The Candy Thief

Chapter 1

Once there was a boy named Josh who lived in a house in Beverly Hills with his parents. His  mom’s name was Dana and his dad’s name was David and they were very nice people. He also had a sister named Olivia, and a guinea pig and a turtle.

When his parents weren’t home, Josh liked to chase people around and hit them in the head with a baseball bat. He was very naughty and a little kookoo. He had a few friends, but they were also pretty crazy.

Besides hitting people in the head, Josh’s favorite thing to do was eat candy. And so it was a huge surprise when he got home one day to discover that all his candy was gone!

Josh cried and cried, but he couldn’t find the candy anywhere. He sniffed around the air and smelled the candy in Olivia’s room, but it wasn’t there. When Josh asked her if she had seen his candy, Olivia said, “I haven’t. Maybe you should check the news to see if there’s a candy thief on the loose.”

“Thanks a lot, Meanie-Sister,” said Josh. And he stormed off to the living room to watch the news.

Chapter 2

Josh was in the living room watching the news, but it didn’t say anything.

So he said to Olivia, “There’s no thief on the news.”

“Well, maybe call Mom and see if she knows where the candy is,” said Olivia.

“Maybe I will, Meanie-Sister,” said Josh. And he went to the house phone to call his mom.

Ring ring!

Josh’s mom answered the phone.

“Mom, who stole my candy?” said Josh.

“I think the gardeners did,” said Josh’s mom.

“The gardeners are still here! Let me go talk to them,” said Josh. “Bye, Meanie-Mom!” Then he ran outside to talk to the gardeners.

When he got outside, Josh saw the gardeners. They were cutting branches and cleaning up leaves and mowing the lawn. It was a very very hot day and all the gardeners were very sweaty.

Josh ran up to the gardeners and said, “Hey, Meanie-Gardeners! Did you steal my candy?”

The gardeners looked at Josh like ‘what’s going on?’ and then one of them said “Nooooo….”

Josh got very frustrated. “Thanks a lot, Meanies!” he said and stormed off again. ‘This is going to be harder than I thought,’ Josh thought to himself.

Josh was tired of running around so he went to the kitchen to get a snack. That’s when he saw one of the wrappers in the garbage. He wondered if there were more wrappers in the garbage.

Dana and David just got home. Josh asked, “Mommy,  do you know where my candy is? I checked everywhere. It’s not on the news, none of the gardeners took it, I checked in Olivia’s room but it is still gone.”

There were tears coming down Josh’s eyes.

Chapter 3

There were chocolate footsteps leading from the kitchen out into the yard. So Josh followed them outside.

When he got into the backyard he discovered a whole bag of candy wrappers on the swing set.

He said, “Who ate my candy?” He was screaming.

Just then Josh saw the garbage truck covered with candy wrappers. So he said, “Come back here, you thief! You stole my candy!”

“No I didn’t,” said the Garbage Man.

The garbage truck drove away and Josh ran after him.

He kept on running until he fell on his head. There was a car behind him but it stopped and called an ambulance and Josh’s parents.

The ambulance came and took Josh to the hospital.

When Olivia and Dana came to the hospital they said, “whoops!” Then they asked how long Josh would be there for. The doctors said a few weeks.


Josh was still in the hospital. The doctor said, “He will need surgery tonight. He will be home tomorrow morning.”

Josh said, “Mommy, I’m very scared. How long is the surgery?”

She said, “One hour.”

And Josh’s dad said, “It’s not that bad. I got surgery too. You don’t feel it at all because they put you to sleep.”

“Okay, fine, I’m trusting you,” said Josh.

So they did the surgery. In the middle of the surgery Josh said, “Who stole my candy,” and then the nurse went to get Dana and David to tell them what was going on with him.

The nurse said, “He’s going to be a little kookoo today. He will say ‘Oh Mom, my head is hurting like two times.’ But you just say the doctor is coming. Also one of you have to sleep here.”

“Can the whole family sleep here tonight?’’ asked Dana.

“Sure. It’s up to you,” said the nurse.

Dana asked David and Olivia, “Can you go home, and bring me a shirt and a skirt and sweatpants?”

“Sure,” they said.

“I will make sure Josh is ok,” she said. “He will be out in an hour. I need to talk to my friends Laura and Stephanie to tell them that Josh got surgery, and we can’t go out tonight because we are sleeping here.”

“Bye. I will see you in a little bit,” said David.

“Shall I get food?” said Olivia.

“No, they will give us food here. But bring saltines. Josh loves them. Also get him a balloon with an animal on it.”

David and Olivia left and Dana stood there alone. She decided that she wanted some air, so she walked over to the window. It was a dark and windy night. It looked like New York. And that’s when she saw the garbage truck.

Chapter 5

Josh got out of the surgery and it went well.

Dana said, “Joshy, are you ok?”

“Yes, Meanie-Mommy, I’m ok,” said Josh.

“Guess what, the whole family is sleeping here with you tonight,” said Dana.

“Meanie-Mommy, where is daddy and Olivia?” said Josh.

“They went to get clothes to sleep here tonight and they are going to get you a balloon,” said Dana. “Um the nurse said that she’s going to come and give you two shots in 10 minutes,” said Dana.

“Ok, Mommy. I mean, Meanie-Mommy,” said Josh

David and Olivia just came back and her face was full of chocolate.

“I think I know who the thief is. I think it’s Olivia and Mommy because Mommy was really quiet and she didn’t talk about the candy at all,” said Josh.

“Fine, it’s us,” said Olivia and Dana.

“You guys made me get surgery,” said Josh.

“Yes, sorry,” said Olivia and Dana.

“Thanks a lot, meanies,” said Josh.

“You know what, if you stop calling us meanies, I will take you to Dylan’s Candy Bar to get as much as candy as you want.” said Dana.

“Deal.” said Josh.

“Ok, the nurse said you don’t need the shots anymore and we don’t have to sleep here but you have to take a quick X-ray,” said Olivia.

“So after we can go to Dylan’s Candy Bar?” asked Josh.

“It’s up to Mom,” said Olivia.

“It’s up to Dad,” said Dana.

“Its up to Olivia,” said David.

“Yes, Josh, we can go today,” said Olivia.

“You are the best sister ever,” said Josh.

“You’re right, I am the best,” said Olivia.

The End

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