The Kings’ War

by Sean, age 7
The Kings’ War Sean Julien is seven years old. His favorite color is green. He likes to play the game Minecraft. He likes to color and print things!

“Once there was a person who wanted to be king. His name was Mr. Poppins. When Mr. Poppins was younger, his father died. He blamed God for his death and wanted revenge. He wanted world domination.”

Once there was a person who wanted to be king. His name was Mr. Poppins. When Mr. Poppins was younger, his father died. He blamed God for his death and wanted revenge. He wanted world domination. He believed God lived on earth, and if he destroyed earth, God would die. However, he wouldn’t want to kill his innocent people that had nothing to do with his father’s death. His plan to do this was to move people to Mars and bring his father’s corpse there. But Nars and his new kingdom would be only for good people. Those who were murderers would get their heads chopped off.

But how? he thought to himself.

So he went on his way to the King of All Kings’ castle. Since King Johnson already had a kingdom and was a king himself, Mr. Poppins wanted to ask for advice to get a kingdom or take over one.

But King Johnson said, “No. But you can battle me, and whoever wins, is king.”

King Johnson was confident that he would win, but he was also scared that he would lose. So that night, Mr. Poppins tried to get as armed up as possible. He thought he might be able to find the transformation world so that he could turn into a werewolf for the battle. But then he remembered he was a fuggle and remembered that only wizards could see it.

So he strolled out, trying to find weapons, and then as soon as he walked in one place, he saw it: a store full of weapons. So he got a lot of weapons: an AK-47, bazooka, BB gun, a mega nerf gun, and a sniper.  He wanted a bazooka because he thought he could use the bazooka to destroy the king’s throne. But when it finally came the time to do it, he forgot that his bazooka was filled with marshmallows. It was filled with marshmallows since he had set up a party the day before, because he thought he was going to win. So when he tried to fire the bazooka, he fired it on the window of the throne and made a huge SPLAT. When he saw it, he then shook his gun because he thought something was wrong and ran away. When he got home, he loaded the bazooka right with bombs for tomorrow’s war.


The next day, it was battle time. But the problem was, he was so armed up that he couldn’t even walk. So he tried getting a load up truck (aka a tow truck.) Then he used the tow truck to load his armor onto there and leave. When it finally came to war, the king was stupid. All he had was a knife. Then Mr. Poppins thought, why did I spend all this money on weapons? So he took the knife, and once he took the knife, the king put on an devilish smile. The smirk on his face led him to think that there was something wrong with the knife. Then suddenly the knife began shaking, and he heard ticking. When he heard this, he knew it had to be a bomb, so he threw it away. But he had no idea where it landed, and unfortunately it landed on his house. With anger building in his body, he took his sniper and shot the king. But then, suddenly, a very cold breeze started to brush over him. Then some type of black figure arose and took him by the neck and nearly choked Mr. Poppins. Then the black figure slammed him onto the wall. But the one thing that the black figure didn’t know was that he was holding a bomb, and it exploded. Blasting away the black figure and the king’s throne, he knew that he must be king. But then some other building was still standing, and one half of the building opened up. An army of kings with swords and crowns on their heads came out, and he took the bazooka and blew up the kings. But when he exploded, all the kings in the building still hadn’t exploded. But, suddenly, someone grabbed him by the arms and tossed him into a truck. Then he wondered where he was going and couldn’t see since his eyes were covered. He felt himself on the floor with music, and finally, he could see again.

As soon as he knew it, he was at a surprise party, and in front of him,was the king’s hat with a sign that said, “You are now the king!”

King Johnson said, “That was a stupid war, so I thought why don’t I just let you be king?”

As King Poppins was having fun at the party, he figured out who the black figure was. Since one of his friends was covered in black ink, dust, and smoke, he knew it was his best friend trying to freak him out. Finally achieving this, he lived happily ever after. But only if he knew the real responsibilities of a king…


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