The House Brain Gives Baby Trap Troubles for the Jedis and the Adam’s Family

There was a lightning storm and it was early in the morning, and the dad, named Monday, and the uncle, Sunday, were playing golf. They shot the golf ball into someone’s window, and it dropped into their bowl of breakfast and spilled the breakfast all over their face. The mom, Tuesday, was putting flowers into the vase but she just cut the flowers and put the stems in the vase.

So one day, they were going to fix their house by breaking the wall for the balcony so it wouldn’t matter if they fall. One day, they were having a light saber fight with someone and the other people had to take over their house, and they put them in a boring world. There was no spooky stuff, and they didn’t have any entertainment, and the dad just watched TV with one hundred packs of chips.

So the children, Thursday and Friday, went into their house because they wanted to get more stuff from the house, but then they got into trouble by the people because they took their house. Then they had to run around the house to get away. There was a place you had to pick one book to get through.

First, they picked a book that had wind going through it, and then they got back to the house, but there were more people after them. They had to fight for their house. Some people were stealing their gold and money so the children had to stay in the house, and the mom and dad, Monday and Tuesday, and her grandma Saturday and her uncle Sunday went in the house to fight back for their things like spooky stuff and money and gold.

They had some tricks – like to scare the people and they knew secret ways around the house. So the family used their lightsabers to defeat the people in the house, Clown CooCoo and Zarf Zazer. And the family got their things back, and they broke the bad guys’ house with their lightsabers. They were happy for a hundred years because no one was bothering them, and they could scare everybody!

One hundred years later:

Fifty years ago, the uncle Sunday went to the Triangle Bermuda and a zombie took his brain and they had to give him a new brain. The uncle just stayed in bed and just lay down and couldn’t speak. The baby brother Wednesday started to laugh and got sick, and he looked different because Sunday was gone. Then they found a supermarket with brains and the zombies were running it and one of the brains was Sunday’s but it was a billion trillion gazillion dollars. They had a billion and trillion but they didn’t have gazillion. So they sold lemonade but it wasn’t real lemonade.

Then there was a girl selling chicken cookies, and she said, “Can I have some lemonade? Is it made of real lemons? Actually, I’ll have some lemonade if you have some of my chicken scout cookies.”

“Are they made of real chicken scouts?”

No one would take their lemonade. They found out that the gazillion dollars was with the people who took their money. But they had to take lots of tests in order to get the money back, even though it was their money. When they were teaching the kids, they snuck out and got the money and ran away.

No one was leaving them alone for a long time. It made them feel annoyed, but they kind of like problems, so they didn’t really get that angry.  

Nine hundred years later:

The family got the gazillion dollars and they paid all the money for the brain.

Ten million years later:

They needed their uncle or else they wouldn’t be as weird anymore. And the world would be very bad without the uncle.

The family decided to get a lot of brains back to the people to be nice so that the people would leave them alone.

The family wanted to bring all the brains back to everyone but they didn’t know how to get them without being spotted. So, first the mom, Tuesday, got four brains and delivered them back but there were 100 brains. So everyone got 10 brains, and they got 64 brains so far. Then, the children took 10 brains each and then there were 84 brains, and then all the family members except the mom and dad were singing a song to distract the people so they could steal the brains. The dad took 10 and the mom took 6 brains. They didn’t know that there was a gigantic giant guarding the last brain so the baby had to go “Goo goo ga ga” in front of them. The zombies trapped the baby, so they had to get the baby back. There were seven entrances and they each took six to surround the zombies. They got nets and sprung them over the zombies. But they didn’t  know the password to the cage and you only have 100 choices. And on the 100th one, they did, zombiezazalahalakalototo, and that was the password. They got the baby out, and they didn’t have anymore troubles because that was the last trouble. Then they decided “We don’t need a password, we could just break the cage with the lightsabers.” They tried to kill the zombies with their lightsabers but the zombies couldn’t die because they were zombies so they just had to stay in the nets forever.

A billion years later:

There were no more troubles. The end.

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