The Fire Breathing Flying Cow and the Cake and Cat

Chapter One

Once upon a time, there was a flying cow that breathed fire, but only when she wanted to. Her name was Agatha. She lived in a cave in the Netherlands. Her life was good, but she just wanted cake. 

The only things that were in Agatha’s way were a bat with a sword and a giant tarantula fish. The cake was guarded by the bat and the giant tarantula fish, and there was quicksand at the bottom of the cave that the fish and bat lived in! And there were rumors, ranging from a village boy in a shop to a knight-in-armor, that whoever went in there, no one came out alive.

Agatha had tried once, and almost got her head chopped off! But she was willing to do anything to get that cake. Over dinner, Agatha decided to go and get the cake, even if she did get her head cut off. She would even die just to get a bite out of the untouched cake she had heard about so much about from the newspaper bear. She started her journey.  

Chapter Two

When Agatha was halfway there, a sudden thought hit her brain with a bang. She felt worried. What if I fall in the quicksand before I get a taste of the cake? What if the bat kills me? Suddenly, she tripped on a rock and fell flat on her face! 

“Aah,” she said, and then giggled a long snorty giggle. Ignoring all her worries, she still kept going.

When she got there she eyed the quicksand, the giant tarantula fish, the bat with the sword, and the slightest hint of cake. It also smelled horrible in there. Since she was a cow, she didn’t have awesome athletic skills, so even with thoughts racing in her head she still shouted out, “Hey! I want cake! You’ve been keeping me from cake. I’m going to get that cake!” 

Suddenly everything was silent, then the bat flew at her from behind, and scratched the tip of her tail, not her body, but it hurt a lot. When they started the battle, the bat seemed to have the upper hand. He was slashing her with the sword, almost hitting her. It did get a few hard blows on her, on her black spot. Then Agatha got the upper hand. She tried to get the sword and held onto it with hooves and it did not cut her hooves. Then she was able to swing the bat around because the bat wasn’t supposed to let go of the sword. It threw it and then the giant tarantula fish caught it. 

Chapter Three

Agatha was triumphant!!! She went to the glass box that housed the cake, and looked at the keyhole. “Rats, darn it,” she said. 

But then she noticed the key. It was right next to the keyhole, just hanging from a peg! She giggled that snorty giggle of hers, and then the giant tarantula knocked her off her hooves! She got ready to cut off the creature’s head, the sword in aiming position, but as soon as the creature saw the sword, it squealed in horror at having its partner dead.

Then, it suddenly shrunk down to the size of a kitten and grew a tabby cats fur. Then its fins became a red collar, and it became a tabby kitten with a red collar that said, “My name is Sunny!!!” So Tabitha picked up Sunny, got the key, and unlocked the glass case. She reached inside, got the cake and then, to her horror, she found out it was soooo heavy! 

She couldn’t even fly because of the weight of the cake! But Sunny meowed along the way, even getting her clean paws dirty! So finally, she asked Sunny, “Would you be my pet?”

Chapter Four

Sunny meowed and it sounded like a yes kind of meow, and that gave Agatha the cow confidence. So she finally got home after a few stumbles and the occasional tripping on rocks and small animals. When she got home, she finally got to share it with her friends and family and she ate the biggest helping of cake. She also toasted s’mores with her breath and gave some to her friends, but ate the most s’mores Hadn’t she deserved it?

The End

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