I screamed. He then cut a table in half with a hatchet and got ready to smash the sofa! I dashed to Kevin and Mom.

“Guys, come!!!” I shouted.

“Okay?” said Kevin, approaching the room.

“Look! I said, pointing to the table. It was not cut in half! I then looked at the TV. The sandwich was there, and the weird caveman disappeared!

“Yeah, what?” asked Kevin.

“No! There was a guy right here!” I shouted. Why does nobody believe me? He was standing right here! Also, when he cut the table, how did he not hear the noise? It was so loud, but no one heard it!


The Next morning…

I went into the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and started to brush my teeth. When I looked up, there was a reflection of the same guy from the game!!! I looked behind me and saw nothing. I then looked in the mirror again and still saw the weird person! I broke the glass and opened the cabinet, but the weird guy was not there!

I then found Kevin, and he was looking up. “Mom, Mom!” He shouted.

“What?” I asked. Kevin pointed up. Mom was stuck on the ceiling! One minute later, Mom came down, got a fork, and shouted,“RHAAAAAA!!!”, and she stabbed Kevin!


I then woke up and realized that since I went in the bathroom to now, that was all just a dream! However, that weird looking guy could still be strolling around…I went into the room where I saw the guy run out of the TV, and then suddenly, I saw, Mouse Time!

Kevin was right by the book and said, “I saw you put the book in the basement! It somehow came back up!” I looked at the book and saw it disintegrate into thin air! When it was all gone, nothing was left but blood. The blood was in the shape of a bone!

“Kevin, let’s get Mom!” I said.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Kevin responded. We ran to Mom, and I showed Mom the blood bone, but instead, it was a real bone! I then said, “Mom, it’s nothing. Bye! Was my mind playing tricks on me?


The Next Day…

I went into the basement and saw a human body’s skeleton with a missing bone! I then bolted upstairs, grabbed the blood bone that turned into a regular bone, and got Kevin. We dashed downstairs, and I took the real blood bone and looked at the skeleton with a missing bone and attached the blood bone to the skeleton! It was an exact match!

“Wow, the blood bone fits into the missing space!” said Kevin.

“Well, duh, where else could it possibly fit?” I asked.

“Umm, not now,“ said Kevin, pointing to the Mouse Time book.

I thought, What? How did the book get down here again???


The Next Morning…

I brushed my teeth and decided to play “Space Case” again. Five minutes later, I looked out a window, and saw eight motorcycles, bolting ahead of one another. When I looked back at the TV, the same guy I saw a few days ago jumped out of the TV!

There was not even time to think; I hurried to Kevin, and said, “COME!” Kevin came over, and I realized that the guy wasn’t there! Instead, there was a bone.

“Huh?” asked Kevin.

“I don’t know, I saw that guy again, and… there’s a bone!” I said.

“Well, I guess there is another one!” said Kevin.


15 minutes later…

I was playing space case, and I then waited to see if that weird cavemen guy will appear again. I waited and waited and waited for the caveman to come, but he didn’t!


In the Morning…

I ate breakfast, brushed my teeth, and went in the basement with the bone that appeared when I saw the cavemen a few days ago and saw Mouse Time. I then thought, This must connect somehow, but how?

I then knew exactly how to connect it! I remembered that the book had a clock on it with no hands! I put the bone on the clock, and thought, The bone could be a hand for the clock, and — I then heard a loud noise, a clock spinning forever and ever, and I saw the giant bone on the little clock spin and spin. I saw the rusty old shelf blow up… and I saw a hole, so I thought, Why not go down?

When I went down, I realized that I was in the game “Space Case,” where the weird caveman guy lived! I realized that I was growing, just like the cavemen did when he was in my house. I went left and saw that there was that “fight” sign. I thought, He appears at this sandwich, so maybe you can go through the sandwich to attack him! I tried to go through the sandwich, and one minute later, I somehow went through the sandwich!

I then saw a spruce wood door, and I opened it. Suddenly, I saw the caveman, sitting right in a chair… I saw his hatchet right by the door, so I grabbed it, ran towards him and cut the chair in half!

He then quickly got out the chair and ran behind a desk. I then found some metal bars, put them around him, got the chair that was cut in half and put it on top of the iron bars.

“Hah, you’re trapped now!” I said. He didn’t respond at all. I then put the hatchet away and exited the sandwich.


Back in the House…

I told Kevin, “I went in the new game and defeated that weird guy I saw! That means that Mouse Time will never go anywhere ever again!”

“Also, today we got a new Lego set!” said Kevin.

“YAAAAAAAAAAY!” I shouted.

And that was the story of me and the menacing blood bone.                   



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