The Ice Princess

Once upon a time in a ice cold  winter forest, there was an ice palace with a princess named Scarlet who had magical powers to control water and ice. She didn’t know how to use them, but that was all going to change. She was going to be the next ice queen. On that day it was her birthday. The celebration of the Ice Queen was a special day. It is when you get to use your powers for good deeds.

But when her mother the queen had came in her room, she said “Scarlet! Today is your big celebration! So get ready.”

But Scarlet had replied that she could not go on with the celebration. She was too shy.

Her mother replied: “It’s okay to be scared or shy sometimes.”

But many times Scarlet had been shy. So her mother said to her to stand up for herself. Then Scarlet felt a little better.Then her mother called the servant and gave her a cup of green tea with a little dab of sugar before the ceremony began. Scarlet had come with her mother in the throne room and sat down in the royal chair. They began the ceremony with a table filled with delicious food.

Scarlet had made an announcement to all of the people in the room with her. As Scarlet finished her announcement she felt much better. Her mom told her that while she was doing her announcement.  She never realized that how good it was.

When the party was over, Scarlet was tired from everything she did that a queen was supposed to do properly. She went to bed in her room. She was really exhausted. She couldn’t do anything at this time.

When her mother had came in her room, she said, “Being a queen is not easy at all, my dear.”

Scarlet replied,  “Maybe I need more confidence in myself to complete my destiny to be a real Ice Queen.”

Scarlet had never given up on anything in her whole life. On that same day, Scarlet worked really hard. She almost didn’t have enough time to get to the royal palace to be announced Ice Queen. Scarlet had hurried to the church before it was over. Then finally she had made it just in time. Then as she agreed to be Ice Queen, they all celebrated. They were all happy and Scarlet was grateful to lead them.

As they say to princesses, “You’ll be a great queen.”


The End   


3 thoughts on “The Ice Princess”

  1. Princess Ariana, I just read your story again. Now that you are 13 years old, when will I read another story. I’m interested. I’m sure you have grown in your writing.

    Love, Nana

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