The Gingerbread Man

Chapter One

There was a Gingerbread Man. There was a Gingerbread Girl. The Gingerbread Girl and the Gingerbread Man got into a fight. The Gingerbread Man was evil. The Gingerbread Girl was evil too. The Gingerbread Girl and the Gingerbread Man wanted to kill each other because they’re evil. The Gingerbread Girl met a new Gingerbread Girl. The Gingerbread Girls fought and tried to roast the Gingerbread Man. They threw him into the wall and threw him into the air conditioning to cool him off. Then they threw him into the microwave to blow him up. The Gingerbread Man didn’t blow up yet. The Gingerbread Girl had a cute Gingerbread Dog. It was not even close to Christmas for the Gingerbread people to fight, but they still got out of bed, and they tried to roast him. Then the Gingerbread Girl got an axe. The Gingerbread Girls were named Eileen and Maxi. With the axe they chopped his arm, but it came back to life.

Chapter Two

The Gingerbread Man decided to be good.

The Gingerbread Man said sorry to the girls, and the girls said, “We’re sorry too. We don’t want to be bad anymore.”

They put away all the bad tools, and they all said sorry, and then the princess said, “No more fighting in this town.”

And they were so happy!

The End

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