The Cat World

In a world of cats, humans, and sparrows, a cat named Alice loves the smell of fruit snacks so much that she invents and uses a machine to capture this smell. She begins to sell a perfume called Perfume of the Fruit Snacks. It’s sold everywhere. When the cats put on this perfume, they stay cats because it was made by a cat. It makes them fall in love with the first cat they see while wearing it. All the cats are falling in love with each other! 

But when humans put it on, they turn into cats! Alice didn’t know her perfume would do this. It becomes a cat-only world — except for all the sparrows who aren’t affected and this one human named Jam, who decides to make a perfume out of the smell of chocolate chip cookies. He drops bombs with a MI62 bomber plane. These bombs called 22 panzers were made by the cats. Inside them, there’s the perfume Jam made. 

The sparrows want the world to be normal again, but they can’t do much. The perfume covers all the cats’ bodies and turns them into humans. Alice is arrested and covered with the human perfume. She’s turned into a human and stays in prison. Jam’s awarded the medal of honor! Still, there are millions of cats hiding underground. 

In the future, a human army invades the underground hiding spots. Humans create and drop a cookie perfume atomic bomb… It takes 15 years for the cats to become humans, though. Meanwhile, the humans who were originally cats are having cat children! They speak like cats. Then the governor decides to make every human that was a cat back into a cat. And the world is back to normal again, and the world is in peace. All the cats who should be cats are cats; all the humans who should be humans are humans; and the sparrows are still sparrows, flying above everywhere.

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