The Fashion Show

Hello, my name is Sage. I have friends named Sofia, Marli, and Amelia. I live in Orlando, Florida, and Sofia lives in Pierre, South Dakota, Marli lives in New York City, New York, and Amelia lives in L.A.

One evening, I called Marli on the phone.

“Hi! Is it okay if we come to New York to your house? I was thinking we could have a fashion show at The Cool Girl.”

That’s the name of the store I own in New York. Since I own it, we wouldn’t have to book ahead.

“Hi! Of course, Sage. Come tomorrow! We can get ready for the fashion show.”

“Well, let me call Amelia and Sofia and see if they can make it, and see what they’re up to.”

Then, I called Amelia. “Hi! We’re going to have a fashion show in New York.”
“I’m available, but I’m too nervous. Do I have to be the model?” Amelia said.

“Maybe. Or maybe it’ll be Sofia.”

“Okay, I’ll book my ticket,” Amelia said.

I got to the airport, and I got on a the plane. I flew up and up and up and up and up, and then, the plane landed. I was so excited to see my friends.

I called my friend and said, “Hi, Amelia! I just landed. I am in New York. Are you here?”

Amelia said, “Hi, I am so sorry I was late for the call. No, sorry, not yet.”

Then, I said, “Okay, honey. It is not your fault.”

And she said, “Thank you so much.”

So then, I called Sofia and she said, “Hey girl, what’s up? Whatcha think?”

“Hey, Sofia, I am in New York. Are you here?”

Sofia said, “I can’t talk right now.”

So I said, “Okay, later.”

Then, I called Marli, and she said, “Hi, where is everybody?”

And I said, “Sofia is on the plane, Amelia is still packing, and I am in New York just in the car. Lots of traffic!”

A few hours later, we were all in New York and checked into our rooms at the Princess Hotel. We got dressed and met at the hotel restaurant to eat dinner. We talked about the fashion show, and when we were done eating, we started to go up to our rooms again. We washed our faces, brushed our teeth so they were clean and shiny, and put makeup on. We were finally done. We went downstairs again and took a cab to my store.

We put on music and started setting up for the fashion show. It was empty, just us. We hung a disco ball in the center, and turned it on. We decorated the front, put out a red carpet and then chairs so people could watch. I felt really happy. We were starting our first fashion show together. We practiced before the real show. We all felt totally happy.

The next night, we all walked to The Cool Girl. I got Amelia dressed and ready, but she said to me, “I’m so scared, Sage.’’

I said, “It’s okay, honey, don’t worry at all. We are all good.’’

She sighed. “Okay, thanks, Sage.”
I gave her a hug.

“No problem, hon. Now we should get to work.”

She hugged me back.

“I agree.”

“I used to be scared of modeling. You know what? I will go with you.”

Amelia looked surprised. “Oh my god! Great, thanks!”

I walked with her on the red carpet. There was music and a disco ball. The room was really big with a lot of people. That was why she was so scared.

After walking, she said to me, “That was not bad.”

After that night, we had a party with music, a lot of people, and a disco ball. We hugged at the end, and everyone said “Yay!”

We all had fun, and we did it!


One thought on “The Fashion Show”

  1. That was so awesome Sagey.. You’re an amazing story teller and writer.. Such a good friend to walk the runway with you Amelia. I want to do all my shopping for Mariel at “The Cool Girl”
    Super proud of you

    Uncle Keth & Auntie Mariel

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