The Miracle

Once upon a time, a little unicorn was only one year old. She went to visit her grandfather. The little unicorn’s name was Lily. While she was with her grandfather, she was sleeping and her grandfather did a magic trick. Her grandfather said the magic words, “Alakazoo! Alakazoo! Make you bad for the magic!” And it happened.

On Lily’s second birthday, she ate some cupcakes made out of carrots and strawberries. After that, she went to test out her magic.

She went inside her magic tree house, and she said the magic words. Only one of the lights ran out of its electricity. It was still Lily’s birthday, so she was going to open her present from her great-great-grandfather. She opened it, and inside, there was a magic rose with a note on it.

The note said, “Every night, if you say something, the flower will do it.”

The next day, the magic trick Lily’s grandpa did did not work anymore. He forgot to say a word. He was supposed to say, “Alakazoo! Alakazoo! Make you bad for the magic and forever.”

During the night, Lily said, “I wish I was bad.” It worked because the rose had special hearing, but did not have ears. It heard by actually using its magic, and the rose was good and bad.

When it was the morning, her grandfather remembered that he forgot to say the words. While Lily was sleeping in her treehouse, her grandfather flew up to the treehouse and said it very quietly so Lily would not hear it. This time, he said “forever.” When Lily woke up again, it wasn’t even night. Lily said something to the magic rose, and during nighttime, it happened. It was kinda funny, because the note said it would only work at night.

So in the morning, Lily said “I wish, I wish that the spells my grandpa did would never work.” Lily had a memory that made her think her grandfather might be making spells every time she took a nap.

The rose did not do that because it was out of its magic. The note forgot to say, “If you use the rose too much, it will run out of magic.”

Lily only knew one trick. The rose only taught her to make unicorns good and bad, but she forgot how to do it.

So then Lily’s parents took her to a magic school. In magic school, she learned the perfect spell to make her grandfather stop doing those tricks. It was not really a good trick, but was a good trick for her because she wanted to make her grandpa stop. The trick said, “Make you go away until forever.”

The trick didn’t work because Lily was a kid.


When Lily was a grown up, she had kids and then her rose that she had when she was a kid had its magic again. Her kids all had the same birthday. The rose was for all of them. One of the kids’ names was Emily. The next kid’s name was Isabelle. The last kid’s name was Zoe. When it was their birthday, they finally got the rose.

After they got the rose, Lily’s grandpa was a little sad because he always wanted his granddaughter to not know magic tricks. That’s why he did the spell. After that, he had an idea. The idea was to do a trick on Lily’s kids. He knew it was the perfect time because they were all turning one, and it was almost nighttime. When unicorns are one, they don’t know any tricks. So, that’s why he thought it was a good time. He was actually in his house, and the girls were playing with their new friend.

The new friend’s name was Ellie. They met Ellie on her birthday. The mother of Ellie was Lily’s friend. When Ellie was playing with Lily’s kids, Lily’s grandpa did not use his voice to say the magic trick. He used the magic rose to do it.

Lily had given it to him after he asked, “May I please have the rose back so I can make a lovely rose in your bed?” But that was just a little lie.

The rose said with its magic, “Please please make the magic bad just for a day.” When the kids were playing a game called loops a loops hoops, they jumped over the hoops and spun. The kids had wings but did not know how to fly. Then, Lily’s grandpa sprinkled some of the magic all over the little girls — except for Ellie. While they were playing, all of the kids of Lily were spinning Ellie and they dropped her. The whole day, they kept dropping her. Then, when it was night, their great-great-grandpa came in the room.

When he came into the room, he put the magic rose into a cage. When it was daytime, the cage always went away. It went away in the daytime because the grandpa could go into the bedroom he made a spell. The spell was that the cage would not like the light so it would only come at night.

One day, it was Lily’s kid’s birthday. It was nighttime. When it was night time, Lily was not at the party because she was asleep. The door opened, so Lily woke up. She saw Grandpa Ricky. He was holding the magic rose. It had been hers as a kid. She saw that Grandpa Ricky was making a spell on it. Then Lily made a spell on Grandpa Ricky. She saw that Grandpa Ricky was holding the flower when she woke up. She did the spell because she remembered that she heard what her grandpa did when she was a kid. So she knew it was the same trick, so Lily made a trick.

The trick was to make the grandpa away. When she did the trick when she was a kid, what happened is that it would only work if she was a grown-up. Grandpa Ricky tried to camouflage with his magic, but it didn’t work because he didn’t really have magic. He made a trick. He wasn’t really a unicorn. He just dressed up and used the magic rose that was his and just sprinkled a lot of it. Lily was surprised. She knew it was her friend and the friend was a donkey. She knew what the donkey did. She made a bad spell to make Grandpa Ricky in deep sleep. Her grandpa’s grandpa made a spell so when she looks at the donkey, she would remember what happened when she was a kid. So she saw that the donkey dressed up as Grandpa Ricky and made a spell and he didn’t even know anything about the rose, he only knew what the magic looked like, so he just got the magic. She remembered that she thought that the donkey made a spell on her real grandpa.

