Yorkout, Part 1

CHAPTER ONE: The Water Wheel


On top of Mount Forgetfulness, a hooded figure looks down to the bottom. He is looking through the Ultimate Water Wheel, which is just like a regular water wheel except it has scoops on it and uses lava instead of water. The lava travels down and curves around to a place called Town Town where the lava is used in furnaces to make something for a secret government project called Pain. I’m not going to tell you what Pain is yet… because it’s a secret government project.

This is a time where aliens live among humans. A lot of the humans don’t like it and are trying to destroy the aliens. They do not like the aliens because they think that these beings are more intelligent and they want to be the most intelligent beings on earth. Although humans or Yorks are not the most intelligent beings on earth. Humans are only the third most intelligent beings on earth. Number two is dolphins and I haven’t finished reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy so I don’t know what number one is. There is a growing resistance of people with the organization but plotting against it.

The hooded figure’s name is Jongon. He is part of the resistance. He is going to tell officials from Yorkout – the name of the government organization – that Pain has finally been finished. Though as he gets there, he does not only find government officials…


CHAPTER TWO: The Meeting


Jongon is like an acrobat spinning through the wheels. He puts his foot on the top of the wheel so that he never touches the lava. At the bottom there is an abandoned warehouse to his right. The door is blocked off but that doesn’t seem to stop him. He ducks into a nearby grove of trees where there is a secret entrance. Inside, the government officials, Eamon, Honmon and Sumamon, are waiting and all wearing cloaks.

“Son says Pain is done. I have seen it myself,” says Jongon.

Son is another government official. Jongon is his messenger. Son is one of the few government officials that knows about the resistance but he doesn’t know that Jongon is a part of it.

“We saw,” Honmon says.

Sumamon had his tongue cut out. That’s another story. Eamon was having a panic attack. She has those.

“It’s so…” says Eamon

Jongon and Eamon zeta. I don’t know what zeta means so I need to get a dictionary. I’m back and here it is…

Chapter 2 ½ : The Dictionary


zeta – when two people are able to read each others mind.

zoom – to go fast.


Okay, it’s missing a few words, but it has what I need.



Chapter 2 ¾ : Meanwhile back in the book…

“You sure you want to say that?” says Jongon.

“Yeah no,” Eamon says.

“Let’s go!” says Jongon.

And so they set off to the balcony around the corner overlooking Pain. Pain is a lopsided idea to have humans mate with Yorks, but there was an accident in the lab (they thought that they were hostile so used DNA). Somehow insect DNA was mixed in and the result was the basis for Pain. Yorkout thought they could use them to intimidate the Yorks. In short it yorked.


Before Jongon can say something, Eamon turns into her normal look, a York, and flies away. He never sees her again. A York is an alien that can fly and has four points at each of the corners of its body with claws on the ends and a flap of skin connecting the four together which work like wings. They have whiskers and their eyes are red parallelograms, points facing in. The only noise it makes is a kind of high-pitched mechanical raspy screech. Yorks can also shape shift to look like humans wearing cloaks as long as they don’t take their cloaks off, because the cloaks turn into their skin, so they can’t take their cloaks off, because taking their cloaks off would be like taking their skin off. They have a chrome finish to their body except for a small rhombus on their chest. The top triangle is red and the bottom triangle is blue.


As Jongon turns to go he hears a thwomb. It sounds like an arrow being fired out of a bow. He does not turn back. That was no ordinary arrow. It was an arrow with a net at the end, capturing Eamon! Cue dramatic music. Dramatic muuuuusic? All right, skip the music.



CHAPTER 3 by Jongon


A little chat with the governor of Pain: uh, I don’t like to write, so I’m using a recorder thing. And then Mr. Narrator can just write it in for me.


Jongon: Pain is doing well!


Governor: Good. Recently, we caught a York flying in from the balcony overlooking Pain.


Jongon: What have you been doing with him?


Governor: Actually, it’s a girl that goes by the Eamon.


Jongon: Hey, I saw her turn into a York! Guess I forgot to sound that blare alarm that you gave me.


Governor: Then you shall have to oversee the workings of Pain near the balcony for one day. Also, that’s where the York is going.


Random Guy Walking In: I’m gonna use this mind reader to read Jongon’s mind!




Random Guy Walking Into Mind-Reading Device


He is currently thinking: “Oh yeah! I get to save that girl that I met! I wonder if she likes me!




Meanwhile, back in the conversation recorded on the recorder thingy owned by Jongon:


Jongon: I told you never to use that mind reader thing on me! Let me see that! (Jongon destroys mind reader thingy).


Governor: Great. Now you have to be there for an extra ten seconds!


Narrator: Cue dramatic music.
Governor: Hey, narrator! What are you doing in our meeting?


Narrator: I have a name, ya’ know.


Governor: Yeah, what is it?


Narrator: Uh… narrator.


Jongon: Alright, alright. He’s narrator and you’re governor, and can we just get on with this meeting already!!??

Governor: For that, just go straight to your sentence. And mind-reading guy? Fix the mind reader thingy already!


End recorder thingy recording.



Let’s Rescue Eamon!

By Game Show Host


First off, Jongon, you can either rescue Eamon or would you rather have a neeeew caaaar?! Now let’s get serious, and start working and as Jongon’s back at his job still rescuing Eamon (even though I’m pretty sure a new car would be better). In Pain, there happens to be a bunch of chains hanging from the air, which I was planning to use to lower his new car, and there happens to be a space where you drop stuff in where I was thinking of dropping in his new car, and – the best part is – there’s a Toyota dealership in Town Town. And Jongon is making sure everyone is working as hard as they can, waiting for Eamon to come around, and probably thinking, “Man, I wish I had taken that new car. Then I could’ve used it to get Eamon out of here.”

Ok, out of his mind now… And look! Eamon’s shift is coming around and she happens to be holding the car keys to a new car that she did take, which happens to be parked in the York prison parking lot right next to the Mazarati of Esasopa.

Jongon has just swung into action, taking Eamon’s chains off. And now all of the creatures created for Pain are chasing them, and I’m pretty sure Jongon is thinking, “Man I’m pretty sure I really wish I had that new car now.”

Eamon says, “I’ve been studying you for the last twenty five minutes I’ve been here and I realize they’re afraid of fire and I know where the other Torturons (that’s what they call themselves even though we all call them Flaming Webions) keep all their self-igniting flaming whips.” They are now running to the small cabinet with the flaming Webions next to the chocolates. Time to get my Toyota. I’ll get them. I have picked up them and I am escaping. We are now at Yorkin headquarters. I have handed the mike to Eamon…



Agent Time

by Eamon


So I have escaped Pain. Yay! Yay! Happy day! Somebody get out the cupcakes! I hate it in there. There was, like, zero light except for those, like, Flaming Webions. By the way, have you ever felt a mixture of the lash of a whip and the burn of fire? It’s not a very pleasant feeling.

Now that Game Show Host guy is flying away on his car, which has magically turned into a pony, he has left us with the leader of a secret government project within a secret project within a public government organization. In other words, lots of these people work in Pain except for the people who worked to make Pain and now try to destroy Pain. The man says that if we manage to take out Pain we would take out much of Yorkout. Pain is the new center of the bull’s eye. I am in human form because these chairs are too small for a York to sit in. Plus we can’t really sit. We can just waddle around in York form. This man is trying to employ us as partners to try to destroy Pain and thus destroy most of Yorkout, except for Panic and Anger. The leader of Yorkout is a man named Son.

We obviously say yes and are immediately taken to agent training.


To be continued in Part Two…



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