The Cyclone and the Beach

Hi! My name is Bob. I love roller coasters (especially scary ones.) I live at Columbus Circle.

My mom came into the room.

“Bob,” she said. “We are going to Coney Island.”

“Yes!!!” I said.

We went to the 59th Street Columbus Circle station and got on the D train.

We passed 7th Ave/53rd Street. We passed 47th-50th Streets Rockefeller Center. We passed 42nd Street Bryant Park and 34th Street Herald Square. We passed West 4th Street, Broadway Lafayette Street, Grand Street, Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street, and 36th Street.

Finally, we were there.

We headed towards the beach.

My dad asked, “Do you want to go into the waves?”

“No,” I said.

When my mom and dad went into the waves, I escaped and went towards the amusement park.

I bought a Luna card and headed towards the Cyclone.

I got on the Cyclone. This was the best day of my life!

The Cyclone went very fast, but then suddenly, it stopped.

The Cyclone had broken down.

I jumped off the Cyclone and ran. I did not know where.

Then, I saw it! A roller coaster with a vertical drop! It said “THUNDERBOLT” on the side. I watched a car for the thunderbolt go down the side of the track. I got onto a car for the Thunderbolt, and off it went.

Up the vertical drop.

Down the vertical drop.

Over the loop.

Then, the ride was over.

By that time, my mom and dad had come looking for me.

Finally, they found me.

“Why did you run away from us, Bob?”

I just grinned.

They rolled their eyes at me.

We went to Nathan’s. I could tell my mom was mad at me. But inside, I was happy. I was happy because I knew I had ridden the Thunderbolt.


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