So she saw that Grandpa Ricky was in a deep sleep. That’s the only thing she saw, but she did hear the magic words. It was “Alakazam, make you in deep sleep for a long time!” But then when she saw the spell, she saw Grandpa Ricky for real. She knew it was him because she tried to take off the skin and it didn’t work, so she knew it was Grandpa Ricky. Grandpa Ricky was happy because he hadn’t seen Lily in a long long time. Lily was happy too. Grandpa Ricky woke up because the donkey didn’t say forever, and it had been a long time. And because the donkey didn’t have real magic, Grandpa Ricky wouldn’t sleep for that long of a time.

When she was still a kid, and she visited her grandpa, it still wasn’t her grandpa. She saw her grandpa when she was zero, not even one year old. So she is now 37 years old, and Lily always thought that the Grandpa Ricky she saw when she was one was Grandpa Ricky. So thank goodness Lily made a spell on the donkey. It was weird because when Donkey took the costume off, he went back to Donkeyland.

So then they had a party of all of Lily’s friends and her kids, but not Donkey. And so Grandpa Ricky, the real Grandpa Ricky, got to play loops a loops with Lily’s kids and Ellie. Grandpa Ricky spinned the hula hoops and then the kids started to jump and jump and jump! And then their wings grew bigger and bigger and bigger and then they could fly! And Grandpa Ricky was happy and Lily was amazed and the kids were still one. And Lily was amazed because when she was a kid she could not fly, she could only fly two miles, but the kids could fly for three hours. Lily started to run, and she started to fly. She was flying because she wanted to fly with all her kids. So she started to fly nine miles and the kids flew eight miles for the first time ever!


Then another big problem happened. It was that there was a cheetah in the sky that had wings. This cheetah was very hungry and only ate unicorns. She is a girl and her name is Nina. She started to run fast in the air, and very carefully running on the clouds, and they didn’t even break because she was running carefully and her tail was made out of cotton. If the clouds were going to break, her tail would just pad it and it would be better right away.

Then the cheetah started to go on land. She saw that all the unicorns were flying, and she had a little power so she would be right in front of them to be ready. She did her spell right away. She flapped her wings super hard, and at the last bit of hardness, she turned invisible, zoomed really fast and then poof! That was how she got there. She was super fast, and she went to the last cloud. She knew if she waited for them to run slowly, they would go faster to the last bit. They thought that she was not there. Then she was going to appear. Then she did another magic spell. She made two of herself so they could not escape. She also made all of her selves everywhere. Her mouth was way open, and her little, sharp teeth were getting hungry. She licked herself.

The cheetah didn’t catch any unicorns, because there was a new ruler of unicorns. The Grandpa of Lily chose Lily to be the queen of the unicorns. She was really surprised and so were her kids. Grandpa Ricky, Lily, and her kids started to use their really, really good magic.

Before they made the cheetah go away, they saw a vision. They saw that the cheetah was not trying to eat them. Lily forgot something about the cheetah. She remembered that the cheetah was also her friend. But the cheetah was from the same mean man. Except Unicorn Land and Cheetah Land were together, but they had different names for where they lived.

She told the unicorns to not be afraid and told Grandpa Ricky and her kids to stop right now. She said, “I forgot that this is my friend. She was my friend growing up. You should remember Grandpa Ricky!”

Then she told Nina to stop. She said, “You were my best friend growing up and you saw Grandpa Ricky and me. All these other unicorns are my friends, and some of the kids are my friends kids. Some kids are mine.”

Nina said, “Okay.”

Then Nina ran back to the queen in her land. She said, “I am really sorry, but the people in your vision are my friends so I’m not going to give you her for your dinner.”

The queen cheetah, Reese, was really mad. She ran all the way to Unicorn Land. She went inside the castle and stopped. “I really wanted you for my dinner,” she said to Lily, “and you wouldn’t let me eat you so I’m going to eat you now!”

She let Nina come in front of her, did a magic spell for all of her friends and Nina, and then she told Reese, “I’m going to leave this place and go to Christmas World!”

Then she said, “I wish Kazoom to go there.”

They went through this magic, magic door. It took them to two places. It was a secret. One side was Christmas World, and one was Halloween. They got mixed up, all of Nina’s friends and Nina went to Halloween World. Lily, Grandpa Ricky, and the kids went to Christmas World. Then there was a problem.

