The Cheetah Who Loved Coca-Cola

Once upon a time, there was a cheetah named Max. He loved Coca-Cola. Each meal he drank five Coca-Colas. One day, he was drinking Coca-Cola and read the news. He read to stay fit. The next day in the newspaper, the cheetah saw there was going to be a race. Then he packed a Coca-Cola for the race and once he got there, it was about to start. When it did, he was stuck in last place because of all the Coca-Colas he drank. He felt like he was about to burp and then once he did, he still ran slow because he drank too much Coca-Cola and he couldn’t keep up with everybody. He kept on burping until he had to stop and burp and then once he started running again, his stomach started to hurt. Max’s stomach pain got so bad he quit the race. He felt ashamed of himself. 

The next day, Max was by himself at home. He read the newspaper again and saw there was a race tomorrow. This time he didn’t drink any Coca-Cola. Instead he went and got vegetables from the store and he only ate them for dinner, lunch, and breakfast. The next day, he was ready for the race. When the race started, the cheetah was in the first place. Max felt really good and then he won the race! The moral of the story is not to drink too much Coca-Cola. 

The End

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