The Great Adventure

Once upon a time, there was a boy named John who went in the forest alone without his parents and got lost. He lived in the forest for seven years. He liked living in the forest. He ate different types of berries. He made friends with parrots and woodpeckers. When John was first lost, he felt really uncomfortable. He could not sleep because of bears roaring. It was raining, and he was lying down on the floor. He felt really cold and really dirty. Then, he saw a squirrel climbing up a tree.

He said, “Let me see how I can climb a tree.”

And then he did, and he built a treehouse. The wood was light brown and dark brown. It had lots of vines. It was medium sized but kind of tall. He could touch the ceiling with his hands but not with his head. The ceiling was really hard wood.

After seven years, he ran out of ideas. He went outside his house and found a paper in a bottle in the forest river. He took the paper out, and he saw a map. The map was a map of obstacles John had to overcome. First, he had to go through the fire flowers. The flowers were medium-sized, and they shot out purple fire without you knowing. Then he saw the flowers shooting out fire. Then he saw a pattern of the flowers. Then he jumped over the small flowers and rolled under the big ones. Next, he had to go through the lava pit of doom. He had to parkour jump to the other side. The jumps got higher and higher.

Then he said to himself, “I am really afraid of heights.”

But then he didn’t think about it and jumped. After that, there was a river with lots of rocks, and he had to jump on the rocks, but some of the rocks were fake. So when someone jumped on them, you would go down the waterfall. So he thought of something to do. Then, he saw a sign that said, “All of them are booby traps except the yellow ones.” But there was one problem. All of the yellow rocks were really far away from each other. But he jumped as far as he could and did it. On the map, there was another obstacle, and the final obstacle called the sinking swamp.

When John arrived, he knew that this was the swamp because it was dirty, dark, and misty. He had to think of a way to get through. He saw some vines and tried to swing on them, but they were too muddy. He tried to make a bridge, but everything sank to the bottom. He could not think of anything. Then he thought of something. He saw a long rope, and then he found a really big leaf and used the leaf as a zip line. He saw a long, swervy path, but 15 minutes later, the path split into two paths.

But then a wise, old man fell down from the sky. John got so startled, he did three backflips.

The man said, “How did you make it so far into the jungle?”

John said, “Why are you so annoying?”

The man said, “You wanna insult me, huh. Huh?!”

John said, “No, I need help finding the right path that leads to the treasure on my map.”

The man said, “I need to see this map because I have seen thousands of maps”.

The man took the map out of John’s hands, and the man looked at the map.

The man said, “I know what you are talking about. I will tell some history about that treasure. Over one thousand years ago, there was a big stadium. They were having a fighting competition, and the prize was lots and lots of gold. But then a huge tsunami came, and that treasure chest was never seen again. People kept digging and digging, but nobody saw that treasure again.”

“So,” the man said, “let’s go find that treasure.”

John said, “Okay, but the treasure map is very big, so it may take us a few weeks to get to it.”

The man said, “C’mon, follow me. It’s getting dark.”

John said, “Where are we going?”

The man said, “We are going to the spot that I made for travelers to sleep.”

John said, “Okay, I guess.”

The man and John arrived at the camp spot and took a nice nap.

John woke up and said, “What a lovely morning.”

John turned around and saw the man cooking some eggs for breakfast.

John said, “You still know how to cook? You’re like a thousand years old!”

John and the man ate their breakfast and got ready for the trip. They were walking down the road, and then there was a cliff to the other side of the road. So they didn’t know what to do.

The man said, “I’m going to do a little magic so we can get through.”

He said the magic words, “Bippity boppity boo, let’s fly.”

Then a flying broomstick came flying through the air, swooped up the man and John, and flew across the canyon and got them all the way across to the otherside.

John said, “How are you about a thousand years old and still know how to do magic?”

The man said, “I know everything, still, because I’m so old.”

John said, “Let’s get a move on to this trip. I have to find that treasure.”

The man said, “Okay, but just wait up.”

Then they saw a bridge that went to the other side. John and the man were about to cross the bridge, but a little tiny man popped out and said, “You have to say the secret password.”

The man said, “I know the password. 3468773444888TO6.”

The little man said, “How did you know my secret password?”

The man said, “I am the smartest person in the world.”

John was in shock that the man knew that password.

John said, “That password was the longest password that I’ve ever heard before.”

Then they were walking down that path and saw another obstacle. It was really, really hard because there was a tightrope, and if you fell off the tightrope, there would be a thousand foot drop.

And then, a note flew up from the bottom of that canyon.

John read the note saying, “The easiest way to get through is to put your hand on the rope and use your hands to get across.”

The man said, “We don’t have to do what that note said. How about I do a little bit of magic?”

John said, “Okay.”

The man did some magic and teleported them to the other side. Then they arrived and saw the chest on the rock. But then a man fell down and said, “What are you doing here. You’re not supposed to take my treasure. This is mine!”

John said, “What do you mean that’s yours? You weren’t even at the competition!”

The man with the treasure said, “What competition are you talking about? This chest randomly appeared!”

John said to himself, “I think I know what he’s talking about. I think he’s trying to say that a wave washed it up.”

Then the man with the powers said, “You have to give us that treasure just because it’s not yours. A thousand years ago, someone had to earn it!”

The man with the treasure said, “I earned it because I was looking for my entire life. And I mean it because I’ve been looking since I was four, and now I’m 34, so I’ve been looking my whole life.”

John said, “Look, people, you guys have to stop fighting. I deserve that treasure because I never had a chance to find money just because I’ve been living in a wild forest for years now.”

The man with the treasure said, “I’ve been thinking the same thing, but I’ve been living on this island for years.”

The man with the magic powers said, “This island is humongous. Why would you need money for it?”

The man with the treasure said, “What do you mean, money?”

John said, “There’s a thousand bars of gold in there. You thought it was just for display?”

The man with the treasure said, “Yes, but I still want this even though it’s money.”

John said, “Why?”

The man with the treasure said, “I’m trying to make a museum, and I’m going to put this treasure in the museum, so everyone can think I’m not a dork. So they can think I’m cool.”

John said, “Why would you want to make a museum?”

The man with the treasure said, “Because I want people to visit my island. I’m really lonely, and all I have here is a pet pig.”

John said, “We’re here! There’s nothing to worry about. We are talking to you, so you’re not supposed to be lonely now.”

The man with the magic powers said, “Look at the sign I made.”

John read the sign saying, “Welcome to pirate island.”

The man with the treasure said, “Thank you so much. I need to think of some stuff to put on the island just because you gave me an idea.”

John and the man with the magic powers heard him saying so many things, and John said, “Woah! Slow down. You’re talking way too quick.”

The pirate with the treasure said, “Maybe I can make a fountain in the middle of the island and make a sign that says, ‘Welcome to Pirate Island’ again, and then I’ll make some huts for other people and make a castle for myself.”

John said, “What are you going to make these huts and this castle out of?”

The pirate said, “Wood, for crying out loud. Wood is the only thing we can use because it’s the only thing on this island.”

Then the pirate said, “You can take the treasure.”


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