The Game

I, Jammy, was in my house, getting ready for bed. I changed into my pajamas, and walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth. My teeth were as clean as fresh snow. After a day of continuous running from sports, I was tired when I went to bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow, I was sleeping.

When I was sleeping, I had a dream that I was in my living room, and I went inside a mysterious, purple portal. In the portal, all I saw were places flashing before me. I came out in a weird, hot desert. Then, I woke up from my sleep and felt really hot. I don’t know why I was hot. It was probably because I was sweaty. I was about to get of my bed, but all I felt was…wait a minute. Sand!

I bolted upright, opened my eyes, and noticed that I was in the same place that I was in my dream! The desert had some cacti and sand mountains.

“Welcome to the game!” a booming voice said.

I noticed other people, and they were all wearing pajamas, just like me. I was confused, and the other kids looked confused also.

“In this game, you will work together to survive against some obstacles.” said the booming voice.

I started to shake. The other kids looked like they were shaking also. Suddenly, a leather belt with pockets appeared on me. It had a sword and shield on it. My pajamas turned into baggy jeans that smelled new, and a grey t-shirt that was comfy. All the other kids had the same outfit.

“Level One!” said the loud voice.

Five slimes came out of nowhere. They were big blocks of green goo. I started slowly approaching them, and so did the other kids. When I was finally in front of the slimes, I drew my sword and slashed. I noticed the slime got slower after I hit it, so I kept on slashing until the slime hit me. I got a little sting from where it had hit me, and I started to get a little bit slower. I kept on slashing. The next time it tried to attack me, I did a flip right over the slime, and stabbed it right in the back. It disappeared into a cloud of green orbs, and fell onto the ground. I ran over the green orbs, and it disappeared into my body. I got faster. The other kids were having trouble, so I helped them. For the first slime, I jumped on its head, and jumped even higher. I then slammed my sword into the slime’s head. The slime turned into a shower of green orbs.

“Thanks,” the kid said.

After I defeated the rest of slimes, the announcer said, “Level Two will start tomorrow.”

I decided to go explore, and so did the other kids. When I was exploring, I found a tree! I mean, a tree in the desert…that is rare! And guess what the tree had on it? Apples — about ten of them. I took down the apples, and brought them back to where we fought the slimes.

When I got back, the scene suddenly shifted into a forest. I was really stunned when it shifted into a forest. The other kids looked stunned also. After I recovered, I went over to the other kids. They had water from the cacti, probably. They looked at the apples, and their eyes widened.

“Can I have one?” they all asked.

So I went over to them, and gave each of them an apple. I learned their names. One was named Tomas, and the other three were named Lucas, Max, and Sofia. I noticed that it was getting dark, so I leaned on the nearest tree and rested. As soon as I closed my eyes, I fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke to the sound of the announcer’s voice.

“In Level Two, you will not fight. You will try to survive in the forest. Level Two will start in ten minutes.”

This gave me time to talk to the other kids. First, I talked to Tomas. I learned that he could speak Spanish, and that he loved to play video games. Then, I talked to Lucas. I learned that he liked to joke around. Then, I talked to Max, and learned that he loved sports. Then, I talked to Sofia, and learned that she liked arts and crafts.

After that, I heard the voice say, “In Level Two, you must get to the middle of the forest. You will have obstacles in your way. I will tell you when you get into the middle of the forest.”

Well, I thought, this is going to be easy.


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