The Girl, the Grandma Ghost, and the Goblin

There once was a girl who most wanted love. But she lived all alone in a cottage in the woods, where no one knew about her.

“Oh, how will I get love if no one knows about me?” Grace cried.

As she accidentally knocked over her grandma’s ancient spellbook, it suddenly opened, and her grandmother’s ghost popped out of the book.

“Ahhhhhh!” she said.

“No need to scream,” her grandmother said.

Grace said, “Wh-wh-wh-wh-wh-who are you?”

She didn’t know it was her grandmother. Her grandmother had special powers, and her parents kept that a secret from Grace.

Then her grandmother asked her, “Why are you in such a fuss?”

“Love,” said Grace. “I want love.”

“I think I can help you,” said the grandmother. “Follow me.”

So she followed the ghost into the basement. It was a dark room, and she’d never been in there because it was too scary. She walked after the ghost, and the ghost showed her to a portal standing upright. The portal was round and swirly, and when she went in, it went poom!

At first it was dark, and then she saw a wonderful place with lots of pretty flowers and a wonderful lake. Then she saw a mean ugly goblin. He had big curved ears, and his nose was really long and pointy.

“Who dares enter my portal?”

“It is only I. I came to get love,” said Grace.

“No love,” said the goblin. “Go away!”

The goblin turned her away, so she went away, very scared. She came back to the lake and snuck into a big tower. Then she saw a flower, the most beautiful flower she had ever seen. The pink, purple, and orange flower bloomed out of magical dust. It shimmered in the light. Then a boy appeared from inside the flower.

He saw the girl and said, “The goblin took me and put me inside the flower. Do you want to be my friend?”

The girl’s eyes opened wide, and she started to smile. She said, “Yes.”

So he went with her, and then, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. They went through the portal, and they went to Boston and found a house.

One day he asked her, “Will you marry me?”

She said, “Yes.”

Grace’s grandmother visited her every once in awhile. They all lived happily ever after.


The End


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