The Cupcake and the Cake

Chapter One

Once upon a time, there was a cupcake named Sophie. She lived in a bakery in New York. Sophie had everything but cake. Sophie really liked cake. When she was four years old, she started eating lots of cake. She would sneak into the kitchen in her house and grab a piece of cake and eat it in her room in a cabinet.

She had heard lots of people saying, “Can we have that piece of cake for a birthday party?”

That made her decide that maybe she could have a birthday party and have some cake. 

One night, when everybody was gone at the bakery, Sophie went out of her little house, out of the bakery, and went to go find a piece of cake.

On the news it had said, “Whoever gets this strawberry cake can have it for the rest of their life, and it is in Queens.” But Sophie had arms and legs made out of cupcakes. She started heading toward Queens on foot. She had to walk down the sidewalk, and when she was heading for Queens, a fox came by. It was a fox with a sword to block Sophie. 

The fox was getting ready to chop Sophie in half. The fox didn’t want Sophie to get the cake because he wanted it. Sophie was holding a basket of cherries just in case there was something blocking her, so she could just throw it at it. And then, when Sophie got to the fox, she threw the cherries at the floor, so the fox could catch them. So, the fox started catching the cherries with his sword, and after a couple of cherries, Sophie ran right past him.

When Sophie got past the fox, she was getting close to the bridge. She could see the bridge over the buildings. Sophie started to feel something really hot on her. Then, she looked up to the sky, and she saw red spots coming down from the sky.

“What in the world is going on?!”

It was raining hot sauce!!! Sophie tried to dodge the hot sauce. But, when the hot sauce started coming down hard, she still had to go under things so she could make it to the bridge. She saw an icy stand across the street. I think I should run super fast across the street to get to the icy stand to hide under! Then she climbed up a tree and jumped onto another tree, and there was a very long branch, and since there was a very long branch, she could balance on it and go the next tree on the other side of the street. When she dropped down from the other tree, she quickly ran to the icy stand, and she wanted a cup from the icy stand, so she could hide under. She saw it next to an icy bin and while the customer was ordering, Sophie quickly took a cup and hid under it. She got close to the bridge, the raining hot sauce stopped, and then she started walking towards the bridge.

Then a lion quickly ran in front of her and blocked her.

Sophie said, “Uh oh, why is there a lion in front of me??”

The lion heard her, and the lion said, “You’re not going to get to that cake because I want to get that cake also!”

And then Sophie said, “Well, I’m going to get that cake before you!” 

And then Sophie said, “Well, I will be able to sneak behind you and get that cake before you.” 

He said, “Are you sure? But I’m definitely going to block you.”

And then Sophie started hiding behind a rock right next to her. And the lion looked at the sky, and the sun started to rise up. So then, when Sophie was behind the rock, the lion looked back, and he was really confused where Sophie was. The lion looked where Sophie was standing, and the lion thought that Sophie just quickly went invisible. It was the lion’s first time seeing a real cupcake in his life that could move, so then the lion wouldn’t eat the cupcake because the lion didn’t like cupcakes, but the lion could smell the cupcake like animals. So then the lion looked for the cupcake, and then Sophie started to go on the bridge and walk.

The bridge had vines to swing on for fun. Sophie looked very confused. She never saw a bridge with vines. She saw points from the road and wondered why. 

Next, there were swords sticking up, and Sophie had to swing on vines and not fall on the swords. Since Sophie had arms and legs, she took her arms and hung on the vines, and she pumped her legs so she could swing. When Sophie was swinging on the vines, she could feel the breeze. When she swung onto the last vine, her hands almost slipped, and she almost fell. She quickly jumped on the other side of the swords. 

“Phew! I can’t believe I almost fell. I can’t wait to enter Queens!”

Queens seemed so close. In Queens, it looked so much different than in New York. There were no big people. There were only tiny people. All the buildings were are also tiny. She continued walking. She was heading to a park where a birthday party was. Sophie was really excited to go get the cake.

Chapter Two

Sophie saw the park and knew where to go. She was about to walk off the bridge, but then   there was a gorilla! The gorilla had an axe to block Sophie. When the gorilla blocked Sophie, the gorilla thought he could have the cake all to himself. 

“I’m going to go get that cake before you do!”

“Well, since I’m tinier than you, I can get it first!”

The gorilla saw the cherries that Sophie had in her basket.

“Those cherries look yummy.”

“Do you want these cherries?”

The gorilla said, “I’d love to take your cherries for dinner.”

“You can have all of these cherries for your dinner.”

Sophie brought the cherries for the gorilla to eat for dinner. When Sophie put the cherries to the gorilla to chop up, Sophie started tiptoeing past the gorilla until she got to the cake. It was strawberry cake with two levels, lots of vanilla frosting on the top, with rainbow sprinkles, and a cherry on top. Sophie was really surprised at how big the cake was.

“This strawberry cake looks very yummy!”

She licked her lips and made a delicious face. She thought she could share with her friends if she had enough to eat by herself. Sophie promised her friends that she would give some of the strawberry cake, and now Sophie was thinking, Should I keep it all to myself?

Meanwhile, the gorilla was thinking. After the gorilla chopped all the cherries into small pieces, the gorilla walked over to Sophie and said, “Can we trade these really small pieces of cherries for the whole cake?”

Sophie said, “No because I’m sharing it with my friends.” 

“Okay, fine, but one day I’ll get that cake!”

Then, the gorilla left and had his cherries for his dinner. 

Sophie decided to share with her friends because she promised them that she would share a piece of cake with them. And if she didn’t share with her friends, she thought that her friends wouldn’t want to be friends with her anymore and tell a lie to her friends. 

She called with her very tiny phone. Her phone had cat ears with strawberries. It has sprinkles all over it.

She said, “Do you want to have some cake with me?”

And then one of her friends, Emily, said, “Okay.”

She said, “I’m at a birthday party! Take a tiny car, and drive it to the Queens.”

And when Emily came, they had cake together.

Sophie said, “But, the thing is, I don’t know how to cut this cake!”

So then Emily quickly ran to the bakery and got a knife to cut the cake. Sophie and Emily cut the cake together, so they could share the cake. The cake was really good!

Sophie called her next friend with her tiny phone. She called her friend Lucy.

And Sophie told Lucy how to get to the birthday party. “So first you take a tiny car and you take it to the Queen’s. First when you get off the bridge, and you look to your right, the birthday party’s right there.”

And then when Lucy came to the birthday party, they shared one piece of cake together.

“Another day we’ll share the cake again.”

The next day, when they went back to the birthday party, they ate the rest of the piece of cake, and it took about nine hours. They felt hyper, and then at night they all went back to their homes in New York with their tiny cars and went to sleep.

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