The Cruise

“On July 4th we should sneak on the cruise.”

It was July 3rd.

Sam continued, “Because we could set off fireworks to distract the sailors,” Sam said with her door closed and locked so her parents could not hear.

“How will we get the fireworks?” asked Railey.

“We will steal them from the ship, they’ll probably sell them on the ship. We will steal them at 10:00 a.m., set them up, and then set them off at 12:00 midnight but, if we get caught we might get thrown overboard, and the water’s cold enough to freeze to death.”

“All right,” Railey said, “goodnight.”

Sam was about to hang up the phone, just when Railey said, “Wait a minute. How will we get into the store to steal the fireworks?”

“Oh, easy, we will just pick the lock like we always do.”


“Then we can steal the jewelry, diamonds, and clothes.”

Sam and Riley wanted to steal the stuff just for the fun of it and to know that they did it. They had stolen stuff before, when they were 9, just never on a ship.

When Sam got into bed she fell asleep immediately. She had a dream that she was ready to steal the fireworks but all of her nails had fallen off and she was not able to pick the lock. She heard the floor creak. She thought a security guard was about to come. Then she woke up.

It was four in the morning and it was raining so hard that it sounded like a waterfall. She was worried that she would not be able to set off the fireworks. She wasn’t able to fall asleep because of the thunder. She was wondering when they’d set off the fireworks and if they’d still sell them. She noticed that the floor kept creaking. It was actually her parents. She realized that she had the dream about picking the lock because she had forgotten to unlock her door when she went to sleep and her parents were trying to get in.

Her parents were trying to get in to say goodnight to her. “I wonder what the punishment should be. We’re not allowed to lock doors in this house,” said her mom.

“I just wonder what she’s doing in there,” said her dad.

So Sam tried to unlock it, but it was stuck. Since she couldn’t go back to sleep she decided to go to Railey’s house. She climbed out the window. The wind was strong and she thought that it was going to knock her down. She started to fall but she managed to grab onto a rope that was hanging from a window washing machine. She was still about 20 feet from the ground. She let go and landed on her back. It hurt, but she was ok, so she stood up. She started walking to Railey’s house. The ground was very wet and slippery. When she made it there, it was 4:30 a.m. Sam climbed in the window.

“How did you get here?” asked Railey.

“I snuck to your house because I was bored,” said Sam.

Railey was also worried that they would not be able to set of the fireworks. Eventually they decided that they would go on the ship the next day because of the storm. Sam stayed at Railey’s house the rest of the night. Meanwhile Sam’s parents were still trying to get into her room. Sam’s parents were also trying to get in touch with Railey’s parents, but the storm was so bad, it shut off all the power. Sam’s dad was usually very lazy and he sat around and watched TV and slept all day. He was only trying to get in touch because he didn’t want her mom to see him being lazy.


Part 2: On the Ship


The next day they were ready to sneak onto the ship. They secretly packed the stuff they needed, extra clothes, goggles and they were wearing their wetsuits. They were extra light weight so they could sneak them out without them being too poofy. They brought their bikes and planned to just leave them on the side of the road when they got there.

“Where are you two going now?” said Railey’s mom.

“Oh, just going on a bike ride,” said Railey.

When they got about three miles out they could feel the wind from the ocean. They parked their bikes and walked to the ocean. When they got there, they could see their ship, which looked like a tiny speck out in the ocean. The water was freezing cold when they felt it. They went in and the water tasted horrible. It tasted like skunk spray and dead fish. They started to swim, but then they heard thunder. The ship was moving very slowly, so hopefully they’d get there pretty quickly. It looked like they were a mile away from the ship. They finally got close enough to see how fast the boat was moving. It was moving about as fast as they could swim. They reached out and held on to the edge of the boat, but it was hard because of all of the algae. They grabbed onto a buoy and they started to climb. When they got to the top, there was the captain right under them, and his steering wheel. They flipped over the edge into the boat and accidentally hit the captain.

The ship tilted a little but went back the right way up. They snuck into a room and put all their stuff down. They heard someone coming and noticed it wasn’t an empty room. So they moved to the next room over and it was empty. It was 6:30 at night and Sam went down to the shop to see if they sold fireworks. They did but a sign said that it was their last day of selling them. Sam went back and told Railey. They were both very excited that they sold fireworks.

In their room they changed into dry clothes and hung around until 10:00 p.m. Railey went out of their room to see if anyone was out. She saw one person, but he was a security guard, and he was not close to the shop. Railey went to get Sam to steal the fireworks.

They snuck out to the store. They were about to pick the lock (Railey was better at picking locks). They heard the floor creak. It was a security guard coming their way. They picked the lock and the door opened. They hid under a desk, then the light fell off the desk and made a crashing noise. The security guard heard it and saw that the door was open, and started to walk in. And while he was walking in they noticed that the fireworks had fallen so they reached in to grab them. The security guard stayed in there for 30 minutes. They held their breath for as long as they could. When the security guard left they snached 26 boxes. They snuck out and started to set the fireworks on the edge of the ship. One fell into the water so now they had 25 firework boxes.

When it was time, at 12:00 p.m. exactly, they set the fireworks off. Everyone started to wake up and it was hectic and everyone was running around. Then they noticed that it wasn’t an explosion, it was just fireworks. While everyone was on the deck watching them, they secretly snuck into lots of the passengers’ rooms. They stole clothes, rings, earrings, necklaces, food, and a cooler but they didn’t decide to steal that.

They had their sacks loaded and were heading back to their room. They hid the stuff in their bags and put it in their wetsuits. Then they went to sleep and woke up because they felt the ship tilting. No one knew what was going on. Then they heard thunder and saw lightning and it started to rain.

The ship was going deeper into the water but it wasn’t sinking, and the rain was getting stronger, and when lightning struck it almost struck their ship. In fact, it did strike their ship, but they jumped into the water and Sam found a stick-like object. It was a lightning rod. Then they threw it onto the ship and all the lightning went out.

They got back on the ship the same way they climbed on the ship the first time. Then the ship started tilting again. This time it was actually sinking and everybody was running all over the place. Water was up to the upper deck. There was no Internet. By the time everybody was getting their lifejackets, lots of people were in the water including all the jewelry and clothes.

They started swimming back to shore when one of the passengers shouted, “Noooooooo!” One of the passengers started drowning, it was really scary. Then one passenger shouted, “Oooowwww!” A shark started attacking one of the passengers and they died, too.

Some of the passengers started finding the stuff that they had stolen but they did not know that any of it had been robbed.

When Sam and Railey got to land they were wet and cold but their bikes were still there. They were really rusty. When they got back to Railey’s house, they did not want their parents to see them because they would be mad at them. So they snuck tents and pitched them next to our property.

Then the next day they were really bored and they missed being on the ship. So they got their bikes and ran away to the ship port. They waited for the next boat. They got on the boat.

The water looked really blue and clear. The boat was going to Norway. When they got to Norway they would wait for the next boat to a different place. And so on and so on.

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