The Days at the Museum

Part One: The Great Museum

One day in the Met, all the Greek mythology and royal statues and animals wanted to be free and move around, so all of the statues and animals came up with a plan to sneak out in the night and move around. But then they remembered that the museum had guards to defend the outside, and inside, the watchers would see them move. Then they took a risk to just move around inside, and when the watchers pointed their flashlights, they would stand still. So at 2:00AM, they started to get out their bases and started playing tag and running, but then the night watchers started searching around. Once they heard a flick of the flashlight, they all needed to go to their base, and when they went away, they could start moving again. But one time when the watchers went away and the people started moving, one of the statues fell! He broke off a piece of him! The watchers turned around, and all the statues were moving but were too slow. They got caught! They ran to try to make a run for it towards the door, and once they got out, they jumped into the water in the fountains to hide. Once the watchers left, they moved to the back of the museum, so they would trick the watchers, but they didn’t because they stayed in the back. But instead of the watchers pulling them to their base, they screamed like girls and ran to the front of the museum. They didn’t pay attention to where they were running and ran their head right into a fountain. While that happened, all the statues went to the park and played more tag, but right before they knew it, it was 7:00AM.

Part Two: The Running Statues

At 7:00AM, they could have been seen, so they stayed up in a place where they were covered. Well… not really. They stayed up in a closed playground on 13th Street, and they said they would move to places and act like the thing they were. A statue or animal. They all split up. Some people went to the Empire State Building, Freedom Tower, Madison Square Garden, and more. When they got to their places, they even did some pranks. They split up, so one of the knights went to a playground, and he stood on a rock and stayed there. Once, he stayed still when people came and they actually thought he was a statue! They walked past him and touched him, and he stayed as still as a statue. After a few minutes, The Knight was ready to do a prank. He was right next to a bench that a dad put out a bag next to him. So first, he was starting out easy. The Knight tapped the dad on the bench. He tapped him and then went back to his pose. Tap pose tap pose. The dad was so confused! The dad was so scared that when The Knight tapped him, he jumped eight feet! It was so funny! Then The Knight took it to the next level. He kicked the dad in the butt and made him fly. He then grabbed the bag, put it in his pocket, and went back to his position. This time, the dad flew 50 feet! Then The Knight left on a car he snuck into. 

Meanwhile, the Greek Lady in a robe went to the Freedom Tower and stood on the street and waddled around the city. She went to the 9/11 Memorial and she stood there, looked down the hole and up to the Freedom Tower. She looked at all the names that died. She felt kind of sad and also kind of happy for the things that happened when she was made. It reminded her of her mom and dad and the memories they had, but they got destroyed. She also felt curious. Why would they destroy a cool building like this? Then, she waddled closer to the thing and looked deeper into the hole. More people came and it would be easier to be visible by more people, so she waddled backwards and went back to her normal statue position. 

While Greek Lady statue went to the Freedom Tower, the Baby Royal Horse statue went to the Natural History Museum. He was one foot tall and two feet wide. But, the Horse wondered how he would get in. Then, he saw a bag a little bigger than him and he thought he could sneak in that. So, he tapped the owner of the bag on the back. That made him look somewhere else, and then the Baby Royal Horse snuck into the bag and the owner of the bag didn’t notice. The owner of the bag went into the Natural History Museum and talked to the ticket people. After that, he knew he snuck in. The owner of the bag went into the marine animals exhibit to see the great blue whale. A lot of people adored the whale and some people were watching the TV. The guy who was carrying him went under the blue whale and looked around. He walked around for about two minutes. After he checked out the blue whale, he went back to the space area, where there’s also a big TV to watch about all the eors, shapes, stars, and planets. He didn’t go first to the TV. He went to the chunks of rocks from eors. He went to read about the different planets. The Baby Royal Horse was thinking, What’s is space? What are eors? What are planets? While the Baby Royal Horse was thinking that, the man went to the TVs. A lot of people were on the benches looking at the TV. They were very focused. The TV had a man on it saying things about stars and how fast they go. He thought, What are stars? After the man watched the video about eors, stars, and planets. He went to the land animals exhibit. There were rhinos, monkeys, elephants, tigers, bisons, and way more. The Royal Baby Horse had so many things in his mind. What are these animals? Are they alive? What is that background?