There was an evil queen sitting in an evil chair. It looked like a green monster with yellow hair. She said, “I will take you to this bad, bad world, where you will not see anyone else. Only one person can come to this world, even if they have family.” Then she started running towards them.

Lily made a braid in her hair, and put a sword in it, and started to say the magic words. “Please, please hair and tail. Just this once, when I tell you, do something bad to the evil queen, okay?” And poof! That happened.

Before she even disappeared with the Evil Queen, Lily made a force field to make sure nothing hit them. And then Lily left. She saw her mom and and dad. She was still the same age then. She remembered that she never saw her mom wearing the necklace that she got for her birthday. The necklace was gold with a magical heart.

Mom and Lily did not know that Grandpa Ricky had an evil badge. The evil badge was under his nice, nice tail and Lily saw it and she knew which badge it was. It wasn’t her dad and it wasn’t her mom. She then knew that the evil queen had that badge on.

She had a vision. When Lily had visions, she looked like she was asleep. But actually, she was awake. Lily saw a picture of the evil queen. Inside, there was a magic headband. She saw inside, the headband had a magic badge.

So then she blinked once. She was back home, to the real world where ponies live. But there was no one there. She blinked one more time. She was in Christmas World. There were lots of Christmas trees. It smelled like candy. She heard the sled of Santa and Christmas songs.

She walked towards a castle. There was a fancy cane entrance. In the middle, there was Santa. She saw that her friends were in a cage. She saw the queen. She blinked one more time. When she blinked one more time, she was inside the cage. But then after that, she made herself invisible, so then she sneaked out of the cage. She had the key because the queen hid it inside the Castle of Santa, and then she went into the castle of Santa and found the key. Then she put herself on fire and ran around the queen 90 times in one second. And, then in a dash, the queen was on fire. And then, they never saw the queen ever again.

But Lily was not on fire because she just used a magic trick. She took her friends out, but something was wrong. There were cameras in the middle of Christmas World and Halloween World. And the soldiers saw the queen disappear, so they ran out of their cages. The queen had made cages for the soldiers way high up. They ran out of their cages to make sure that Lily and her friends would never come back. But before the queen could do that, Lily started flapping her wings and sang a signal that they all need to fly, and they did.

When they started flying, they started singing a song, and the song meant their cheetah friend Nina would come. She came flying towards them, above the clouds. Lily had a page that could write anything in cheetah language. So she told the paper, “Go to Nina and say, ‘Can you come down and help Lily fly?’”

Then, it flew up to Nina and then Nina stopped. Nina landed on the clouds, but she did not fall because she had a tail made of cloud fluff. Then, she patted the cloud to make sure that no holes were going to come. She didn’t want any holes that would turn into stones or metal.

Then she read the page. She flew down to help Lily get up into the sky before the evil witch. Because the evil witch cannot fly. Then an old tooth fairy put a spell on Lily. It was a good spell. Then she disappeared into the tiny house.


Then Lily turned into the new queen toothfairy. She grew tiny wings, and her horn and four legs turned into two legs and two arms. Then that old tooth fairy said, “You are the new queen tooth fairy.”  

Lily gasped in her head. She was so surprised. Then she went shopping inside the store. She opened her wallet and said, “What? Why is there teeth instead of money?”

Then one of her students said, “We use teeth to buy our stuff.”

Then Lily got shoes. She also got three gowns. One was a ball gown, the second was a gown made out of rose petals, and the third one was made out of dandelions. Then she went to the front of the market and opened her wallet again. She put down all her clothes and shoes on the scanner.

The guy said, “Three teeth please.”

And she gave him three teeth. Then, she saw a horse with wings and there was a guard on it at the castle. He said, “You are now the new queen,” and she hopped on the horse. They flew to the castle door.

Another guard asked, “Who are you?”

The other guard said, “I am the other guard who helped you and I dropped off the queen at the castle.”

Then the other guard put down his sword. The queen went into main area where she saw thirty other good fairies. She asked, “Why are there more fairies in here?”

They said: “We are your helpers, what do you want?”

“I want to know, where is the bedroom for me?”

All the fairies grouped up and said: “Should we show her?”

They decided to. They showed her the master bedroom. It had a bed with white curtains on top, and there were four dressers with three lamps on each one. Then Lily went out of the room and she asked, “Now where is the bathroom?”

The fairies took her into the bedroom, opened the door, led her in, and said: “Here is your master bathroom.” She was amazed because in her own castle, when she was a unicorn, her bathroom was just a circle pond with one little heart on the wall. And in this new bathroom, she saw a nice toilet, paper towel, and a sink where there was a mirror with a gold and pink frame.

She even saw an extra door to go outside faster. She walked out the door, and all the fairies asked, “Did you like it?”

