Three Fingers

There was a girl named Issa. It was her birthday so her mom went to the store to get her a doll. When the mom found the doll section, she picked out the prettiest doll in the aisle.

And a man that worked at the store walked over. “Are you sure you want that doll, it only has three fingers?”

Her mom was sure she wanted that doll then the man warned her again: “Do not play with the doll in the basement and do not call the doll Three Fingers.”

The mom disbelieved him, and she said, “okay,” and she paid for it.  And then she gave Issa the doll, but the mom forgot to tell Issa the rules about the doll, so she played with Three Fingers in the basement and called it “Three Fingers.”

That night when she was sleeping she heard a noise like this: “my name is Three Fingers. I’m on your door frame.” She woke up and looked on her door frame but the doll wasn’t there.

She couldn’t fall back asleep and then she heard it again: “My name is Three Fingers. I’m on your bed frame.” She looked behind her but the doll wasn’t on her bed frame. Issa got super scared and ran to her parents’ room but her parents’ door was locked shut. She stood in the hallway and her room door was closed and locked too. The doll quietly appeared behind Issa, and the doll tapped her on her head. But she couldn’t see, and then no more Issa and no more doll.

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