The Clown Meets the Mouse

Once there was a clown named Clown. Clown dug a hole in the park because he was hoping to find a mouse for the circus. He needed the mouse for a magic trick he wanted to do.

Luckily for Clown, he found a mouse when he dug the hole. The mouse was a normal, gray mouse named Mouse. Mouse standed still and didn’t run away. He was happy! He wanted to be famous.

Clown brought Mouse to the circus, but once he got there the mouse was dead. Mouse got sick because the cage was covered for the whole trip and he couldn’t breathe. The Clown’s water bottle also fell over and flooded one inch of the cage. Clown shaked his fists and he scrunched his eyebrows. Then, he had two tears, one from each eye.

Clown was also mad because he lost money. Since the mouse died before Clown got to the circus, now he couldn’t do his magic trick where he made the mouse disappear. This made Clown sad. Clown still did his performance, but he gave up on his mouse trick. He flipped in the air and landed on his feet. He also got a volunteer and made them disappear.

After his show, Clown went back to the park and gave Mouse’s body back to the mouse family. He learned not to cover the cage and also learned never to put the water bottle in the trunk.


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