She said, “I loved it!”

“Now, we are going to show you your private room.”

She went to the private room and got her nails done, then she got a massage, and a foot massage. She was so relaxed that she fell asleep in the middle of the massage. Then she woke up and said, “I loved it! I was asleep the whole time.”

Then she went to this massive hall with so many pictures of fairies with crowns on their head. She wondered what room it was. The fairies said, “This was the room where we remember the other queens who lived here.”

Then she goes into another big hall with 77 chairs and five tables. One table is for the west side, and another table was for the east side, the other was for the north, and the last was for the south. The very last table was for the castle people. There were lots and lots of people at each table. She went to another room. It had a humongous golden chair, with two purple crystals on each side, one pink crystal in the middle, two blue on the other, and then, two green as well.  There were 33 chairs that had four golden triangle crystals on the top and cushions on the bottom of them all. That was where they sat when the guards had to give the queen a message from someone else.

Then Lily went to a room that had a lot of gowns and shoes and it had lots of closets too. The assistant fairies said to her, “This is the closet where you put all your clothes and shoes.”

She saw a dress with red ribbons and blue dots. She also saw a tiara with red rubies, green diamonds, and in the lace of the tiara she put brown dots. She also saw two pairs of shoes. One was a shoe that she could wear for that night and another one was high heels. The high heels were red, blue, and brown. The night shoes looked like red bunnies. On the back was blue and red little lines.

Then she went to another room. This was the hospital room. There was a big, big bed and a little crib. This was the room where the people had their babies. Then the guards came. There was a bad message in the card. It said that there was a war between unicorns and fairies to get back the queen or keep the queen.

Lily flew all the way to her village and said to her children, “Please do not fight because I’m both your queens except I had to got to a different village because someone thought the old queen was going to die. So I’m really both queens and please do not go the war.” She went to her grandpa and said, “Grandpa, please take good care of the kids while I am going to rule a different town for two months.”

Grandma agreed with Lily. Then Lily flew back. After Lily was gone, the kids decided that they didn’t want to miss their mom so they wrote her a letter. They drew pictures of them hugging and they wrote, “Don’t worry. Grandma is taking care of us.”

Later, they found a book. The book had a fairy on the cover. “How to Write in Fairy Language,” it said. The girls felt happy because now they could have their letters sent to Lily. Her guards were fairies and only understood fairy language. When they opened it, they saw that one sentence was in their language and the next sentence was in a language that they didn’t recognize and the letters were filled with curls.

The sentence in their language said, “To mom, love, the kids.” Then they went to their card and brought the book. They brought it to the living room and started to use it to finish the cover. Then they sent the card.

Lily was in her chair when the guards came over and said, “You… have… a… message… from… your… kids.”

Lily opened the card, she started to read it out loud, and then she started to read in her normal voice that is a unicorn voice. Everyone was shocked because they never heard her talking in a creepy language! Then, she ran away from the place because she didn’t want them to know her secret ever again.


She went back to her town, but first entered the invisible force field. This made her back into herself that was a unicorn. Inside the machine, they put a unicorn horn and sprayed magic to make it look like a horn, then she glued the horn on, and went into this machine, and she was back into her town. Her mom came running back to her and gave her a little snuggle.

Then the kids came running, and they didn’t just snuggle, they tried to get her horn, meaning they were hugging! They ran around and said, “Yippie, yippie, yippie!”

Then she got a message who lived in fairyland who said there is a big wolf. But she forgot she wanted the big bad wolf’s beautiful tiara.

She took all her unicorns and said, “Follow me. Do you have your unicorn wand?”

They all said, “Yes!”

They followed Lily into the machine again. First, Lily said, “Go super fast!” So everyone could look like a fairy in one second. Inside of the machine they got wings, shoes, dresses, legs,  arms and a sword and shield. Then, they went out of the invisible force field. But luckily, the unicorns learned how to speak fairy language because Lily said to the other fairy, “Let’s go!”

Then Lily put her magic scarf that made her invisible and scattered around the place to the wolf castle. She was going to get her most favorite thing in the world: a necklace to make her the queen of every town, village, and kingdom. Then she found it and put it on. But then she felt the earth quaking and felt part of her body quaking.

So she took it off! Because first, she had to save the people. Then she ran back and they made a statue that looked like a carnivore wolf. Then he ran as fast as he could to his house ,but Lily remembered he only had one room. So she decided to make a fake necklace and put it back. She hid into a cave so no one knew that parts of her were falling off because she put on the necklace.

Then all the kings and queens of the villages died. But the parts of Lily turned into more Lillies and some of them changed their shape.

No one knew who the real one was, but every Lily knew that the real one had the necklace. And that’s how they lived, happily ever after!


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