While the Royal Horse was in the Natural History Museum, Hercules went to the Guggenheim Museum and snuck in at night, but of course, there was a guard. So he snuck in very silently and quietly. He got caught one minute after, but the guard was dumb. The guard ran up the spiral, stood next to Hercules, and said something nobody could understand. Something like, “Yutiderawn cooooew!!!” Then Hercules punched him in the stomach, and the guard flew off the staircase and said something like, “Futfdssjsbnvjbhsaj!”  The guard flew 200 feet in the air and smashed through the wall. Then Hercules looked at the paintings and thought, Wow they look so colorful and bright and cool. Then he thought, I get why people love looking at things like me and these paintings. I want to get the attention again and respect. I’m going to tell the other statues and animals ‘Hey guys when I went to the Guggenheim Museum, I was amazed by the paintings and I thought I want respect, like how I liked the paintings. We’re cool and I bet people would like us.’ And he said, “I’m going to tell them how I want to go back!”

Part Three: The Lazy Guard

They were up in Central Park at 9:45PM, and Hercules told the Horse, Knight, and Greek Lady about the things he thought in his mind, and also the part when he punched the guard through`the wall. He got them pretty convinced to go back to the museum, so they agreed to go back and sneak into a car/truck and break the car with the mighty Hercules!!! So they saw a truck. It was a Whole Foods truck, and they jumped on it. Hercules winded up his arm and threw his best punch!!! Pow!!! And all of the truck parts broke in half like a knife through a piece of meat. Then they ran away because it was their last prank. They didn’t know where the Met was and they didn’t know where they were going.

They all went running in weird ways! They only knew the street the Met was on was 86th street, but they didn’t know which way went to 86th. Then they looked up and noticed the street signs. The number was 44th, and then they went to the next street 45th, next street 46th. They wondered, If we keep on going this way, will we go higher and get to 86th street? And then they said out loud the same thing they wondered. They agreed that they would go the way they thought was right. They got tired when they got to 54th street, so they took a break. They stole a drink and a bag of Cheetos from a pharmacy.

They waited for about five minutes and continued on their journey on getting to 86th street. Then they took a break at 70th street, and they were almost there! This time, they stole a big bottle of coke from a grocery store. Then they took a break at 81st street! They were so close this time, they stole a cake from a bakery for celebration, but when they thought they got out safely, they didn’t notice the camera caught them. They got caught!!! They ran out of the building like The Flash, while eating the chocolate cake, but they didn’t even get seen by anybody because the security guard was sleeping, so no need to worry. They celebrated with cake and walked to 86th. The guard screamed like a girl again, while they went to their bases and went to their poses.

Part Four: The Security Tapes

When they got to the Met, they thought they got back safely, and they didn’t think they got caught by the security camera. But the person controlling the security at night would check the tapes because he knew he fell asleep, and he would see the statues steal the cake and he would see the way they went. And so in the morning, the security guard checked the tapes and saw the statues. He wondered, Where did the statues go when they left? Then he thought, Wait… statues live in the museum and the Met is close to here so… they should be in the Met, right? So he went to the Met at 7AM, but it was closed, so he could not come in. So at 9AM, he went in. The statues were very scared, but when he went in, he got distracted. He looked at everything. He stayed at the water animals exhibit for 15 minutes and at the land animal exhibit for 20 minutes. He even stayed at the mummy exhibit for one hour!

He forgot about the statues, and the statues were not worried about him anymore, but then he remembered about the statues. He first went to the royal exhibit to find The Knight and Baby Royal Horse. When he got there, The Horse and Knight were scared when they saw him. They stood really still. The guard tried to touch one of the knights, but instead the guard for the museum tackled him like a football player. Unluckily, he broke his ankle and could not get up. There was one person that could look through walls and he looked through the bakery, where the security guard would be while it was closed because it opens at 2:00 for some reason.

The guy looked and saw nothing in the seat and screamed “Free cakes!” One million people came running at the bakery. The security guard tried to get back outside, but he just rested on the street, and the statues lived happily ever after.

The End

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